~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Week 1 of my link up!  I'm hoping to see some lovely faces today linking up with their Instagram favs!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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5-14-13 I had a lovely glass of wine and caught up on Revenge.  Why do finale's always have to be tear jerkers? Geez!  Want to chat with others about TV, make sure you link up Tuesday's, here! Unfortunately I was a week late so I can't include the finale, but be on the lookout for my thoughts on last weeks Nashville, Vampire Diaries, and Grey's!
5-17-13 Meet my zip brush!  The one I've been looking for for 2 months from Kirby (well their distributor).  Lie after lie after lie after lie... yes make that 4 lies!  Anyway, I finally got it and thank God I won't be dealing with the distributor again!
5-17-17 I also received in my LUV's... and I have to admit I LUV them!  I had dinner with Amber on 5/11 and she surprised me with a free pair!  I can't wait to wear them religiously and hope I don't get them too dirty! :) Thanks AMBER!
5-18-13 Totally forgot I was low on gas until my lovely Durango told me so!  As I finished, the pay screen came back up. Text Pay? Seriously? What in the world... obviously I'm at Walmart here if you couldn't guess the "Rollback code". If anyone has tried this out... please tell me about it! :)
And my favorite Instagram pic this week came from my cousin.  Don't you wish you could cash out a voucher for $450.75? Shoot, I'd take 1/2 of that!!

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  1. 1. I LOVE Revenge & Grey's!! 2. My mom had a Kirby. She refuses to talk about it. lol 3. I have lived in Louisiana and Mississippi. People are always talking about how much they would "win" at the casinos. I would often ask how much they spent to get to that point. They weren't often too happy to respond. lol Hope your cousin didn't spend too much!


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