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I have a 1/2 marathon coming up on April 27th and the most I've run as been 5 miles.  I've done more, but it was a mud run in which you stop and go alot.  So I won't count those.
Some days feel better than others when I get on that treadmill.  Lately it has been mainly bad days. Not quite sure what it is. My legs usually feel heavy, which I know it's all mental and I need to press past it.

So, I needed motivation!  I went back and looked at pictures of when we went to Hawaii back in May 2012.  Our vacation there was jam packed with fun... mainly beach days, but that is fine with me.
One day we hiked Koko Head.  When I say hiked, I guess I can say stair climbed. :)  It has 1,048 steps to the top! The trail is lined with railroad ties.  During WWII they built this railroad to help with the incline.  The railroad helped transport military personnel and supplies up to the lookout. The "steps" at first were a little spread out, but the higher you got, the steeper it got.  It was pretty easy at the beginning, but after awhile your thighs burned, BAD.  We would do 10 steps and have to stop and rest for a few, then another 10, etc. I thought we never would make it.  My husband and father in law actually made it up in sandals! Originally they weren't going to take the trip with us, but then decided last minute they'd go.

Getting to the top was such a high, the view was simply amazing! 

See that arrow..... that's where we parked. 

I think were were standing on the old lookout post... not sure what it was.

This was probably 1/2 up.

This was taken at the bottom of the "steps". We still had to walk back to the truck.  So proud of myself!

I go back and look at these, this is my motivation!  My legs burned, were heavy and weak, but I still pushed to the top. 

Hop back on that treadmill and keep adding those miles!!  I hoping this TN weather will warm up some so I can put those miles in outside!  Snow yesterday and today, I thought it was spring mother nature?!?!

What's your motivation to get past your mental wall?

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