~ Things I {don't} Love Thursday ~

Today I'm linking up with Melissa at LuLu and Sweet Pea for Things I {don't} love Thursday!

Suicide lane It irritates me when people get in the suicide lane and drive in it to catch up speed to finally get into the correct lane.  Especially when it's a busy intersection (Pizza Hut, major sub division, car wash, shopping area).  Thank God I pay attention to these people when I turn to go home!

Memory Don't you hate it when you think of the best ideas right before bed??  You're too lazy to get up and write them down and usually you forget them in the morning! Every so often you get lucky and remember.

Shoe tying You ask why?  You're going to think I'm crazy here.  Ever have 1 shoe that you've gotta tie because the lace came undone?  Well then the other shoe kinda feels "left out", it just feels odd!  Come on!  I know you know what I'm talking about!! Maybe it just the tightness of the other shoe you just tied, I dunno... but it always makes you wanna tie your other!

Happy Thursday!!!! 


  1. New follower from the link up today! So love that you gave me the idea for next week! ha ha ha I DON'T love the suicide lane either. Also, I double knot my shoes, but if I have to tie one, I'll do the other. I'm a dork. lol


    1. YES!!! Someone that understands the whole shoe thing!!! :) We can be dorks together! :)

  2. Hahahaha!! I totally get the shoe thing!
    And also, YES YES the suicide lane! Makes me so damn mad to see people do that!

    Also, agree about the memory thing! I literally type up blog posts in my head-amazing ones at that and then can't remember em in the morning. It's terrible.


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