~ Weekend in Review ~

The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest!  Amen! J
My weekend consisted of NOT cleaning, which is what I should have done.  I did get caught up on some of my shows, grabbed some groceries, washed clothes, etc (ya know, the usual stuff).
Last night was a new recipe night, check it out here!
½ Marathon update:  I ran a total of 12 miles this week (5 of which was on Friday). Super proud of myself!  Don’t ask me how long it took though!  I have finally figured out my groove though, poor lil’ ol’ me was trying to run at 7.0 and I kept getting winded!  So I was “Oh, what’s this?  Jog? 5.0?”  There you have it… jogging is my friend, with no music, helps me with my breathing!  I’ll stick with the 5.0 and gradually work my way up, probably not in time for the ½, but eventually.  I’m not about being the 1st to cross that line, I’m about finishing it at the best I can do!
Also signed up for the Missouri Tough Mudder, September 14th!  Although it isn’t as close as we would like it, it’s gonna be warmer than any other one close to us.  Check out a photo from the Missouri one we did in October!

Worked on the blog a little, trying to add some social media icons, it’s pretty easy, but a lot of going back and forth to the website I’m working off of.  I’m kinda stuck right now at mapping the icons.  
Not much of an eventful weekend, but I was constantly busy doing something (yes watching TV is something, although it is relaxing).
6 days to Daylights Savings time (March 10th)
13 days to St. Patrick’s day (March 17th)
16 days to the first day of Spring (March 20th)
27 days to Easter (March 31st)

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