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Bachelor Bloopers
I have to admit, this wasn't as funny as most!  The 5 minutes that their air during the finale were better than this full hour.  They replayed the majority of ones already aired. So, personally, I really don't have much to say about this.  I was really disappointed!
Oh, and you can tell how much the show has evolved from the beginning.. I mean, look at the background, video quality, and clothes (especially Chris Harrison).

Nashville - aired 5/22/13 - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
Pretty interested finale!  So many things happened! Gunnars proposal to Scarlett. Deacon drinking again after 13 years!  Deacon and Rayna crash! Teddy's thing with the law! Peggy pregnant!
First thing first.... looks like Dante wasn't really a sober companion, just someone out looking to screw someone over, he hit the motherload here.  Well not really, because he never got his money. 
Did you find yourself wanting to know who won the CMA's? I am super happy that Juliette won though.  She deserved it, not because of what she went through!
Ugh, and Deacon, Deacon, Deacon, shame.... 13 years down the drain.  I knew when he told Coleman he'd be at the meeting that he wasn't gonna be there.  But I didn't expect him to wash down some pills with alcohol!
Also, did you not think that Juliette knew that Jolene did what she did on purpose (so she wouldn't get charged for murder).  Seems that she didn't put 2 and 2 together when Jolene called her before she OD.
And I really hope that Glenn comes back on as her manager, I really liked him!!!
I might have overlooked something here, but when Will was at the bar with that chick and that dude walked by did it not look like Juliette's ex husband? Was there a similarity? Or was I just seeing wrong? Wonder what that was all about.
Good news though, all these questions will be answered soon!  A few weeks ago Jonathan Jackson said at the Grand Ole Opry that they were renewed for a 2nd season!  Also, if your in Nashville, they have open casting calls ALL the time! The check out the Nashville Extras facebook page!

P.S. I religiously watch the Bachelor/ette but did not have a chance to last night.  Boo, I know! :(

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Wow, that was a fast week!  Maybe because I was so excited about the weekend!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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5-20-13 Trying on swimsuits the previous week make me realize I gotta get into gear!  Vacation in 1 month is coming fast. So Monday was the start of my healthy better eating!  Instead of chips for snacks at lunch, it was fruit! Also, no chocolate. Wish me luck! 

5-21-13 I didn't wanna enlarge this picture too much because the quality would be terrible. This is a picture from my back deck of the storm coming.  The front was crazy looking!  It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, Thank God!

5-25-13 Shed building day, sun up to sun down!  Sarah was extremely curious as to what they were doing!  Plus she just wanted to greet all of them!  Big thanks to my lovely husband, my brother Joe, my step father Wes, and one of my best friends husband Todd (Choate Construction).  They didn't get done, it was getting dark, so day 2 will happen soon. By the way, this was done with the Beautiful Mess app! You should check it out!
5-25-13 While the men were shed building, we took the dogs to Petsmart to get groomed.  This is my niece, she was MORE than excited with Sarah sat on her lap.  But not for long because her nails were long and they hurt... hence my legs here.

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~ What is geocaching? ~

What is geocaching you ask?!?! I personally like to call it a worldwide hide and seek!  All you need is GPS (not the handheld, I hate those, unless you are on a hiking path which you will need a handheld), a pen, and be wanting to have an adventure.  Of course you need a car too.. but most people have those.

There are literally TONS out there!  This is great for kids too because sometimes there are "trackables" in the containers in which you can replace in another cache. And sometimes they containers are big enough where people leave items (GI Joe's, Matchbox Cars, toys, etc).

So, create a log in.
Highlight play, then hide and seek a cache.
From there you can search by address, zip code, coordinates, cache code, etc.  I like to search by address, then change the filter to 20 miles. Then your results come up on a listing.  I like to view them on a map so I can see what routes they are on.  I then look at the last time they were found, just so I'm not wasting my time, then I print the cache.  I usually don't print any of the logs because there is an app you can get for your phone that you can pull up and look at them if needed, which you sometimes will have to do.

I did a few the other day with a couple that got me into caching, like 5 years ago!  The 1st one of the day was Pooparazzi!  Below you will see a run down of what the website will look like.  When you log the cache, you will be using that cache code to search for it.

We plugged in the coordinates (I find the Garmin easy to use). And we are on our way.

Once you "arrive at your destination" you will look over the description before you set out to look for it.  Make sure you pay attention if it's magnetic... because that kinda helps what you look for.

