~ Things I {don't} love Thursday! ~

Today is my Friday.  Well I go in for an hour or 2 tomorrow, but I'm not counting that. :)

Today is also Thursday. I'm linking up with Melissa over at Lulu and Sweet Pea for Things I {don't} love Thursday!

Door to Door Sales #1, they are just the most inconvenient people ever.  When I'm home, I don't wanna be bothered with you coming to the door to sell me stuff. #2, I'm usually good at not buying anything.  That was until last week when the Kirby guy came.  "Oh, it'll be just a minute".  Bull!  3 hours later....we have a Kirby.  I do have to admit, it picks up stuff really well.  What sold me was what it picked up off the hardwood floor (in the cracks).  He even shampooed our carpet (high traffic area) which still smells great!

Gym in FULL makeup Pretty self explanatory here.  People that come to the gym in full make up, hair done, everything.  There is a locker room to change and take your makeup off and pull your hair up.  That's like going to the pool in full makeup.... seriously?!?!

Treadmills Not treadmills in general.  Gym treadmills that are programmed to shut off after an hour.  Just because it's been 55 minutes you wanna "cool me down"... well I'm not done.  Happened to me just last night.  Was running my first ever 8 miles... got to 5.60 and it slows down, I'm like WHA......... So it kinda got me outta my groove because I had to stop the treadmill, start over... those last 2.40 were extremely hard! 

Enjoy your Thursday!  Easter is Sunday, you see the Easter mailbox surprise? April Fools is Monday, you see the prank that I done 5 years ago?

~ My Motivation - Koko Head ~


I have a 1/2 marathon coming up on April 27th and the most I've run as been 5 miles.  I've done more, but it was a mud run in which you stop and go alot.  So I won't count those.
Some days feel better than others when I get on that treadmill.  Lately it has been mainly bad days. Not quite sure what it is. My legs usually feel heavy, which I know it's all mental and I need to press past it.

So, I needed motivation!  I went back and looked at pictures of when we went to Hawaii back in May 2012.  Our vacation there was jam packed with fun... mainly beach days, but that is fine with me.
One day we hiked Koko Head.  When I say hiked, I guess I can say stair climbed. :)  It has 1,048 steps to the top! The trail is lined with railroad ties.  During WWII they built this railroad to help with the incline.  The railroad helped transport military personnel and supplies up to the lookout. The "steps" at first were a little spread out, but the higher you got, the steeper it got.  It was pretty easy at the beginning, but after awhile your thighs burned, BAD.  We would do 10 steps and have to stop and rest for a few, then another 10, etc. I thought we never would make it.  My husband and father in law actually made it up in sandals! Originally they weren't going to take the trip with us, but then decided last minute they'd go.

Getting to the top was such a high, the view was simply amazing! 

See that arrow..... that's where we parked. 

I think were were standing on the old lookout post... not sure what it was.

This was probably 1/2 up.

This was taken at the bottom of the "steps". We still had to walk back to the truck.  So proud of myself!

I go back and look at these, this is my motivation!  My legs burned, were heavy and weak, but I still pushed to the top. 

Hop back on that treadmill and keep adding those miles!!  I hoping this TN weather will warm up some so I can put those miles in outside!  Snow yesterday and today, I thought it was spring mother nature?!?!

What's your motivation to get past your mental wall?

~ MTB 1,000 follower GIVEAWAY ~

Amber over at My Three Bittles hit her 1,000th follower a few weeks ago.  She decided to have one massive giveaway!!

Check it out below and start entering!!! :)

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsf6b4b014.jpg
My Three Bittles hit 1,000 followers a bit ago. I want to thank you all so much, SO much! And a special thanks to these lovely ladies for helping me celebrate! $100 Target gift card. $75 Amazon gift card. $50 Forever 21 gift card. $25 Starbucks gift card. $25 Paypal cash. These lovely ladies. Bam! Need I say more?!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ April Fool's is quickly approaching ~

My least favorite day, well only for the past 5 years.  :) 

Here is what we did to a fellow coworker 5 years ago.  And when I say WE, that's what I mean.  Although he seems to think it was just my doing.  You think I'd blow up all those balloons by myself and PAY for all that "popcorn".  Ummmm... NO!  I had help! 

