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Welcome back to the Weekly TV Roundup!  Angela and I always ask you join us on our virtual couch. I've been thinking, maybe you need a visual of our couch.  Well here is what my visual is:

I know... looks pretty $$. And it doesn't look comfortable, but I love the color! Haha!  So this is my virtual couch! :)

Sadly, no Dexter on this weeks roundup!  I worked pretty hard around the house Sunday and couldn't keep my eyes open after watching True Blood.  I did get 1/2 of Dexter in, up until Vogel was kidnapped, but it wouldn't be fair to write 1/2 a review on it. Plus I probably missed little bits of it because I was nodding off.

Also, for the roundup on September 10th I won't have one. I'll be gone for a family wedding and probably won't have much time to watch TV. I'll still have the link up on my blog and Angela will still do hers, but I won't have a roundup. :( 

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True Blood - aired 7/28/13 - In The Evening
Eric gets out of the camp alive with Nora, barely.
He brings her to Bill and asks him to save her, he refuses at first.  But then gives in when Eric says he will go back into the camp to save the others.  Sadly, Bill's blood doesn't work on Nora. She ends up dying. It was so sad to hear their story of how he "saved" her then here she is lying on her 2nd death bed and there is nothing he can do.
Willa tells Pam about the True Blood, but doesn't run with her. Instead she stays behind.  Later we see her with the therapist, horny therapist I might add....she will somehow use him to get out. Not sure how, but mark by word.
Jason sees Jess and tells her that he is gonna save her. She requests to see the vampire that didn't want to have sex with her. Although in the long run she does because she fears her life will be over soon. 
Sarah finds Governor Burell and keeps his death hidden from society. Since he is dead, Jason has nothing left on her so Sarah throws him into the female gen pop (with a bloody wound). Last we see is Tara telling everyone to back away and the dominate vampire saying Jason is hers.
Sam is going back to Bon Temps since he learns Terry is dead. Nicole and him have 1 last fling in the shower. I'm not sure where that story line is going.
Last episode Alcide tells them to stay hidden. So he tells the pack that he has gotten rid of them, only to find out that his pack has Nicole AND her mom. What will they do to them and to Alcide?

Bachelorette - aired 7/29/13
** This post is for my lovely friend Carly that is deployed.  We usually try to watch the finales together, but she is gone this time. She can't catch up over there either. So she is catching up by reading this. XOXO Carly! See you in October for Luke Bryan!**  
These dates take place in Antigua. Seriously ABC, where do you find these places? I've love to go to each and every one of them!
First off is Drew. They do a little exploring, some dancing, some limbo, and have a picnic with a super nice view.  He is like 100% sure they are getting married, gotta love him for his confidence.
That night they plan to have dinner outside but it's raining so they go and head to the fantasy suite, where of course he accepts the card. Super cheesy when the cameras leave them and then you see the the outside view of their room and Des says "It's hot in here". Please, we aren't stupid. Overnight dates are for NO cameras, just them two. I'm sure she said that somewhere like while having dinner or something!
Next we see Brooks talking about how he is nervous about the overnight dates and he talks to his sister and mother before he leaves to Antigua.  The conversation he has with them makes you think that he doesn't love her AT ALL.  It's just a tad confusing.
2nd date is with Chris. They take a helicopter ride to a island that has pink sand. Again ABC, where do you find this stuff?!?!  The do the whole kissing on the beach while the tide rolls in, super cheesy if you ask me. But super romantic at the same time. They have a heart to heart conversation at dinner about where they would live. Chris wants to stay in Seattle and at first you think Des doesn't wanna relocate, but you guessed wrong. She is willing to move.  Chris then accepts the overnight date card, we are left with them in the hot tub looking at the stars (unlike when we left Chris's overnight).
Next is the spoiler. So if you don't wanna know who Reality Steve said would win, stop reading.. like now! For me to even continue with this episode I have to spoil it because if not, then I'd stop here.
I'm so confused! And this was a very emotional (raw) 45 minutes, seriously. If you need to cry, watch this!
Ok, so Reality Steve said Brooks would win. Yet this episode we see that he leaves.  He is torn. Is he torn because it wasn't sure if she loved him. I mean, she can't say it until the end. Yet, when he says he isn't "there" yet, she tells him that she loves him and she doesn't care that she isn't supposed to say it. I think that was his problem. He was scared to go home. Scared of commitment.  When she told him that she loved him and basically said that she was going to choose him in the end, I think it hit him HARD. I think he needed that reassurance. I know and understand that this a BIG commitment and don't wanna be laughing stock if your not choosen or if your relationship doesn't work out, but dude... you have SOME feelings for her... what you should have said was... "I'm not sure I can propose at the end, but I do love you". If BOTH of you are crying THIS much, something is not right.  Ugh, so much raw emotion here. And for a man to cry like he did... I'm speechless!
So, back to what Reality Steve said. How does Brooks "win" then? Live season finale? I've yet to see the typical finale scene we've seen before. Reality Steven swears they are engaged, so does he come back? If he comes back, how does he mend her heart? So many questions! Ugh!  I do give ya kudos for being honest, seriously, it's hard. I'm just not sure how this will pan out!  I'm still rooting for ya Brooks, I still am, I just hope you have something good on Monday night.