This one was pretty simple to find.  We were asked to take a picture with the prop, which was poop. Get it.. Pooparazzi? The so called poop was a little run down, it needed to actually be replaced.  When you find the cache there will be something that you will sign and date.

The cache was under this "poop" which was actually like styrofoam.

Here is my pic I was told to take, although I did not upload it to my log. :)

Some are easy.
Some are a quick grab.
Some you have to be very stealth because people get curious and go look at the cache after you and some are rude and take it.
Some you will meet other geocachers.
Some will bring you to places you didn't know exist.  For instance these....

I personally don't log when I don't find a cache, because I hope to go back out and look for it again.  If it needs maintenance, I will log that. After we find the cache, I write found on my paper then go onto the next cache.  When I return home, I then log all my caches and if one was pretty interesting, I write about it on the log.  Other than that, it's a simple TFTC (Thanks for the cache).

Once you get the hang of it... hide some of your own!  I currently have 3 out there!

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~ Weekly TV Round Up ~

Super excited for everyone to be joining Angela and myself on our virtual couch!

Before I get started I need to introduce you to Viggle.. if your reading this you obviously like TV... so get Viggle, I believe it's free.  You check in to shows you watch and get points for every minute, kinda like shop kick (if you don't have that, same concept just with shopping). Your points can be redeemed for some amazing gift cards. By the way... you don't really have to watch what your checked into... it'll stop counting your points until you log into something else or that show is over. :)  

I spent all weekend catching up on a few favorites! And I've gotta say... these finales make me for an emotional wreck! :)
And of course, if you don't want ANY spoilers please don't read until you've watched it, this is fair warning.

So, grab a button and let's get the conversations brewing!


Nashville - aired 5/15/13 - A Picture from Life's Other Side
I thought this was the finale, but it isn't, it will be next week.
Before this episode I loved how Jolene looked to be turning her life around, when she bought those drugs I thought she was just doing it get Dante to see her, little did I know she would kill him and herself.  Part of me thought she was going to be ok, but from the looks of it she isn't.  I just hope this doesn't put Juliette in more of a downward spiral.  I also think Juliette will beat herself up how she treated her mother all those years and even up until the point she died, Juliette was quite rude at times to her.
The whole Gunnar and Scarlett thing has got to stop. I wanted to see them together at first, but after Gunnar has been pulling his little stunts I think she deserves to be back with Avery, which I think has turned his life around in terms of not always stardom in front of his relationships. It was super sweet that he gave her the whisk before her debut.  I do believe that Gunnar will straighten up because of the jail time he served, only time will tell.
And we all know that Maddie was going to find out about Deacon being her father, that was bound and determined to happen. I also don't think Deacon will be too happy with Rayna for keeping this from him.  I think this will finally end their relationship.

Vampire Diaries - aired 5/16/13 - Graduation
Sadly this was the finale. :(  And did you not love the opening music? Bon Jovi? I caught myself singing, wanted to break out into Rock Band! :)
Everyone is loving having their BFF's (and brothers) back, not so much their enemies though. It was super sad though when Alaric and Lexi went back to the other side, I love their relationships with Stefan and Damon.
I personally thought there was going to be some way Bonnie wouldn't die.  At first I was confused how Bonnie still was around even though she died after the veil was up.  Guess it doesn't matter at what point you died, you are there if you have unfinished business.
Everyone from Kol, Conor, Vaughn, and Rebekah's long lost ex came back from a reason.  Did you forget about some of the characters until their came back?
The cure went through soooo many hands that it wasn't even funny.  But for it to end in Katherine, not by choice, was unexpected.
And who doesn't want to see Caroline and Klaus together?! My heart melted when he said "He was your first, I intend to be your last, however long it takes."  But being he will be part of the new series "The Originals" I believe this will be the last we will see of him for awhile.
I also like seeing Matt and Rebekah together, although Matt refuses, I think that when they come back from their trip... they will be together.
As for which brother Elena chooses, I'm still torn between the 2. But like always, I'm sure she will bounce back and forth, so as of right now she chose Damon.
The most confusing part, but not (does that make sense) is how Silas is still alive! And Stefan is at the bottom of the quarry (was that was it was?) I see how he isn't stone (Bonnie died), but all hell is about to break loose! The cure is gone, so what purpose does he serve?
For all those PRETTY LITTLE LIAR lovers, did you see the summer premiere date? June11th!