Needless to say, I've been waiting for revenge.  It has yet to happen.  Every year I want to call in sick or take a vacation day.  This year, I will be prepared if revenge does happen.  I will fight back. :) 

Need a good April Fool's idea :

  • Gift wrap everything in their office
  • Pull off all the keys to their keyboard and put them in jello (obviously put it in the fridge to harden).  You can also do the mouse, but with the electrical components, I'd suggest not to, you'd probably have to buy a new one.
  • Put a blow horn taped to the wall where when they open the door the knob will hit the horn.
  • Put a blow horn under their desk chair, so when they sit down it blows.  
  • Instead of caramel apples.... make it caramel onions....
  • Wrap their desk phones in rubber bands... some going horizontal.. some going vertical.
  • Tape a piece of paper under their mouse.
Of course, there are more out there that probably take a little more time (post noting their car, removing everything in the office and making it cardboard, etc).

If you have any good ideas, please post them, I would love more ideas! 

~ 52 Weeks of Kindness ~

It's Friday!!! Yay!! Today I'm linking up with Amber over at My Three Bittles to bring you 52 weeks of kindness.  I must admit, this is pretty impressive!  She has been going at this 52 weeks since the beginning of 2013!! Check out all her kindness!

52 weeks

My week of kindness actually dealt with Amber herself.  I've known Amber for years so this wasn't a hard decision for me.  We used to waitress together, she was the niece of my boss. 

She shouted out to the facebook and twitter world about the below little pup!  Her name is Maggie, she had been at the shelter for almost 2 months and was getting ready to be put down.  Adoption fees were $126 and Amber just did not have it.  But it was in her heart to save this little puppy!  I told myself  "She will get the money, it's okay".  The more and more I thought about it, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if she didn't get the money for this puppy.  So I was ready to give her the full $126 if she needed it (after a talk with the hubs of course).  I facebooked her, 30 minutes went by, no response.  I then replied to a twitter post she made.  Then I texted her cousin and was like "I need her number NOW".  I called Amber, left her a message... in the meantime she was selling something and left her phone charging.  ** If Amber didn't know me, she'd probably think I was a freak trying to get ahold of her through numerous sources. LOL **

We chatted on facebook and she said she needed $30-$40, she wasn't sure.  I told her whatever it was, I'm giving it to her.  At first she declined, she felt bad for taking that much.  After a little friendly bickering back and forth, she caved!  YES!!!  I sent her $41 through paypal and it never felt so good!!!

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-18at2_zpsb8daaf12.jpg

Not all kindness needs to be in monetary value, just simply opening the door for someone or saying "Bless You" to a complete stranger walking down the aisle at Walmart when they sneeze (I did that this weekend, sadly she didn't say thank you).

I'm hoping this post will bring a little smile on your face!

And FYI... Amber goes to pick up the puppy today!!!!!

~ Things I {don't} Love Thursday ~

Today I'm linking up with Melissa at LuLu and Sweet Pea for Things I {don't} love Thursday!

Suicide lane It irritates me when people get in the suicide lane and drive in it to catch up speed to finally get into the correct lane.  Especially when it's a busy intersection (Pizza Hut, major sub division, car wash, shopping area).  Thank God I pay attention to these people when I turn to go home!

Memory Don't you hate it when you think of the best ideas right before bed??  You're too lazy to get up and write them down and usually you forget them in the morning! Every so often you get lucky and remember.

Shoe tying You ask why?  You're going to think I'm crazy here.  Ever have 1 shoe that you've gotta tie because the lace came undone?  Well then the other shoe kinda feels "left out", it just feels odd!  Come on!  I know you know what I'm talking about!! Maybe it just the tightness of the other shoe you just tied, I dunno... but it always makes you wanna tie your other!

Happy Thursday!!!! 

~ Easter Mailbox Surprise ~

I am patting myself on the back for getting this one done a little early.  I tend to do things at last minute then it's really too late to tell anyone about it.

