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It's been a few weeks I've been doing this Instagram Recap.  Stay tuned, I will be posting about a linkup this week!  If you'd like to link up, please do so next weekend! :)  Follow me here on Instagram!

5-6-13 We made kabobs for dinner with some friends, then took the left overs to work.  It was much appreciated by my coworkers! :)

5-9-13 I've been wanting this tattoo for about 2 years now!  It's the MuttNation Foundation logo... it is a paw print, but the middle is a heart.  It's like my love for dogs.  I plan on getting it soon, but where?

5-10-13 I can't wait for these to bloom. They will be lillies!  Everything in my flowerbed should bloom, hopefully, this week.  Tonight I'll have to cover them up, it is supposed to frost. :( 
5-11-13 Intro to Caving!  I've wanted to spelunk and I did!  Plan on doing the Wild Cave Tour (6 hours) in July with some peeps!  Can't wait! Stay tuned sometime this week for my review on it! :0

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