~ Sometimes you've just gotta laugh at yourself and hit PUBLISH ...... ~

I'm a stickler for good pictures! Who wants bad photos of themselves?

So below, you see why I'm laughing at myself, because I personally think only 1 of these photos are good. 

Why do I want pictures of myself? Of course, silly, I need one for the blog. I'm tired of using other photos and cropping everyone else out. 
There isn't really any places that I can think of around where I live to take any pictures.

Maybe it's the fact I've lived here practically my WHOLE life and all the places I do know, they are kinda "wore out" to me.

So, when we went to TX a few weeks ago I had my mom take some photos of me.  Ugh.. take like 100 photos and I'll like 1. I'm picky!

Do I smile?
Do I not pay attention (sometimes those are the best)?
What in the world do I do with my hands?
Do I need a prop?
What do I wear?

So let's just say I'm no fashion blogger/photographer.  Although I do have to say, this was my first time wearing a maxi skirt. LOVED IT!

Enjoy! But don't critique me too much. :) 

Totally not planned!

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


  1. If I were stupid, I'd copy and paste the words on this post and put it on my blog with all the dumb pictures I've had taken! ha ha ha! Love the last 2!! They came out so clear and the colors are so vibrant!!


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