I found this idea on Pinterest.  I did not pin it (slap on wrist, I know) or like it because it seemed pretty self explaintory.  I thought this one is just the cutest, cheapest, little idea.  Who doesn't like gifts? What kid doesn't like gifts? And what a perfect way to send something from the Easter Bunny.  I wish I was on the receiving end of this one to see what my nephew and neices would think of this!!! 

The Pinterest picture I seen was of a normal sized egg, but I had no clue who in the world could write that small, much less read it! Don't forget, your egg has gotta have a stamp on it. So I went the route of getting a BIG plastic egg, they were at Walmart for $1.47.  The eggs actually had 1 side clear and the other side colored.  I told myself to just put something in there (wrapping paper) to hide the product that was in the egg.  There were eggs broken apart, so I just grabbed 2 colored pieces and fit it together.  So there you go.... no more clear egg.

I went to the Dollar Store (not Dollar General) and bought a pack of light up yoyos (2 for $1).  And I also bought these cute little eggs that when put into water for 24 hours, crack, and there is a rubber duckie inside. I bought some candy and that plastic grass to go in the egg.  I also put a little $$$ in a smaller egg.

Sorry it's side ways... I have no clue why. :(

Now here is what I wasn't looking forward to.  The post office.  Will they really mail this? Will they look at me like I was stupid?  Yes, they will mail it.  No, they won't look at you stupid, but they will admit it is a great idea.  I mean, come on, technically it's just an odd shaped box, right?  For $2.98 (cheapest, which was 1st class) it will be there 3/21/13. Yeah I know I'm over a week early, but oh well!  It's the thought that counts, right?

So send your little one (or neices or nephews) a little something from the Easter Bunny this year, I assure you they will enjoy it!

~ Pasta w/ Chicken and Brussels Sprouts ~

Well I kinda feel stupid! Back when I wrote this post, I couldn't remember the name of the recipe we were trying.  Well behold... the oh so hard name of the recipe.... "Pasta with Chicken and Brussels Sprouts".  Yes, that is what it is called. You'd think there would be another name for it! Oh well.

Here is what you will need:

  • 12 oz cavatappi pasta (I went with just large elbow macaroni, couldn't find this type of pasta)
  • 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken, cut into 1/2 in chunks
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 10 oz Brussels Sprouts, sliced
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon margarine or butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • 1/4 cup dried, plain breadcrumbs
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley

 First and foremost, I hate chopping garlic, or chopping anything finely.  But with garlic, get the Chef N Garlic Zoom Chopper.  It is seriously the best!!!! Put your cloves in there and roll it like a toy car.  Those with kids, they would like this "rolling" part, especially the boys.  So.... go get it!

Heat large covered saucepan of salted water to boiling, cook pasta as labeled.  FYI, you'll want a larger pot here because you will be combing everything into this pot.  I learned the hard way! :)

Season chicken with salt and pepper.  Heat oil on medium heat, add chicken, cook until it is done. Transfer the chicken into another bowl.

I used the same skilled (cleaned it, obviously) and added the spouts, water, margarine, red pepper, and salt.  I cooked that for about 3 minutes then added the breadcrumbs and garlic, cooking for another 2 minutes to toast the breadcrumbs.

When you drain your pasta, save about 1/2 cup of that water.  Return your pasta to the pot, stir in the chicken, sprouts, and the pasta water.  Serve with Parmesan and parsley.

I personally like cheese, so I put a lot on mine and I think the cheese really topped the dish off perfectly!
Overall thoughts of this: it was actually very good, just the right amount of every flavoring!

~ Lucky Lucky Leprechaun ~

Had to double up on the Lucky for this post!  Today is reveal day!!!! Woot! Woot!

My swap partner was the lovely Melissa over at Lulu and Sweet Pea!

I doubled up on the Lucky because of this girl right here!  Here is the story:  My box was mailed out on time and everything, we were thinking that the lovely snail mail was taking longer than usual. I mean technically, there wasn't bad weather to make it slower than usual. We had no clue!  Then she realized she transposed some numbers in my address.  Which is kinda funny, because I do that ALL the time.  So, we are laughing at it now.  I've only lived in this house for a few months, so the mail lady doesn't know me too well to know "who" lives here.  I guess I can't blame her for not knowing it was my package.
I did get a sneak peek of my package through one of her blog posts and I'm still so excited to see what I got.  I'm even more antsy now than I was all week!  :) So, be prepared for a 2nd blog post about my swap!