Grey's Anatomy - aired 5/16/13 - Perfect Storm
I pretty much called for about everything that happened in this finale.  Grey's is pretty predictable, yet I still watch it.  
I knew Bailey would crack under pressure, although I thought it would be when the bus crashed.
I knew something was going to happen to Webber, but I thought the hospital was going to blow up because of the fuel and the sparks in the basement.
I knew as soon as Derek walked away from Merideth, that something was going to happen. I knew she wouldn't die because why would they kill off the main lead?
Throughout the hour you didn't know who was going to die, the ending did leave us with not knowing if Webber is alive or not.
I really really really didn't think Arizona would cheat on Callie.  She did fess up though, kudos to her, but she kept bringing her leg back up, leave it alone Arizona!
And Owen, all he wanted was a kid, part of me thought at the end when Yang had a talk with him, that she was going to tell him that she was content with her career and was ready for a kid, them practically ending it wasn't what I expected.
Ugh.. and Avery and Kepner... they belong together.... but someone ruins it every time! I do believe she will call off her wedding (or her fiance will, you see his face?) and it'll take time, but Avery and Kepner will eventually be together, I know it! 

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~ Effie and Dru Giveaway ~

Effie and Dru is a clothing boutique that was just launched this year by the lovely Brittany!  Fellow blogger Paige from PB and Honey came to me about doing a giveaway a few weeks ago.  I believe it's her very first giveaway, that's how we met actually... she went in on mine... I went in on hers.

Kudos for Brittany for being an entrepreneur!  Not a lot of people have guts to do it, but she is throwing it all out there.  I visited the website just the other day and there are some super cute items on there!  Being from a midsized town you don't really find unique stuff... well I think I found it now!

Want to know more about Brittany? Check out her interview that Paige had with her just the other day, here.
And as Paige mentioned, follow Brittany on her facebook and twitter pages for deals and discounts!

Now for the fun part!  Brittany is giving away this dress right here, it is quite adorable I have to say so myself!

More info: here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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5-14-13 I had a lovely glass of wine and caught up on Revenge.  Why do finale's always have to be tear jerkers? Geez!  Want to chat with others about TV, make sure you link up Tuesday's, here! Unfortunately I was a week late so I can't include the finale, but be on the lookout for my thoughts on last weeks Nashville, Vampire Diaries, and Grey's!
5-17-13 Meet my zip brush!  The one I've been looking for for 2 months from Kirby (well their distributor).  Lie after lie after lie after lie... yes make that 4 lies!  Anyway, I finally got it and thank God I won't be dealing with the distributor again!
5-17-17 I also received in my LUV's... and I have to admit I LUV them!  I had dinner with Amber on 5/11 and she surprised me with a free pair!  I can't wait to wear them religiously and hope I don't get them too dirty! :) Thanks AMBER!
5-18-13 Totally forgot I was low on gas until my lovely Durango told me so!  As I finished, the pay screen came back up. Text Pay? Seriously? What in the world... obviously I'm at Walmart here if you couldn't guess the "Rollback code". If anyone has tried this out... please tell me about it! :)
And my favorite Instagram pic this week came from my cousin.  Don't you wish you could cash out a voucher for $450.75? Shoot, I'd take 1/2 of that!!

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This is the spot!

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~ That one time I spelunked...... ~

What is spelunking? To spleunk means to explore caves, especially as a hobby. 
I wouldn't say it's a hobby because I've only done it once.
The one we took part of was at Mammoth Cave National Park in Cave City, KY.  I brought a group of 5 others with me. We took part in the Introduction to Caving.  I was unsure if I was going to like it in the first place, so I figured I'd better do the easy one first. described the Introduction to Caving as this:
Want to really go caving? Not sure if spelunking is for you? Try this short, small group caving challenge to discover things about the cave and yourself. Experience off trail adventures wearing traditional caving gear. Learn how cavers work together as a team as they travel over uneven terrain, crawl through tight holes and climb up rocky slopes. Bring your friends or family for an action packed activity! In order to minimize the spread of White Nose Syndrome, a fungus that has resulted in the death of over 5.5 million bats in the eastern United States, Mammoth Cave National Park has instituted stringent cleaning procedures for all off-trail spelunking tours this summer. All equipment and outerwear including gloves will be provided by the park. Visitors must provide their own boots. No personal caving equipment allowed. No Exceptions. Shorts and t-shirt recommended for wear under required coveralls.
An adult must accompany visitors under age 18. Organized youth groups must have at least two adult representatives accompanying minor children. Chest or hip measurement must not exceed 42 inches; if you are larger you may not physically pass through the crawl spaces. Sturdy, high-top, over-the-ankle lace-up boots, with lug or deeply treaded soles are required. No low-cut hiking or athletic shoes allowed. You will not be allowed to participate in the tour if you are not wearing proper footwear - no exceptions. Please bring an extra pair of tennis shoes or sandals for use during boot cleaning at the end of the tour. Requires at least 2 participants.
Age Limit: 10 and over
Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Distance: 1 mile
Total Stairs: 280+
Difficulty: Strenuous