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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Welcome to week 11 of Insta-Recap of My Instagram!

11 weeks! Can you imagine?  I've had some wonderful bloggers link up and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their Instagram pics!

I'm thinking about changing the button. Thoughts?  I will leave the Polaroid theme, but changing the font, something a little more happy. :)

Just a heads up, a WAY heads up... on September 8th, I'll still host the link up, but I myself won't be doing any photos. I have a wedding that day, out of town, and I just have a feeling it might be too busy that day. Now for some reason it's not and I have a few to spare, then I'll add my photos. But just in case you don't see my photos, don't be scared, you can still link up!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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7-25-13 This wreath is gonna be given away on My Three Bittles blog on Wednesday!  And a tutorial showing you how to make those little burlap flowers!  Be sure to check it out!

7-26-13 Ah... homeowner problems!  Lucky I'm still under my contract. Unlucky because our builder is MIA. Thank God for my realtor who found someone to take over the contract out of the goodness of his heart. This was fixed the same day I realized it was about to fall off the wall!

7-27-13 Charlotte is growing up!  Soon I won't be able to hold her with 1 hand. :)  Wish they would always stay little!

7-27-13 Homemade pizza and Angry Orchard beer.  YUM!  We also made Mexican dominos, I think that's what it was called. Loved it!

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~ Summer Skin Tips & DIY Moisturizing Apple Pear Mint Cleanser ~

July! It's H-O-T! And I can bet you've been sunburnt at least once this summer! I personally have been more than once!  Sadly I protect myself with SPF but time gets away from me, the SPF wears off, and then you have me... red... burnt... and hurting.

A few weeks ago Yahoo! had a link of bad sunburn photos on Ellen DeGeneres website!  I know that they hurt, but some of them are quite laughable! Check the link out here.

That being said let me introduce you to Michelle P, she is the spa manager at Skana Spa in upstate New York. She is going to be guest posting on my blog today and giving you some summer skin tips and a lovely DIY Moisturizing Apple Pear Mint Cleanser.

Take it away Michelle!!!!

Maintaining the health of your skin throughout the summer guarantees you will keep a glowing complexion while allowing your skin to stay moisturized, smooth and healthy. When you want to keep your skin as healthy as possible during the summer, creating your own DIY cleansers and masks at home is highly recommended. Following a few tips, tricks and recipes you can ensure your skin is surely ready for the hot summer months of sunshine and outdoor activities.

(photo source:

Remove Your Makeup

Allow you skin to breathe properly by removing all of the makeup you are wearing when you are outdoors and exposing it to the sun. Removing your makeup will also prevent you from breaking out due to the chemicals within the makeup interacting with the sun and heat.