Now onto what makes me double lucky.  Melissa sent me 5, yes I said 5 books for my kindle! This was such a great email to see in my inbox!!!  I'm kinda in a rut so she gave me one that I asked for and then 4 more that she thought I'd be interested in:

  • The Perfect Hope
  • The Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Selection
  • Divergent
  • Insurgent
I have never heard of the last 3, but I did do some research on them, they look to be SOOOO good!  I can not wait to start these!  

It seems everyone that done this swap had a wonderful turnout! I can't wait to do another! 

~ Pace DJ app & possible weekend recipe ~

Oh lovely time change... yeah 4 days into it... I am not liking it right now!  I will after this weekend when I catch up on some sleep, if that's even possible!

Weekend recipe... I can't remember the EXACT name of it, it'll be a pretty simple one.  It's with the macaroni looking noodles, chicken, and brussel sprouts!  Don't dis the sprouts just yet!  I HATED them until I cut them up and sauteed them with butter (or EVOO) and some almonds!  Seriously, try it!  I have converted over my mom and my husband into liking them.  My mom actually bought some and has cooked them multiple times and my husband actually asks for them now.  Although, he wasn't liking the whole new recipe idea I threw at him last night. We will see.

1/2 marathon training update: Not doing so good!  My infamous 5.17 miles I did on Sunday actually put a downer on me.  Besides the back and abs hurting some I rubbed myself where my bra was, to where there was an open wound.  I did try to do some running last night.  Walked 1.5 miles and ran .69.  I couldn't do it, even with a bandaid it hurt, so the best bet is just to let it heal and see how it looks this weekend.  It makes me mad, but now I know how to prevent that from happening next time.

Also.... it's getting warmer and with the time change I can run outside until about 7:30ish.  My problem with running is I can't do it at a pace.  If I run without music I get bored... if I run with music I either run too fast or too slow and end up having to walk.  I tried doing the whole audio book thing, but #1 can't see spending that much on a audio book and #2 the one I previewed was just terrible!! So I started googling songs that would have me running 5mph.  Then I was like  "Hmm... wonder if there is an app?"  There is! It's called Pace DJ.  It goes through the songs on your phone (or Ipod) and counts the BPM (beats per minute).  To do a 12 minute mile I would need 130 BPM. So I set it to -/+3.  The only flaw it has is that it doesn't have the whole GPS, tracker thing.  But you can open another app, like MapMy Run.  The only downfall to 2 apps open, your battery! I haven't used it yet, but it seems like it's going to be great and I can't wait to run outside!

For those of you interested in this app, here is a run down of how many BPM to get your desired time or mph.  By the way, I found them here

12:00 minutes/mile = 05.00 mph = 130 bpm
11:30 minutes/mile = 05.22 mph = 135 bpm
11:00 minutes/mile = 05.45 mph = 140 bpm
10:30 minutes/mile = 05.71 mph = 145 bpm
10:00 minutes/mile = 06.00 mph = 150 bpm
09:30 minutes/mile = 06.32 mph = 155 bpm
09:00 minutes/mile = 06.67 mph = 160 bpm
08:30 minutes/mile = 07.06 mph = 165 bpm
08:00 minutes/mile = 07.50 mph = 170 bpm
07:30 minutes/mile = 08.00 mph = 175 bpm
07:00 minutes/mile = 08.57 mph = 180 bpm
06:30 minutes/mile = 09.23 mph = 185 bpm
06:00 minutes/mile = 10.00 mph = 190 bpm
05:30 minutes/mile = 10.91 mph = 195 bpm
05:00 minutes/mile = 12.00 mph = 200 bpm

One last thing. Scanning pinterest this morning I found a cute little Easter idea to do for my nephew and niece's.  Just a little bit excited about this one... once again, THANK YOU PINTEREST! :)  Stay tuned for what it is!

~ Weekend in Review ~

My weekend was actually quite eventful (I cleaned this weekend too, unlike last!).

