~ Pace DJ app & possible weekend recipe ~

Oh lovely time change... yeah 4 days into it... I am not liking it right now!  I will after this weekend when I catch up on some sleep, if that's even possible!

Weekend recipe... I can't remember the EXACT name of it, it'll be a pretty simple one.  It's with the macaroni looking noodles, chicken, and brussel sprouts!  Don't dis the sprouts just yet!  I HATED them until I cut them up and sauteed them with butter (or EVOO) and some almonds!  Seriously, try it!  I have converted over my mom and my husband into liking them.  My mom actually bought some and has cooked them multiple times and my husband actually asks for them now.  Although, he wasn't liking the whole new recipe idea I threw at him last night. We will see.

1/2 marathon training update: Not doing so good!  My infamous 5.17 miles I did on Sunday actually put a downer on me.  Besides the back and abs hurting some I rubbed myself where my bra was, to where there was an open wound.  I did try to do some running last night.  Walked 1.5 miles and ran .69.  I couldn't do it, even with a bandaid it hurt, so the best bet is just to let it heal and see how it looks this weekend.  It makes me mad, but now I know how to prevent that from happening next time.

Also.... it's getting warmer and with the time change I can run outside until about 7:30ish.  My problem with running is I can't do it at a pace.  If I run without music I get bored... if I run with music I either run too fast or too slow and end up having to walk.  I tried doing the whole audio book thing, but #1 can't see spending that much on a audio book and #2 the one I previewed was just terrible!! So I started googling songs that would have me running 5mph.  Then I was like  "Hmm... wonder if there is an app?"  There is! It's called Pace DJ.  It goes through the songs on your phone (or Ipod) and counts the BPM (beats per minute).  To do a 12 minute mile I would need 130 BPM. So I set it to -/+3.  The only flaw it has is that it doesn't have the whole GPS, tracker thing.  But you can open another app, like MapMy Run.  The only downfall to 2 apps open, your battery! I haven't used it yet, but it seems like it's going to be great and I can't wait to run outside!

For those of you interested in this app, here is a run down of how many BPM to get your desired time or mph.  By the way, I found them here

12:00 minutes/mile = 05.00 mph = 130 bpm
11:30 minutes/mile = 05.22 mph = 135 bpm
11:00 minutes/mile = 05.45 mph = 140 bpm
10:30 minutes/mile = 05.71 mph = 145 bpm
10:00 minutes/mile = 06.00 mph = 150 bpm
09:30 minutes/mile = 06.32 mph = 155 bpm
09:00 minutes/mile = 06.67 mph = 160 bpm
08:30 minutes/mile = 07.06 mph = 165 bpm
08:00 minutes/mile = 07.50 mph = 170 bpm
07:30 minutes/mile = 08.00 mph = 175 bpm
07:00 minutes/mile = 08.57 mph = 180 bpm
06:30 minutes/mile = 09.23 mph = 185 bpm
06:00 minutes/mile = 10.00 mph = 190 bpm
05:30 minutes/mile = 10.91 mph = 195 bpm
05:00 minutes/mile = 12.00 mph = 200 bpm

One last thing. Scanning pinterest this morning I found a cute little Easter idea to do for my nephew and niece's.  Just a little bit excited about this one... once again, THANK YOU PINTEREST! :)  Stay tuned for what it is!

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