Dress Appropriately

Wear clothing that protects your skin as much as possible while still allowing you to feel comfortable in the hot weather. Choose light fabrics and colors to reflect the sun. You can also shop for clothes that specifically provide a UV safety rating to ensure your skin is not overexposed to the sun. Wear hats and outdoor accessories to keep your head from getting too much sun. Always be sure to wear sunglasses when outdoors and implement a proper skincare routine each day.

Avoid Traditional Scents

Any time you plan to spend hours in the sun, avoid spraying scent on your skin. Spraying a scent on your skin when it is exposed to the sun can cause your skin to become permanently stained depending on the type of perfume or cologne you are using. Citrus perfumes are notorious for staining the skin permanently after being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

Avoid Tanning

Keep your skin as healthy and smooth as possible by avoiding tanning in a local tanning booth or even outdoors. Avoid the potential of skin cancer or skin damage by wearing the proper amount of sunscreen when outdoors. Sunbathing causes wrinkles and up to 20 years to the skin. It is also highly recommended to avoid fake tanning, as this can include plenty of potential harmful chemicals.

Rinse Your Skin After Swimming

Rinse your skin after swimming to rid chlorine and other chemicals that are often found within pools. Ridding chemicals after swimming helps to prevent your skin from drying out.


Eat Healthier Foods

Eat healthier to keep your skin smooth, soft and healthy. Avoid trans fats and instead stick with natural ingredients, greens, grains, nuts and additional vegetables.

Stay Hydrated

Keep hydrated by drinking enough water each day to ensure your skin stays as moisturized as possible.

One recipe from Skana Spa of New York State Resort, Turning Stone, to help keep your skin moisturized in the summertime is the moisturizing apple pear mint cleanser. Creating your own apple pear mint cleanser is possible with a few homemade ingredients. The cleanser will help to soothe the skin and is ideal for normal or dry skin.

(photo source:


¼ cup Greek yogurt

5 thin pear slices

5 thin slices of cucumber

1 teaspoon dried mint

Dash of Honey


Mix all of the ingredients together using a blender until the concoction is thin and smooth. Rinse your face with warm water, helping to open your pores. Apply the mixture on your entire face. Rinse the mixture with warm water and close your pores using cold water. Pat your skin dry.

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~ Introducing Viggle ~

A few months ago Neri at Sparkling with Sneakers introduced me to Viggle!  Kinda like Shopkick. Viggle deals with TV, Shopkick deals with shopping.

The concept is checking into TV shows that you are watching whether it be recorded or not.  And not necessarily TV shows in general, it could be movies.  On specific days when you are watching live TV they will have bonus points for checking in and sometimes trivia while watching live TV for even more points.

You get a point for every minute you are watching a show.

What do these points add up to? Giftcards, coupons, Viggle products, etc.

And... it's free!

So, let me introduce you to Viggle!

1. Check in. Simple. This is where you check in. Turn on your TV, go to your show (not commercial), and tap that little big button in the middle. It'll listen to what you're watching, ask you if it's correct, then you confirm.  Viggle has been having some problems checking in, but I THINK it's been cleared up.

2.  What's on.

This is where Viggle tells you when you can get more points for checking in to live TV. So for instance if you checked in for this episode of the Kardashians, you get an extra +500 points and then you see at the top right you can get an EXTRA 1650 points for playing some trivia. Pretty sweet deal. And all that is on top of the points for watching the show. I watch the Kardashians like once in a blue moon, is it 1 hour? So 60 points.

3.  Rewards.

This is where you can see what kind of sweet deals you can get.  I'm SOOO close to getting a Starbucks gift card!  But I'm tempting to save my points up for BIGGER stuff.

4.  My Chat.  You can link your Facebook up to Viggle to see who else uses it. I don't have this linked so I'm not 100% what this does.  My genius guess is chatting. :)  I'm so smart!

