~ Midlife crisis? Nah.....

Sunday was my 30th birthday! Don't feel a tad bit different, but for some reason I needed to do something fun!  Originally had planned on ziplining, but I had to pay for all spots to reserve them. Sorry, but I'm not paying for 10 people to go at $60 a pop.  So I scratched that idea. I actually have no clue what or who gave me the idea of skydiving. The thought had crossed my mind a few times, but never really actually looked into it.
A week prior to my birthday, I booked it! :)
I was nervous, for the obvious reasons.  I did ask when I booked if they had any problems, the worst she seen was a sprained ankle.  Not too bad right?
The altitude on the website stated 10,000-14,000 feet.  Well I guess you were going at 10,000 unless you paid $10 extra to go the 4,000 more. Kinda false advertisement, but whatever. Of course, we paid the extra.
Appointment was at 9:00 because I figured I didn't wanna ponder on it all day if I waited, so the earlier the better. Once paperwork was filled out, we got harnessed up and waited about 30 minutes.

The plane that weekend fit 23 compared to 12 they normally had. On the first jump there were 18 of us, 2 tandems (4 people).
My tandem buddy behind me and the one in front is the video guy.

View from inside the plane.

1 guy went out at 10,000 feet, then we climbed to 14,000.  At one point I was told we weren't even half way up, I figured we were about there!

We were the first ones on, so the last ones to jump.   Previously I was told once we got to the door, to squat with my feet on the ledge and he would say "Ready, Set, Arch". Arching was the most important part, basically stretching without my arms (I had to cross them on my chest, until he tapped me then I could let me arms go).

Once we hit 14,000, the door opened. I was strapped to by tandem buddy, we slid on the seat to the back of the plane as others jumped.........

freaking out photo: freaking our tumblr_lhpu3rrOkp1qhxr17o1_250.gif

Actually, I wasn't like that at all.

I honestly though to myself I'd have more time to think before I jumped, like possible had an opportunity to bail. Boy was I wrong. I'm assuming your opportunity to bail was when you were climbing to your altitude! As soon as we got there, I looked at the ledge for my feet placement, said "Oh My Gosh", then I seen my instructor's arm go out next to me like he was counting (I couldn't hear him). Arm went out once "Ready", then twice "Set", then we were gone. Yeah.. no time to think. Which is actually better, personally.

Yes, we did a flip!

I figured I would have that feeling like on a roller coaster when you lose your stomach, nope! I was told to look out, not down.  I had my video guy in front of me, so that should have been easy.  It wasn't actually, it was hard to keep my head up. Looking down didn't bother me though. It was loud. It felt like I was free falling for a few minutes, but it was actually like 20-30 seconds.

The pull of the parachute wasn't rough, I wasn't ready for it, but it wasn't bad. We had a peaceful ride down, we did a few little "swooping" things with the parachute. He braked for a few seconds mid air and it was just quiet.

When we were ready to land, I lifted up my feet and literally sat down at the landing, pretty amazing!

Will I do it again, yes.... actually I was able to put a deposit down on as many jumps as I want (transferable) for a discounted rate, so I bought 4. Not all for me, for others, but it was $40 off, so figured might as well. I've actually thought about getting certified, but I don't know if I could jump by myself.

Looks like I'll be going again this Sunday! 

Here is the video they did.  I uploaded it to youtube but because it had 3rd party content (music) you might not be able to view it on your mobile. There was a malfunction during my first interview, so no audio. And another embarrassing part is the massive chest shot. They look like they are in my throat. I felt the pressure and he did release some of the tension on the strap. But man, those puppies look horrible and massive! Haha! Oh well! Also, as you can see the huge smile on my face the whole time down, which resulted in my mouth being dry. You see me closing it and reopening it ALOT! Can we say awkward!

The place went was Adventure Skydiving Tennessee and they produced ALL video and pictures. Amazing job and well worth the extra money.  When I go next week, I'll ask what lens they had on the camera, I LOVE the shots taken. Anyone know what lens it is?