FYI!  I hate time change!!  Went to bed at 10 last night, which is extremely late for me!  I'm going to feel it today, I hope I can stay up for 3 hours of the bachelor!

On Friday, my friend Stacey and I were an extra on the show Nashville.  It was volunteer work.  They do have paid work. If you wanna keep a look out for stuff with them I suggest following their facebook page.  Anyway, we were in a concert scene.  Can't really say much about it since I don't wanna be black listed from doing any other work.  I know if you are paid you can't talk about it, not sure about volunteer work.  Better safe than sorry, right?  When it airs, if I see myself, you can bet I will post about it! Anyway, it as fun to see the behind the scenes stuff!

Saturday......the dogs had their shots, nails trimmed, and anal glands done.  March is rabies month, so expecting to get their shots done for that... we didn't have to. Guess that they usually give the shots that last 3 years, but legally you have to get them every year.  The just lifted that "ban". So, yay for not having to get them done for 3 years!
We went to my moms later that day (after a lovely 2 hour nap).  My lovely niece and I played around some and she helped me top some potato skins with bacon..... she thought the little potatoes were so cute! She actually ate those bite size ones for dinner! :)

Sunday.... I went to the gym and actually ran 5.17 miles (without stopping)!  The without stopping part is actually kinda big for me!  I usually do 1 mile or less and have to walk some to catch my breathe!  I wanted to do 8 miles, but didn't.  I did 59 minutes at 5.2-5.3 mph.... then the last minute I did 7.2.  Needless to say, I was very proud of myself!  Later Sunday we picked up Lenny and Larry and made Lobster Bisque.  A very expensive meal to make (ugh!), but GOOD!  :) Check it out!

~ Lobster Bisque ~

First thing first... I will never make this again... well maybe (it was very good).  I knew lobster was expensive, but not $26 PER lobster! Yeah... I'll probably go with the fake stuff next time!
This recipe actually came from Red Lobster!  Did you know they put recipes online?  Well yes!
I won't repeat it on here since you can look right here and get it.  I'll post the pictures!  :) I personally would like pictures along with every recipe that I found, I like to see if mine looks the same!

The recipe calls for 4, but I'd say 5 is pretty safe (with bread to fill ya up some!)

Meet Lenny and Larry!  This was the hardest part of the whole process, it called for LIVE lobsters (obviously)!  :(

Here are some ingredients, I left out celery since I didn't like it.  If I would have read the recipe before hand I would have realized that we pureed everything so it would have been okay! :)  The fish stock I did not find at Walmart, it was at Publix with the all the broth stuff.  We about over looked it!

Here is getting the meat outta the lobster, and step 6 and 9 in the recipe!

Here is a little picture of ourselves cooking!  :)

I was flipping out when the broth spilled over (boiling the lobsters).  We recently purchased our house, so the glass stove top is new.  So when it spilled over, it was burning, I was flipping out!  So here is a picture of the bisque and Steven cleaning the other "top". FYI, it did come clean! :)

Final product!! WAS SOOOOO GOOD!  It wasn't too rich, which is good!  It helped me eat ALL of what I put in my bowl!  I have some left over tomorrow for lunch! Can't wait! 

~ Sarah - 2 years after adoption ~

Today is 2 years since we signed the adoption papers on Miss Sarah! 
Before Steven left to go back to Afghanistan February 2011 we decided we needed a new dog to keep Maggie company. 
Sarah was at Precious Friends, although we found her through the local newspaper, ya know when they put dogs in there that need to be adopted?
Here she is at the adoption place sitting in Steven's lap:

We brought her home 2 days before Steven left so we could see if they got along. 
At the beginning it was rough... I think Maggie was jealous of her.  Not kidding you here... we brought Sarah in the house, they sniffed each other out and Maggie took a poo right there front of us, kinda like "This is what you get for trying to replace me".  Which isn't what we were trying to do at all!  She needed a friend! 
They fought some which really upset me, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to deal with it after Steven left. 
I ended up taking her back the day Steven left, let me tell you, I was a total mess when I dropped her off.  I balled like a baby and wished I could keep her for another week to see if things would get better.  I am not kidding you when I said I balled, ask anyone that was there that day!!!!  I was mad at myself for not being able to give it more time.  It was a VERY tough decision for me.    
After I dropped her off I went to the movies to get my mind off of things, near the end of the movie my phone lights up, I knew the number... it was Precious Friends.  They called to tell me that if I wanted to, I could keep her as long as needed to see if it would work out.  Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity, I picked her up the next day!  I am sooo blessed that they called (I think they felt a little sorry for me after seeing me ball like a baby).
A week was all I needed to see that it just took time. 

