~ Weekly TV Roundup ~

Ever watch a TV show and desperately want to talk to someone about what happened? Problem is, you don't know anyone else who watches it with as much devotion as you do.

This is the spot!

Here you can link up with others that watch your favorite shows, talk about what happened, and what you think will happen.  Doesn't matter what show it is that you watch, just write about it! Someone out there watches it and would love to share their opinions too.

Feel free to grab a button and sit down on our virtual couch! Tune in every Tuesday morning for the prior weeks shows (Tuesday-Monday)

Wanna participate? Let's get started!
1. Follow Tawny's Tid Bits and Adventures to Remember
2. Link up using our button, or link back to us in your post
3. Check out other's posts and leave a comment. Who doesn't love comments?!


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