~ Colgate Slimsoft Voxbox ~

So I've been a member of Influenster for awhile!

I've gotten a view emails to do a surveys to see if I qualified for a Voxbox.

Well I got my first one!  I was beyond excited!  It was the Colgate Slim Soft*.


Let me explains something to you first.
I'm particular about my toothpaste.
Colgate will always be my favorite.  The paste, not the gel.
If Colgate EVER goes outta business, I seriously dunno what I would do.
I have to have soft bristles, which obviously this Voxbox was a plus! 
I can not watch anyone brush their teeth, not my husband or anyone. He actually brushes his teeth and talks to me, I wanna vomit!
I can not watch anyone on a TV show brush their teeth, I will vomit.
My sister once asked me to brush my nephews teeth (when he was younger), I couldn't. I dunno what I'll do when I have kids. Guess Steven will have to do it.
Brushing my own teeth, no problem, I actually enjoy it, for obviously reasons!

What did I think of the Colgate SlimSoft?

I can't believe I'm posting this!

Loved it!
My teeth felt clean and everything. Usually with a soft brush you would think otherwise. But they felt clean, promise!
The 1 thing I didn't like about it is that the brush needs to be wider. I dunno, I just felt it was too thin.
I actually had a 6 month dentist appointment on the 25th. I knew from the previous appointment, I had been brushing too hard.  I've tried my best to stop doing that, it's ruining my gums actually.
So this SlimSOFT tooth brush should really help me. 
I got a good report from the dentist, except to stop brushing hard. She warned me if I kept it up then they'd have to get skin from the roof of my mouth and put it over my tooth. Yeah... sucks!
Would I recommend? Absolutely!  
With that being said, go out and get one, you won't regret it!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Just a little reminder, be sure to check out my videos on Instagram.  I don't post them on the link up for my favs. :) 
If you'd like to join in on the link up, it's simple:

Insta-Recap of My Instagram
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tawny's Tid Bits"><img src="" alt="Tawny's Tid Bits" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

9-22-13 In the process of working on a Christmas wreath! It needs a little something else, just not quite sure what.

9-24-13 My view driving into work.  I wish I could have gotten the next morning when the sun was peaking above the fog!

9-25-13 Ah!  I was an extra in Nashville! There was a 2nd time but I posted the video instead of a screen shot.

9-28-13 The Original Mud Run. Eh.. not as expected for numerous reason.  I guess with Tough Mudder, we have such HIGH expectations. I'll never do another one of these again.

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~ Sometimes you've just gotta laugh at yourself and hit PUBLISH ...... ~

I'm a stickler for good pictures! Who wants bad photos of themselves?

So below, you see why I'm laughing at myself, because I personally think only 1 of these photos are good. 

Why do I want pictures of myself? Of course, silly, I need one for the blog. I'm tired of using other photos and cropping everyone else out. 
There isn't really any places that I can think of around where I live to take any pictures.

Maybe it's the fact I've lived here practically my WHOLE life and all the places I do know, they are kinda "wore out" to me.

So, when we went to TX a few weeks ago I had my mom take some photos of me.  Ugh.. take like 100 photos and I'll like 1. I'm picky!

Do I smile?
Do I not pay attention (sometimes those are the best)?
What in the world do I do with my hands?
Do I need a prop?
What do I wear?

So let's just say I'm no fashion blogger/photographer.  Although I do have to say, this was my first time wearing a maxi skirt. LOVED IT!

Enjoy! But don't critique me too much. :) 

Totally not planned!

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Welcome back to my Instagram RECAP!
Also, wanna give a quick recap of what went on this week on my blog (just in case you missed it).  I completed my 3rd Tough Mudder last weekend (also my birthday weekend).  And speaking of birthday's, My Three Bittles birthday was last week and she had giveaways all week!  I was one of the many cohosts on Friday. Be sure to enter!
Also, Dexter finale is tonight! Ahh! So sad!  I'm excited to know how it'll all pan out.
Not to mention, this week is the starting of all my favorite shows coming back on, and new ones (Hostages and Betrayal)! 

If you'd like to join in on the link up, it's simple:

Insta-Recap of My Instagram
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tawny's Tid Bits"><img src="" alt="Tawny's Tid Bits" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

9-16-13 I received my first ever VOXBOX!  And I'm getting another one any day. This is sooo exciting!  Be sure to check out my thoughts on it this week on the blog!
9-17-13 I got to spend a little time at the beginning of my work day with this little cutie.