Next, if you click on the top right (your profile) you can see multiple things from points history, rewards history, friends, notifications, and your shows.  One thing that Viggle hasn't done yet was have friends. You can invite friends, but you can't have friends. Ya know?

So here is my points history.  I got 109 points for watching the show, 50 extra for checking in (live TV), then all those +10 points are for answering the questions correctly.  Let me tell you.  During this episode I was answering questions, tweeting, AND writing my recap for a link up I do every Tuesday with Adventures to Remember.  It was a VERY busy 2 hours for me!

Download Viggle, watch TV, and get free stuff.  What could be better?

** This post was not sponsored.  This post is only my opinion and was in no way compensated by Viggle. **

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~ Weekly TV Roundup ~

Welcome back to another week of Weekly TV Roundup with Angela and I.

Angela will be taking a minor break this week due to a VERY busy prior week for her.  Be sure to throw some relaxation vibes her way!

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True Blood - aired 7/21/13 - Don't you Feel Me
Do I call Warlow, Ben or Ben, Warlow. I'm going with Warlow because that's who he is right?
Ben has Warlow go save Sookie from Lafayette her Dad trying to drown her. But then calls him back, which then Sookies takes him, I'm guessing, to faerie land.  There she has to tie him up so he doesn't kill her.  He tells her that if they are together then they will only need each other's blood to live. Why? He won't yearn for anyone elses? I'm sure something will develop from that conversation, I think.  Anyway, they ending up having sex at the end with some light shining you know where.  Odd... Being that was the end of the episode I'm guessing something will come from that or they will develop on that "light" a little more.
Eric and Pam don't kill each other, instead they kills the "snipers". Eric ends up going to confinement where they bring his sister in and give her Hepatitis V, which will should eventually kill her.  They didn't do it to Pam because the therapist liked her too much. Eric calls Willa to help them escape and I have to say she did a mighty fine job at that.  We left the episode of Eric finding out they are putting the Hep V in all the True Blood. Can he spread the word in time?
Andy finally names his daughter.... Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika. Yeah... whatever. Haha!  But good to know she has all her sisters with her.
Arlene finds out that Terry doesn't wanna be alive, but she thinks he is going to commit suicide. So she has a vampire erase his memories so he doesn't remember all the bad stuff. Little did she know that Terry has already set up his kill with someone else. So sad. Ugh! Worst part of the episode when he dies!
Sam gives Emma back to her grandmother, she swears that she won't go back to the pack. Who believes her? I sure don't!
Jason joins the LAVTF. Sarah finds out and tries to get him to leave, although he won't. So Sarah tries another way.  Brings Jason into a room to watch 2 vampires during a copulation study. One is Jess. Jason doesn't show his feelings though. I think that's why Sarah stopped it.
Ah and yes... the best part. Bill rips the governors head off. Wha?!? Did you expect that? I'm really not sure what will happen. Bill can manipulate a lot of people, as we've seen. Will he save the Vampire population? Or does the Governor have something else (besides the True Blood) thing up his sleeve?

