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Welcome back to the Weekly TV Roundup!  Angela and I always ask you join us on our virtual couch. I've been thinking, maybe you need a visual of our couch.  Well here is what my visual is:

I know... looks pretty $$. And it doesn't look comfortable, but I love the color! Haha!  So this is my virtual couch! :)

Sadly, no Dexter on this weeks roundup!  I worked pretty hard around the house Sunday and couldn't keep my eyes open after watching True Blood.  I did get 1/2 of Dexter in, up until Vogel was kidnapped, but it wouldn't be fair to write 1/2 a review on it. Plus I probably missed little bits of it because I was nodding off.

Also, for the roundup on September 10th I won't have one. I'll be gone for a family wedding and probably won't have much time to watch TV. I'll still have the link up on my blog and Angela will still do hers, but I won't have a roundup. :( 

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True Blood - aired 7/28/13 - In The Evening
Eric gets out of the camp alive with Nora, barely.
He brings her to Bill and asks him to save her, he refuses at first.  But then gives in when Eric says he will go back into the camp to save the others.  Sadly, Bill's blood doesn't work on Nora. She ends up dying. It was so sad to hear their story of how he "saved" her then here she is lying on her 2nd death bed and there is nothing he can do.
Willa tells Pam about the True Blood, but doesn't run with her. Instead she stays behind.  Later we see her with the therapist, horny therapist I might add....she will somehow use him to get out. Not sure how, but mark by word.
Jason sees Jess and tells her that he is gonna save her. She requests to see the vampire that didn't want to have sex with her. Although in the long run she does because she fears her life will be over soon. 
Sarah finds Governor Burell and keeps his death hidden from society. Since he is dead, Jason has nothing left on her so Sarah throws him into the female gen pop (with a bloody wound). Last we see is Tara telling everyone to back away and the dominate vampire saying Jason is hers.
Sam is going back to Bon Temps since he learns Terry is dead. Nicole and him have 1 last fling in the shower. I'm not sure where that story line is going.
Last episode Alcide tells them to stay hidden. So he tells the pack that he has gotten rid of them, only to find out that his pack has Nicole AND her mom. What will they do to them and to Alcide?

Bachelorette - aired 7/29/13
** This post is for my lovely friend Carly that is deployed.  We usually try to watch the finales together, but she is gone this time. She can't catch up over there either. So she is catching up by reading this. XOXO Carly! See you in October for Luke Bryan!**  
These dates take place in Antigua. Seriously ABC, where do you find these places? I've love to go to each and every one of them!
First off is Drew. They do a little exploring, some dancing, some limbo, and have a picnic with a super nice view.  He is like 100% sure they are getting married, gotta love him for his confidence.
That night they plan to have dinner outside but it's raining so they go and head to the fantasy suite, where of course he accepts the card. Super cheesy when the cameras leave them and then you see the the outside view of their room and Des says "It's hot in here". Please, we aren't stupid. Overnight dates are for NO cameras, just them two. I'm sure she said that somewhere like while having dinner or something!
Next we see Brooks talking about how he is nervous about the overnight dates and he talks to his sister and mother before he leaves to Antigua.  The conversation he has with them makes you think that he doesn't love her AT ALL.  It's just a tad confusing.
2nd date is with Chris. They take a helicopter ride to a island that has pink sand. Again ABC, where do you find this stuff?!?!  The do the whole kissing on the beach while the tide rolls in, super cheesy if you ask me. But super romantic at the same time. They have a heart to heart conversation at dinner about where they would live. Chris wants to stay in Seattle and at first you think Des doesn't wanna relocate, but you guessed wrong. She is willing to move.  Chris then accepts the overnight date card, we are left with them in the hot tub looking at the stars (unlike when we left Chris's overnight).
Next is the spoiler. So if you don't wanna know who Reality Steve said would win, stop reading.. like now! For me to even continue with this episode I have to spoil it because if not, then I'd stop here.
I'm so confused! And this was a very emotional (raw) 45 minutes, seriously. If you need to cry, watch this!
Ok, so Reality Steve said Brooks would win. Yet this episode we see that he leaves.  He is torn. Is he torn because it wasn't sure if she loved him. I mean, she can't say it until the end. Yet, when he says he isn't "there" yet, she tells him that she loves him and she doesn't care that she isn't supposed to say it. I think that was his problem. He was scared to go home. Scared of commitment.  When she told him that she loved him and basically said that she was going to choose him in the end, I think it hit him HARD. I think he needed that reassurance. I know and understand that this a BIG commitment and don't wanna be laughing stock if your not choosen or if your relationship doesn't work out, but dude... you have SOME feelings for her... what you should have said was... "I'm not sure I can propose at the end, but I do love you". If BOTH of you are crying THIS much, something is not right.  Ugh, so much raw emotion here. And for a man to cry like he did... I'm speechless!
So, back to what Reality Steve said. How does Brooks "win" then? Live season finale? I've yet to see the typical finale scene we've seen before. Reality Steven swears they are engaged, so does he come back? If he comes back, how does he mend her heart? So many questions! Ugh!  I do give ya kudos for being honest, seriously, it's hard. I'm just not sure how this will pan out!  I'm still rooting for ya Brooks, I still am, I just hope you have something good on Monday night.


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