Have you ever been skydiving? What was your experience?

Speaking of birthday's.... Amber Nicole Blog  is giving away $200 paypal for her birthday! Enter and try to win!  :)

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~ Vitality VoxBox Review ~

I love getting these Influenster boxes, especially ones that are FULL of goodies! If you'd like an invite to join, just let me know!
In this box I got 6 items to try! All but 1 I had heard of before, which is good marketing for them!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Playtex, I know you've heard of, but have you used it!? Any woman knows when doing ANYTHING active during that time of the month, you kinda get scared there might be a disaster! I had absolutely no problems with these.
During my "testing" time I was asked to show how I #playon when cramps have me feeling down. What other way than chocolate and hitting the pavement. I'm no expert here, but I've read and have experienced myself that any type of exercise before or during cramps helps tremendously!

Yes, chocolate on pavement, but no I didn't eat it afterwards!
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

I'm not one to try many products on my face, much less new ones. I mean, that's the first thing people see when you meet them. I use my moisturizer in the morning and at night I use some towelettes for makeup remover.
Figured I'd give it a try.  It might sound odd, but those little caplets intrigued me.  Haha!
The instructions said to use at night and in the morning, before your moisturizer. After the first try I could tell a difference, my face was smooth. I was actually very surprised!  I might even buy the full bottle! :)

Pure Leaf Iced Tea


I've actually tried this item already before getting this box. I like tea, but not all the time. Usually I grab one in the little fridges at the Walmart check out line when I'm thirsting after shopping.  With this Influenster box I had the chance to go to the farmers market, which I had never been to.  I didn't go to my local farmers market, instead I went to a little bigger one on a quiet Sunday morning.  This pure leaf tea has an amazing flavor and the good thing is that it adds no preservatives!  I actually picked up a lemon one today at Walmart, it's sitting in the fridge chilling!

Softlips Cube

Only after I tried this I realized I had another softlips version in my purse.  Next time your at Walmart, check the little section next to the giftcards in the checkout line, they are there.  I have yet to see the cubes there, but the sticks are there, which are also awesome.  
The "flavor" I got was pomegranate blueberry, the smell was amazing. I just wanted to eat it. But no, let's not do that.  Major stomach ache I'm sure. Anywho... the 5 in 1 lip care part is what I liked about it.  I personally liked that it added shine and not stickiness to my lips. I'm not one to wear lipstick, so this worked out perfect! 

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

Sadly, this little trial package only had 2 gummies. I wish I had gotten more to give a better review.  These gummies act as an energy booster which I NEED!  I need motivation too, but that is up to me! The flavor of the gummies wasn't the best, but I am picky.  Go check them out, see if it boosts your metabolism! 

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream

I did not have a chance to try this burn cream out.  Which I guess is kinda good, I didn't burn myself!  I have read other reviews though on social media pages and I hear nothing but good things. So go get a tube BEFORE you burn yourself! 

** I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. **

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~ Am I back?!?!?! ~

February! Wow!  Long time since I've wrote anything. Not that I didn't want to, but time got away from me and LOTS has happened!  No worries, I'll catch you up soon (probably within a few posts).

If this is your first time here, feel free to stay!  My social media links are right under my profile picture, take a look! 

So, am I back? I'd like to think I'm going to be. I mean I even had my blog design updated a few months (yes months) ago.  I've got SOOO much to share!  My mind is full of words, photos, and ideas!  A few things that I hope will keep me on track are my Simplified Planner (that I wish I could have bought the 2014) and a Blog Planner that is so wanted right now that it's on back order.

Via Emily Ley

Via Hearts and Arrow Design

I also need to give a shout out to Sammi over at College Beauty Buff.  I needed some help with a logo design and she stepped right up!  Amazing person to work with and does amazing work, no job is too big or small for her. Not to mention, if your a beauty fanatic, she is ALL about that! :)

Stay tuned for more.....

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