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Howdy fellow bloggers!  Hope your 4th treated you well and you didn't miss too much TV! :)  This week's is the same as last - True Blood, Dexter, and Bachelorette!

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True Blood - aired 7/7/13 - At Last
Did I call this one or not?  I promise, I didn't read spoilers, I only do that on Bachelorette/Bachelor.
Ben is Warlow!!!  I knew I was right when he gave Jason his blood!  This was practically the BIG thing in this episode.
Nora, Pam, and Ginger go to the Govenors camp. But why Ginger? She isn't vampire? Guessing they take everyone there if they deal with vampires.
Bill wants to make faerie blood like True Blood, pretty smart.... but not sure it'll happen. 
Did Jess really drain them? I sure hope not! Bill won't be happy nor will Andy.  
And of course, Eric turns Willa (who is calling if Pam will be pissed?).  I'm really hoping the Govenor will change his ways with vampires, but I seriously doubt it. Will he kill her? No, he won't. But I can bet Sarah will then he will have her killed.
And grandfather Nellie (spelling?), poor thing! So sad!  I 1/2 thought Jason couldn't be glamored and would kill Warlow/Ben, but it didn't happen!  Good thing Sookie knew!
And what about Sam and Nicole? Umm... in the moment thing?  No clue!!!  But she is safe with him.. I'm assuming.

Dexter - aired 7/7/13 - Every Silver Lining
Of course we all figured Vogel was Harry's therapist in some way.  Did you think Harry told her EVERYTHING? I didn't!   Much less record it... if someone would have found those.. oh my!  Someone will... I'm calling it!  
Why is Dr. Vogel here? We find out that someone is after her, or scaring her.  She asks for Dexter's help. If I were Dexter, I'd be leery too, do you trust her?   I believe the only reason he helps her is "Keep your enemies closer". But I don't think she is an enemy. I mean, she could get in trouble for knowing about him and not telling the authorities.
Dexter steals glass from the crime scene to find out that it belongs to Sussman (which we find out he isn't working alone).
Deb gets attacked my El Sapo and ends up killing him. Dexter finds this out by taking another piece of glass. Come on Dexter, could you not tell when you visited her and the story she told?  El Sapo has Deb's gun. What really makes me mad is Deb is constantly being rude to Dexter and then she asks tells him to swap the guns (which he does). You have the nerve to do that? She knew he would. 
You can tell Deb still cares for Dexter. To what extent is the question.
Jennifer at Part of That World thinks Angel will find Dexters "truth". Which is a good conspiracy, but now I'm thinking Quinn might too. He can tell something is up. Deb may run to him and tell him everything.
We see in the next episode that Deb meets Dr.Vogel and she threatens to tell. Will Dr. Vogel tell Dexter to kill her? Will he? Will he kill Vogel? 

Bachelorette - aired 7/8/13
The are in Madeira this week, which I personally never heard of, but it's quite beautiful! :)
I absolutely loved that they brought back some of last seasons girls, and Catherines question about who has the biggest *bleep* was quite funny!  I follow her and Sean on Instagram and I love them both! Seriously see them getting married.
Anyway, back to Des.
Brooks gets his 2nd 1 on 1 and it seems he is just not into it like he was before, dunno what was up with him. Jealous of them standing in the clouds, I love looking out the airplane window when we fly through one, so standing in one would be 100 times better. I know, I'm weird. :)
Chris gets the next one on one. I'm just not feeling him. I love their chemistry and the poetry they write to each other, but I'm simply not feeling him. :(
Michael gets his first one on one, and unlike Chris, they DO NOT have an chemistry. I don't see how he was surprised to go home.  Obviously he didn't see how much further her relationship was with the others. I also still can't get over him being a trouble maker in the house this season.  Sorry Michael.
Drew and Zak have the two on one.  I just don't see what she sees in Drew...I figured her and Zak had better chemistry.  Kudos for Drew for being a good sport when losing the race. Most men would have acted different, that says alot about him.  Sadly though, Drew got the rose.
At this point, I thought Zak was going home.  For some reason I thought I had read that on Reality Steve.  I was about to throw my phone at the TV if she sent Zak home and not Michael. 
Michael did a big no no. He told Des, which I understand he was in the moment, that no girl would match up to her.  Hmm... you can bet the next girl he dates will bring this up. What do you think?
Hometown dates next week... who goes home?

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  1. OK....this weeks Dexter. Holy cow. Vogel I think is the person behind the camera in that killing. The one who put the gun to the guys head to kill the other people. Not sure why, but I do. I guess because most psychiatrists or whatever have issues of their own as well. I definitely do think it could be Quinn who finds out Dexter is a serial killer. He does after all know that he killed that guy who practically found out everything about him. I forget his name.

    I pretty much figured that Vogel knew ALL about Dexter and helped create him. I think it's funny how she is all , "oh, you show more emotion than most would". Maybe they made a kid who would have turned out normal into a serial killer. Who knows. Oh and Deb and Quinn are so getting back together, LOL


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