9-18-13 Ah, the lovely IPhone update. Who loves it? Who hates it? I'm not happy with the imessage text thing. Seems like for someone that has their imessage on to get my messages, I also have to be on imessage. I hate imessage! 
9-20-13 My lovely coworker brother bought me a Starbucks for picking up at the car dealership and bringing him back to work. This Starbucks was much needed!
9-21-13 Ahhh! I cut my finger! Not! But that is what I did when I ran into the house to show my husband. LOL! I actually was using some automobile spray paint (too lazy to go out and get regular spray paint). Well the nozzle is different, so I sprayed it backwards.  Boo! I know! 

Also, just in case you missed this amazing 15 second video of "Ravioli and the Egg" Check it out here. If you want the recipe, you can find it here.

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~ 3rd Tough Mudder - SUCCESS!!! ~

Have you heard of Tough Mudder? I'm sure you seen my Throw Back Thursday post, right?

I'm sure you've heard of some version of it.  Like Warrior Dash? Ok, now we are board.... Tough Mudder is MORE than the Warrior Dash.  Warrior Dash is like a way to warm up. I've never done one, so I'm not dissing them at all. 

If you've been to the website, it can be a little intimidating. Seriously, I mean when they explain what it is: Tough Mudder events are hardcore obstacle courses designed to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, over one million inspiring participants worldwide to date, and more than $6.5 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.

I was super scared on my first one.  There isn't words to explain the camaraderie and enthusiasm that you'll find at one of these. There is ALWAYS someone helping someone.  Every time we've gone with a team, but if you go by yourself, you'll have help, no worries!

The event can be pricey, so sign up early. The more people on your team, the more of the discount.  Simple.

It is not a race. Now you can make it your own little race and submit your time if you'd like. If you qualify, you compete in the World's Toughest Mudder at the end of the year.  Be sure to check out that video! Crazy stuff! 

Given the title of the post, this was my 3rd one. By far the best weather.  But not by far the best course.  My knee hated me come mile 2, I should have wore my brace.  I knew to stop early (not quit, don't be confused, I walked), therefore I was able to walk the next day. Unlike my 1/2 marathon back in April when I kept pushing and couldn't walk the next day!
I did every obstacle.
I wish I would have kept something with the course map on it, but I didn't.
I can't remember for the life of my EVERY obstacle we had.  These pictures only show a few (our photographers took over 2,000)
So, are you ready for my blog to throw up lots of pictures? I sure hope so!  Enjoy!

Our team of 7!  2 women! 

Stacey getting taped up by the PRO shoe taper!

We've practically done ALMOST every run we've ever done together!

Can't be afraid of mud!

SAFE!  Gotta love my husband!

Yes, you are reading correctly!

The time I got hit.  You can clearly see me jerk in the GoPro video.

Basically a contractor dumpster full of ice and water.  In the middle is wood you have to go under. Oh, don't try to go over, it has barbed wire! :)


The hubs and Jeff racing on the monkey bars!

This by far was the worst one for me. I'm not claustrophobic, but I don't like my ears in the water (face out). I mean, I can get used to it, just have to breathe through it.  This obstacle (unlike last year) only left you literally enough room to have your face outta water (ears in). It was the longest 30 seconds of my life!

Timeline of walk the plank!  I've done it before, but it's alot higher up when your standing up there.  I guess I just forgot.  And yes... last picture is my snot rocket.  Sometimes you just gotta do it! 

One set of the Berlin Walls, this just shows you how tall it really was.

This is the quarter pipe you had run up.  This picture makes it look SOOO small, but it's not!  Promise!  This year it was super easy because the sun was directly on it and the mud was dry. Usually its caked with wet mud and really hard to run up!

Bryan almost face planted, but didn't completely.

The hubs first mudder, not his last!

Ahhh... warm water... getting cleaned up for the 6 hour drive home.

Sound like fun?!? Of course!
Just a few things if your interested in doing one:
  • Bring gloves, your hands will get tore up (I forgot mine).
  • If possible, wear pants that at least go over your knees, again... knees will get tore up.
  • If you have bring someone that is willing to be your paparazzi, do so!  If not, the professional ones taking photos will A. Not get any of you B. You'll pay a arm and leg for 1.
  • If you can get a GoPro, do it!  We've rented one the past 2 years from ATS Rentals. GoPro 3 battery life SUCKED. GoPro 2 is the way to go, battery wise.
  • Bring some jugs of water with you to rinse off a little better when you get to the vehicle.  They have a place to rinse off, but there are TONS of people waiting.
  • Duct tape your shoes, not too tight though!
  • Have fun!
If you're interested in one and have questions, PLEASE ask!
Next one: Nashville, June 2014!

Update: Here is the official video! We made it in it! We are at 1:35, a good 5 seconds!

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