~ Easter Mailbox Surprise ~

I am patting myself on the back for getting this one done a little early.  I tend to do things at last minute then it's really too late to tell anyone about it.

I found this idea on Pinterest.  I did not pin it (slap on wrist, I know) or like it because it seemed pretty self explaintory.  I thought this one is just the cutest, cheapest, little idea.  Who doesn't like gifts? What kid doesn't like gifts? And what a perfect way to send something from the Easter Bunny.  I wish I was on the receiving end of this one to see what my nephew and neices would think of this!!! 

The Pinterest picture I seen was of a normal sized egg, but I had no clue who in the world could write that small, much less read it! Don't forget, your egg has gotta have a stamp on it. So I went the route of getting a BIG plastic egg, they were at Walmart for $1.47.  The eggs actually had 1 side clear and the other side colored.  I told myself to just put something in there (wrapping paper) to hide the product that was in the egg.  There were eggs broken apart, so I just grabbed 2 colored pieces and fit it together.  So there you go.... no more clear egg.

I went to the Dollar Store (not Dollar General) and bought a pack of light up yoyos (2 for $1).  And I also bought these cute little eggs that when put into water for 24 hours, crack, and there is a rubber duckie inside. I bought some candy and that plastic grass to go in the egg.  I also put a little $$$ in a smaller egg.

Sorry it's side ways... I have no clue why. :(

Now here is what I wasn't looking forward to.  The post office.  Will they really mail this? Will they look at me like I was stupid?  Yes, they will mail it.  No, they won't look at you stupid, but they will admit it is a great idea.  I mean, come on, technically it's just an odd shaped box, right?  For $2.98 (cheapest, which was 1st class) it will be there 3/21/13. Yeah I know I'm over a week early, but oh well!  It's the thought that counts, right?

So send your little one (or neices or nephews) a little something from the Easter Bunny this year, I assure you they will enjoy it!


  1. I too have sent awesome things like this! I actually just finished sending them a flip flop... Then in a couple weeks I'll mail the other one! :)


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