This was the entrance, crazy... I know!
The cave was beautiful!  We stopped a few times to talk, went through some tight spaces, we bouldered, we chimneyed (CHIMNEYING. v. The act of climbing two relatively vertical and parallel rock faces, by a person applying pressure with parts of their body to the opposing rock surfaces.), and we were "guardian angels" to the person behind us. :)

Was it hard? No.  Was it scary? No, but that is my personal opinion. Did you see bats? No, but I did see these crazy little spiders, I think that's what they were.

It was obviously hard to get pictures of the actual cave.  When we took photos of people, we had to shut off our light and just guess at where they were because we couldn't see them through the camera. We were pretty good at guessing. 

Here are a few I managed to snap!

You see the rock she is sitting under? It's literally hanging on by a thread! She was sitting there so we didn't grab hold of it.
This is just shows you basically what we walked on... we did crawl on some of this that had rocks in it. Gloves next time?!?
The group! Myself, Matt, Jordan, Joe, Kara, and Kenny!
This photo was just too funny not to post.  You might not think it's that funny... but we laughed so hard!!!! This is Matt, Jordan, and Joe just simply pointing at nothing....

Some things I learned from "Ranger John":
Always have 4 people with you.
Always have 3 light sources with you.
Always tell someone where your going and at what time you should see daylight.
A hole is something you can't crawl in/through, a cave is something you can crawl in/through.
Mammoth Cave is 400 miles and it still being explored.
Mammoth Cave is the worlds longest known cave system.
Explorers have 10 dates a year they can explore (usually with a group and they do it as a hobby and don't get paid).
If a "hole" has been seen, but not traveled through, they will put a 0 above it.  When someone explores that part of the cave, they mark through that 0.
If a smaller cave is explored and it links into a bigger cave, it then becomes part of the bigger cave. 
So... the plan is to do the Wild Cave Tour next since this one didn't bother me.  Kinda scared... I read there are 9" spots. It's 6 hours and we eat in the cave!!! The plan for that is July, stay tuned for that review! Not sure if they camera will go with or not.  I need a night time camera! :) 

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~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram Link Up Details! ~

I love photos!  I love sharing them with the world! Not everyone sits on Instagram or has an Instagram account (by the way, you would love it).

This is where you post your top photos of the week, usually I do 4-5, and maybe just explain them a little more in depth if you'd like. :)

Maybe try to throw a favorite in there of someone else's that was posted that week, please make sure you get their approval first, and make sure you link up their account (only if they agree).

Link ups will be every Sunday. Look forwarding to seeing your recap of your top Instagram photos! 

Make sure you link back up to my site and comment, comment, comment (on everyone's linkup)! I personally love comments and reply to anyone that posts.

Now grab a button and I'll see you at the next linkup!

Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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~ Instagram Recap ~

It's been a few weeks I've been doing this Instagram Recap.  Stay tuned, I will be posting about a linkup this week!  If you'd like to link up, please do so next weekend! :)  Follow me here on Instagram!

5-6-13 We made kabobs for dinner with some friends, then took the left overs to work.  It was much appreciated by my coworkers! :)

5-9-13 I've been wanting this tattoo for about 2 years now!  It's the MuttNation Foundation logo... it is a paw print, but the middle is a heart.  It's like my love for dogs.  I plan on getting it soon, but where?

5-10-13 I can't wait for these to bloom. They will be lillies!  Everything in my flowerbed should bloom, hopefully, this week.  Tonight I'll have to cover them up, it is supposed to frost. :( 
5-11-13 Intro to Caving!  I've wanted to spelunk and I did!  Plan on doing the Wild Cave Tour (6 hours) in July with some peeps!  Can't wait! Stay tuned sometime this week for my review on it! :0

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