Dexter - aired 7/21/13 - Scar Tissue
We start off with Vogel bringing Deb to the shipping container. Not once, but multiple times. I THINK this helped Deb, but not in the way Vogel wanted it to. Vogel allows Deb to watch the tapes she filmed with her father and lets her keep 1. Seriously?!?!  Deb watches more without Vogel around and finds out that her dad killed himself.
Quinn is obviously worried about Deb. You can see it. Still think something will happen there!
The new guy Dexter is investigating this episode is Yates. Yates attacked classmates when he was 12. He has a scar on his head, but not from what Dexter thinks. Yates also has a women's shoe fetish, 1 shoe, not a pair. Which we find out they are from women he kidnaps and kills.
Dexter breaks into Yates house, little does he know that Yates is watching him. Yates finds out (assuming before he was gonna attack) that Vogel has something to do with Dexter.  Dexter finds out that Yates heard everything when he breaks in a 2nd time.  He actually finds one of the girls Yates kidnapped and actually saves her, kudos Dexter.
Dexter then lures Yates to his father's nursing home in which Yates pulls the plug on his fathers breathing tube to get away. This obviously isn't the end. Yates knows he has a son, given he overheard a conversation. I believe that will come into play.
And did you see Cassie? For those of you that watch One Tree Hill, that's Haley. Does she have a bigger part in Dexter? I can't wait to find out.
And the part where I almost peed my pants. Vince hits on this chick, which he thinks is some random hot chick coming to see him. Wait for it .... it's his daughter! What?!?! Curve ball there!
Nearing the end of the episode we see Deb. She looks ALOT better! She is talking to Dexter. They are driving. They talk about their fathers death. Then bam, she grabs the wheel which sends them flying into a pond/lake. The bystander saves her.  But then Deb goes back and saves Dexter.  I do believe this is the end of Dexter trying to make Deb love him again.  That was the last straw.
And then (prior to car crash, I couldn't wait, sorry), Dexter finds Vogels notes on him. Is she writing a book? Or is it simply a journal like she said? 

I did watch the Bachelorette - Men Tell All.  But everyone knows 1/2 of it is repeat stuff. The other 1/2 is the guys cat fighting, calling each other names, and getting hot headed. Then you have bloopers. Then you have a preview of the next 2 episodes of what will happen. Which leads you to believe she chooses no one. But I know that's wrong. Well my sources tell me otherwise! :)

See ya'll next week.

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

This week went seriously fast.  I'm not complaining though, I love the weekends!!! :)

Let's get started on my recap! :)

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tawny's Tid Bits"><img src="" alt="Tawny's Tid Bits" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

7-14-13 I bought this little puppy from Walmart and absolutely love it!  It was sitting in a box for like 3 weeks before I had the time to find out where I wanted it and fill it with Scentsy! :)

7-15-13 Autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship!  Want to know what I'm talking about? Stay tuned when I introduce you to Viggle!

7-15-13 If you could smell what I was smelling!  We had some pork loin on the grill and it was soooo yummy!

7-18-13 Having a rather bad day/night I decided to have me a bath, cookies, and some wine!  It was very relaxing.

7-18-13 On the 19th I was going to be on the set of Nashville and the guys at work actually placed 3 stars around the store! It was quite funny! Sad thing is, I can't talk about it per "rules".  But you MIGHT see me on Episode one of Season 2.  It will only be for like a few seconds (maybe 2 times), no speaking.. just a background extra!

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~ Do you remember this amazing link up? ~

Back at the end of May, My Three Bittles and I did the AMAZING link up?!?

Do you remember it?

We had the link up open for about a week and half and it allowed people to link up any link ups they know of or their own. I'm sure you fellow bloggers have brain farts every once in awhile and it's hard to find link ups. Or you can't find that "one" you found a few weeks ago.

We had a pretty good turn out!  I was super stoked!

Well guess what?!? We've decided that we are going to do this once a month!! Like I said, we had such a good turn out it would be crazy not to continue it.

So on the 1st of every month we will have a link up that will be open for a week. Once links have been added I will add them to my nifty tab up at the top of my page called "Link Ups". That way readers will have a permanent place to find link ups when they have the oh so wonderful brain fart.

So... August 1st... be on the look out!

On a side note... our coffee pot decided to die this morning. Poured water in the top.... I spilled a little (a little tired), then all the sudden all this water is gushing to the floor. I knew I hadn't spilled that much because the reservoir that holds the water shows I filled it up to 10. So... the water was coming out the bottom. Maybe the reservoir got too hot, melted and now all the water was coming out the bottom? Oh well... guess it's a Starbucks kinda day and a Walmart trip after work to pick up a coffee pot! 