So, here we are 2 years later... and a little weight!  :)

Today, they love each other!!! Sarah has probably 5 stuffed hedgehogs around the house that she absolutely adores.  We try to get outside and play a little frisbee every day. They both are my shadows, if you can't find them, find me!  Well that's unless some else has food!  :)  They are both bundles of fur and love!!

If you ever want a puppy or a grown dog, please try adoption places out there first.  There is always a dog looking for a warm loving home! Not sure how all shelters work, but like us, we were able to take her home for a few days.  Doesn't hurt to ask.

~ Weekend in Review ~

The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest!  Amen! J
My weekend consisted of NOT cleaning, which is what I should have done.  I did get caught up on some of my shows, grabbed some groceries, washed clothes, etc (ya know, the usual stuff).
Last night was a new recipe night, check it out here!
½ Marathon update:  I ran a total of 12 miles this week (5 of which was on Friday). Super proud of myself!  Don’t ask me how long it took though!  I have finally figured out my groove though, poor lil’ ol’ me was trying to run at 7.0 and I kept getting winded!  So I was “Oh, what’s this?  Jog? 5.0?”  There you have it… jogging is my friend, with no music, helps me with my breathing!  I’ll stick with the 5.0 and gradually work my way up, probably not in time for the ½, but eventually.  I’m not about being the 1st to cross that line, I’m about finishing it at the best I can do!
Also signed up for the Missouri Tough Mudder, September 14th!  Although it isn’t as close as we would like it, it’s gonna be warmer than any other one close to us.  Check out a photo from the Missouri one we did in October!

Worked on the blog a little, trying to add some social media icons, it’s pretty easy, but a lot of going back and forth to the website I’m working off of.  I’m kinda stuck right now at mapping the icons.  
Not much of an eventful weekend, but I was constantly busy doing something (yes watching TV is something, although it is relaxing).
6 days to Daylights Savings time (March 10th)
13 days to St. Patrick’s day (March 17th)
16 days to the first day of Spring (March 20th)
27 days to Easter (March 31st)

~ Sunday Dinner - Mussels ~

Mussels.... quite simple to make!!  Doesn't take much time and they are delicious!!!   Why mussels you ask?  Well simply, we were craving them!  Asked my father in law to send us his recipe and off we went to Publix to get some fresh mussels!!!

You will need:
  • 1 1/2 of mussels per person, rinsed, bears removed (live mussels will close tight when rinsed or tapped)
  • Olive oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons butter
  • 3/4 cup white wine
  • 2-4 chopped scallions (green onions)
  • 4 cloves chopped garlic
  • Fresh or dried thyme
  • Italian Parsley (chopped)
  • Italian loaf of bread (if wanted, to soak up all the juices)

You want to make sure you have a tight fitting lid.
Heat pan on medium heat, melt butter with olive oil, throw the garlic in for a minute or so, and add thyme.  Make sure you don't brown the garlic!  You are just getting it soft. 

Add the wine.  Turn up to high heat, add the chopped green onions, parsley, and the mussels. 
Fit the lid and steam away!  Probably like 3-5 minutes!

Shake the pan around a bit without opening the lid.
After about 3 minutes, open the lid, stir the mussels with a big spoon to bring those on the bottom to the top.  Cover with the lid again and let them finish steaming until most all of them have opened up.

Discard the unopened mussels.  We bought 3 lbs and we actually only threw away 3 of them.

My lovely husband!

The bread isn't a must, but you will wish you had it.  We put juice and mussels in a little bowl for us then the rest on the table to grab when needed. 

Like I said in the beginning, pretty simple.  Enjoy!!!! :)

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