~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

This week went seriously fast.  I'm not complaining though, I love the weekends!!! :)

Let's get started on my recap! :)

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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7-14-13 I bought this little puppy from Walmart and absolutely love it!  It was sitting in a box for like 3 weeks before I had the time to find out where I wanted it and fill it with Scentsy! :)

7-15-13 Autocorrect and I have a love/hate relationship!  Want to know what I'm talking about? Stay tuned when I introduce you to Viggle!

7-15-13 If you could smell what I was smelling!  We had some pork loin on the grill and it was soooo yummy!

7-18-13 Having a rather bad day/night I decided to have me a bath, cookies, and some wine!  It was very relaxing.

7-18-13 On the 19th I was going to be on the set of Nashville and the guys at work actually placed 3 stars around the store! It was quite funny! Sad thing is, I can't talk about it per "rules".  But you MIGHT see me on Episode one of Season 2.  It will only be for like a few seconds (maybe 2 times), no speaking.. just a background extra!

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  1. I gave in and bought wine this week as well :)

    I linked up!!

  2. Ooo la la! Look at that grill!! My husband would be jealous :)


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