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~ Weekly TV Roundup ~

Hi ya'll!! Welcome back to another week of Weekly TV Roundup!  Angela and I really appreciate you reading what we think about the shows we watch and would love to see what you think about the ones you watch, so link up and enjoy the roundup on our virtual couch!

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True Blood - aired 7/14/13 - F.... The Pain Away
First thing first, did you see Sookie's abs?!?!?  Girl just had twins this year (I think). How in the world?! I was jealous the whole hour!  I would have done a screen shot, but her clothing was a little to none, figured it wouldn't be appropriate.
Jess kisses Bill because she is high from faerie blood. Eh, technically that is your father. Come on Jess!
Poor Andy sees all his daughters dead, but is able to save 1 which tells him who killed all her sisters. Not sure how Andy will take action. I seriously hope they don't kill him off! 
Bill commands Ben... WTF? Then of course we found out it's because Lilth is in Bill, of course, it always goes back to her.
Eric and Tera turn themselves in to save Pam.
Lovely Sarah calls the cops on Jess when she goes to visit Jason, which Jason will eventually save her!  I think deep down he loves her.
Pam and therapy, I love her!  She lets her guard down when they ask of Eric, the therapist can tell. She is smart not to mention his name, at least I don't think she did.
But the lovely Rev. Newlin spills the beans and we see (the beginning) Pam and Eric basically fight to the death.  If you stuck around to see next weeks episode, looks like somehow that glass isn't as safe as they thought it was.  We see Eric isn't dead, doubt they will kill Pam off.
Poor Terry wants to die... what in the world!  I understand his crazy Terry reasoning, but that's not a good reason.  He needs professional help!
Sookie also gets Lafayette's help with talking to her parents in which her father takes over Lafayette's body and basically is gonna finish what he started... kill her. Obviously someone will save her, but who?

Dexter - aired 7/14/13 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan
We begin with Deb getting (or we think getting) a DUI. She calls Quinn and he leaves Jaime! Boy, when will you learn!!!
Last episode we see Sussman hung, but in between the time Dexter seen him to when the cops come, someone totally messes with the crime scene. This time a gun to the head, brains all over the wall.
Vogel gets 2 boxes, his and hers (can you guess what's in it?). One goes to Dexter. So whomever this is knows he is involved.
Dexter starts "visiting" Vogels patients one by one.
He breaks in to Galuzzos places place to find out he eats organs. I'm a little lost here. In the end we see him killing Galuzzo because he is a cannibal (though we don't actually see the kill like usual,why?), but then we see Dexter still visiting Vogels patients. So, did he kill Galuzzo because he is a cannibal and not because he is stalking him and Vogel?
Deb confesses to Quinn. He thinks it's the alcohol. Dexter comes, drugs her, takes her to her place. Vogel stays for when she wakes to talk to her. I can just imagine how that will end. Will Vogel kill her to keep her quite?
We see Vogel also taking Debs written confession when they leave Miami Metro. In the preview for the next episode, Dexter accuses Vogel of being a research subject for her. Did she take it because she is gonna use it for her book? Is this a scam? If it is... will she just use the research, change the names, never turn him in? So many questions!

Bachelorette - aired 7/15/13
Bullet points are the best to describe hometowns, but first.....

Letting it all out there in the beginning:
#1 I know who wins, but Zak shouldn't have went home.
#2 Zak will be the next Bachelor, mark my word!
#3 Men Tell all next week? Isn't that usually AFTER the overnight dates?
#4 I tweeted more than normal in this episode.

