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Howdy everyone!

Hope your 3 day weekend is jam packed of fun!

Currently while you are reading this (if it's after 8), I'm finishing up my 2nd day of a motorcycle safety course.  I so wish I could bring my phone with me to take photos, but that's not possible! I've gotta learn and pay attention. A blog post is no fun without pictures... but we will see if I can get any today. :)

Just another reminder, next week the link up will be up, but I won't be linking up due to some traveling for a wedding. 

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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8-26-13 National Dog Day!  Do I need to say more? These girls are pretty spoiled amazing!! 

8-26-13 Happy 20th Birthday to a dear friend of mine! 

8-29-13 Ever since the 1/2 marathon I did back in April I've had knee problems every time I ran (like 5 times, haha).  So I bought this nifty knee thing and it works!!!!!!  I was super excited!  I hope it'll work when I another 1/2 in April 2014!

8-30-13 Day 1 of the Motorcycle safety course! Hotter than crap out there!  We were only outside for 4 hours and in the classroom the other 4.  Now today is another story... outside ALL day!

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


  1. Im sorry... but the ONLY thing I could focus on was that molten chocolate cake... OMG.. I can practically smell it. Ugh. Now I will be craving that thing until I get one!

    And your puppies are adorable!

  2. TAWNY!!!! <3 Total brainfart- I forgot what I was going to say

  3. Great pics! I am going to follow you on Instagram now :) Your fur babies are adorable.

  4. Is that a knee wrap?
    Gahh I love pet pictures. Your pups are adorable :)

  5. Motorcycle class? Did y'all get a motorcycle? I'm missing out!! Your friend is beautiful! Love your puppies! Fyi: Osman got me that knee thing. It hurts after every time I run now. We did some hard core research on the google and that's what it recommended. Love that google.


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