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True Blood - aired 7/21/13 - Don't you Feel Me
Do I call Warlow, Ben or Ben, Warlow. I'm going with Warlow because that's who he is right?
Ben has Warlow go save Sookie from Lafayette her Dad trying to drown her. But then calls him back, which then Sookies takes him, I'm guessing, to faerie land.  There she has to tie him up so he doesn't kill her.  He tells her that if they are together then they will only need each other's blood to live. Why? He won't yearn for anyone elses? I'm sure something will develop from that conversation, I think.  Anyway, they ending up having sex at the end with some light shining you know where.  Odd... Being that was the end of the episode I'm guessing something will come from that or they will develop on that "light" a little more.
Eric and Pam don't kill each other, instead they kills the "snipers". Eric ends up going to confinement where they bring his sister in and give her Hepatitis V, which will should eventually kill her.  They didn't do it to Pam because the therapist liked her too much. Eric calls Willa to help them escape and I have to say she did a mighty fine job at that.  We left the episode of Eric finding out they are putting the Hep V in all the True Blood. Can he spread the word in time?
Andy finally names his daughter.... Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika. Yeah... whatever. Haha!  But good to know she has all her sisters with her.
Arlene finds out that Terry doesn't wanna be alive, but she thinks he is going to commit suicide. So she has a vampire erase his memories so he doesn't remember all the bad stuff. Little did she know that Terry has already set up his kill with someone else. So sad. Ugh! Worst part of the episode when he dies!
Sam gives Emma back to her grandmother, she swears that she won't go back to the pack. Who believes her? I sure don't!
Jason joins the LAVTF. Sarah finds out and tries to get him to leave, although he won't. So Sarah tries another way.  Brings Jason into a room to watch 2 vampires during a copulation study. One is Jess. Jason doesn't show his feelings though. I think that's why Sarah stopped it.
Ah and yes... the best part. Bill rips the governors head off. Wha?!? Did you expect that? I'm really not sure what will happen. Bill can manipulate a lot of people, as we've seen. Will he save the Vampire population? Or does the Governor have something else (besides the True Blood) thing up his sleeve?

Dexter - aired 7/21/13 - Scar Tissue
We start off with Vogel bringing Deb to the shipping container. Not once, but multiple times. I THINK this helped Deb, but not in the way Vogel wanted it to. Vogel allows Deb to watch the tapes she filmed with her father and lets her keep 1. Seriously?!?!  Deb watches more without Vogel around and finds out that her dad killed himself.
Quinn is obviously worried about Deb. You can see it. Still think something will happen there!
The new guy Dexter is investigating this episode is Yates. Yates attacked classmates when he was 12. He has a scar on his head, but not from what Dexter thinks. Yates also has a women's shoe fetish, 1 shoe, not a pair. Which we find out they are from women he kidnaps and kills.
Dexter breaks into Yates house, little does he know that Yates is watching him. Yates finds out (assuming before he was gonna attack) that Vogel has something to do with Dexter.  Dexter finds out that Yates heard everything when he breaks in a 2nd time.  He actually finds one of the girls Yates kidnapped and actually saves her, kudos Dexter.
Dexter then lures Yates to his father's nursing home in which Yates pulls the plug on his fathers breathing tube to get away. This obviously isn't the end. Yates knows he has a son, given he overheard a conversation. I believe that will come into play.
And did you see Cassie? For those of you that watch One Tree Hill, that's Haley. Does she have a bigger part in Dexter? I can't wait to find out.
And the part where I almost peed my pants. Vince hits on this chick, which he thinks is some random hot chick coming to see him. Wait for it .... it's his daughter! What?!?! Curve ball there!
Nearing the end of the episode we see Deb. She looks ALOT better! She is talking to Dexter. They are driving. They talk about their fathers death. Then bam, she grabs the wheel which sends them flying into a pond/lake. The bystander saves her.  But then Deb goes back and saves Dexter.  I do believe this is the end of Dexter trying to make Deb love him again.  That was the last straw.
And then (prior to car crash, I couldn't wait, sorry), Dexter finds Vogels notes on him. Is she writing a book? Or is it simply a journal like she said? 

I did watch the Bachelorette - Men Tell All.  But everyone knows 1/2 of it is repeat stuff. The other 1/2 is the guys cat fighting, calling each other names, and getting hot headed. Then you have bloopers. Then you have a preview of the next 2 episodes of what will happen. Which leads you to believe she chooses no one. But I know that's wrong. Well my sources tell me otherwise! :)

See ya'll next week.

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