  • Zak - Dallas hometown
    • His family has a snow cone business? Super cute
    • He seriously loves his mom, I love mamma boys
    • His sister asked "Is he past the friend zone?" Is that a serious question, he is in the final 4 ya know?
    • He has given up on love? NO!
    • The previews made the singing like terrible, but it was really good and heartwarming, not only did it make Des cry but it made me cry!
    • Zak gives her a "promise ring". Again... made me cry
  • Drew - Scottsdale hometown
    • She meets his mom, step dad, and dad in same household.  WOW!
    • Super sweet when she meets his sister, he loves her, you can tell that!
    • Love his dad...seriously... when he talks about Melissa being an angel! 
    • Drew says he loves her like 4 times... no stuttering,hesitation, or anything!
  • Chris - Oregon hometown
    • Gives her some cute flowers
    • Mini baseball game and the putting on of the little black things under the eyes reminds me of Tough Mudder (I know total outta the blue!)
    • Turned their hats side ways to kiss! ♥
    • She seriously was worried about his family loving her... like serious!
    • Dad gives her an adjustment, isn't bad, but when he gives Chris a nose adjustment (seems like an every day thing) that was kinda weird. And his booger shot! Ewww...
    • His mom makes a good point about them not being in the "real world".
    • Chris states he just doesn't see these feelings expressed with anyone else... well dude... are you on the hometown dates? Because I see it!
  • Brooks - Salt Lake City hometown
    • Why does he seem like his eyes are blood shot the whole time this episode?
    • She skips to him, he runs to her (super childish, but super cute)
    • Love the list of moments she wrapped in a rose, he needed the reassurance for sure!
    • He says "For once he's in the drivers seat". So true!  
    • Did you see the small like 1 second view of their house, I bet it has a great view! If not... DVR that crap and look at it!
    • Name tags...score!! Now you don't feel awkward when you don't remember a name!
    • I know that LOTS of people say Brooks sounds gay... but his whole family has that same feminine voice.... stop hating on Brooks! Seriously......
    • Did you see that kiss? Full of love!
Ok... now that's over.
She hasn't seen her brother since Sean's season? Really?
Who else thought it was a little creepy/funny that he was watching them as they walked in?
Poor Zak!!! Ugh..I hated this for him. But they know it's gotta be someone, ya know?
He throws the ring he gives her out the window.
Mark my word (I hope), he will be next Bachelor!!

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Welcome back for yet another week of my Instagram RECAP!!!

What is this link up about?  Simple, you take tons of Instagram pictures I'm sure... but what are your favorites?  I'm sure you have a few!  So post them here and LINK UP!  :)

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tawny's Tid Bits"><img src="" alt="Tawny's Tid Bits" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

7-10-13 We heard The Potato Bowl was closing on 7/13, so we decided to eat there one night because that place is simply amazing!  Looks like they are gonna stay open an extra week!!!  Do w go again? :)

7-11-13 I got a tattoo on 7/6 of this pretty little thing. It's healing and it looks so ugly.  As of today it's just dry, all the scabs came off. What is this tattoo of?  It's the MuttNation Foundation logo. Check them out!!!!

7-12-13 Meet Charolotte!  My inlaws got new little chicks and she is my favorite!

7-12-13 I love Dane Cook!  Super excited to see him. Thanks to Ticketmaster for sending out those daily emails about when tickets go on sale. Now I'm patiently waiting for Luke Bryan's to go on sale. :)

7-14-13 Jazz on the lawn last night was a great success!!!  Friends, family, and great times!!  Can't wait to do it again!

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~ That one time at band camp... wait.. I mean Florida! ~

Sorry.. had to do the whole American Pie thing.  Every time I say "That one time... " I just have to add "at band camp" behind it. 

Back in June we went on a family vacation with my in-laws (wedding afterwards in Pensacola)!  Yeah, I know, it's July and I'm just getting around to it.  While gone I had the lovely Amber and Neri guest post for me. Thank God for good friends and them gladly taking over my blog! :)

We had family all fly into Orlando, Florida (from Hawaii, Pennsylvania, California, and Tennessee).

We stayed at the amazing Animal Kingdom Resort. I'm a little kid at heart. So going to Disney was super exciting, but then staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort just topped it off. We had animals literally right out side our balcony.  It was foggy in the morning, so it was hard to see them then, but at night they had lights on and you could just see them laying down and sleeping. LOVED IT!  When they'd come close I'd get my Canon out and half the time miss them because my lens fogged. I know, sad. Anyone else know a quick solution when this happens?

Baggage claim in Orlando sucked. We were there for like an hour, at the least.  We met up with my husbands brother and girlfriend who flew in from Hawaii.

Can you tell how excited I was? Super cheesy grin!

Once we got to the hotel we met up with my husbands other brother and his family.  It was the first time meeting their little ones.  Olivia simply stole my heart!

The parents arrived a little later on and we ate at the buffet at the hotel. Word of advice... get a rental and go to McD's or Red Lobster like we did more than once. Alot cheaper! :)

Coloring with the kids while we were waiting for our table, which took literally 2 minutes when they said it would be 25.

I did not try this soup... but had to snap a picture! :)

The first day we got up super early (wait, every day we did) and went to Magic Kingdom until about 1 p.m., sadly we were a little wore out.  We did a lot of walking and looking.  It rained for a little bit, cleared up, then rained for like 45 minutes. At that time we knew it was time to leave. :) Some came back and took a nap, some went to the pool.  That night some of us wanted to go to Magic hours at Hollywood Studios.  We did a lot of 3D stuff, Tower of Terror, and Fantasmic. The 1 thing I looked forward to was Tower of Terror... and you'll see the 2nd later.

Magic Kingdom

The girls waiting in line for Tower of Terror.

Xtina Christina's first time on this ride, she LOVED IT!

The next day we went back to Magic Kingdom so Olivia could go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. I have to say, it was quite amazing. The way the cast treated these little ones was great, it is truly a talent!

Look at that smirk!

Loved my ears!  Should have wore them more while there. Guess I can wear them while grocery shopping!

That night we went to Epcot.  We wanted to watch the fireworks/water show and EAT!  We walked for a little bit around the World Showcase then found a place to eat some Mexican. It was super yummy!!!

The next day was Animal Kingdom! Magic hours were early that morning.  I didn't know what to expect here so I didn't bring my Canon, big NO NO!  My Iphone did okay with getting pictures, but the Canon would have been much better. Part of me wanted to go back and take the Safari tour again and take more pictures.   We seen many more animals, but these were the best ones I got.
Outside of the Safari ride where monkeys I could have literally sat and watched all day. One had a baby and I could have gotten some GOOD shots of it if I would have had my camera. :(

Can't remember what these things were called, but look at their HORNS! Love them!
The next day was back to Hollywood Studios for those of us that missed going that 1 night.  We rode Tower of Terror probably 3 times this day.  And of course Rock N' Roller Coaster.  My head could only take 1 time of that ride.  We also watched a little play of Beauty and the Beast.

And the last day... of Orlando... was the men going to do the Richard Petty Driving Experience and some of us doing the Sky Coaster (2nd thing I was looking forward to).

The weather was kinda iffy but we took the chance and went.  We wanted to do it again, but they actually shut it down due to thunder and lightening.  Super happy we were able to get ours in.

Back when I was 21 I did this with my brother (the little park has developed alot since then).  It's a 300 foot high fall, worlds tallest. Yes, worlds tallest! :)  Sadly I haven't figured out how to upload video to my blog without putting it on YouTube.  So if you have ANY words of advice, please relay them!

Here are some other shots I got of the animals while at the resort.

Family vacation was GREAT and needs to happen more often!

After leaving Orlando, it was off to Pensacola for a wedding!  I've never been so busy yet so relaxed while on vacation!  :)

Never have I been to a beach wedding, so happy that we were able to make to this one.  And FYI, only the 2nd wedding I cried at. I mean, when the groom cries... how can YOU NOT?!?!

During the ceremony we each had a rock. We made a wish and threw them all into the water.

While they took their traditional wedding photos... we had a little fun of our own (and some serious poses).

So, I'm hoping you enjoyed our little vacation and it makes you wanna go to the beach.  But please... make sure you leave room in your suitcase for me! Because I'm coming with! :)

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