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I hope your week has been swell!

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Instagram Recap
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11-17-13 The best time to craft is while snuggling on the couch with your fur babies!!!  They have the whole couch, yet they lay next to me. Love it!

11-19-13 Bo and his 2 kids!  I do believe they have his eyes! :) Miss that old man!

11-19-13 Beautiful sunset on the way home the other day!!!! Thanks to Instagram to sprucing it up (just a tad)! :)

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~ Meet Kate from Diary of an Urban Housewife ~

Hi Everyone! I am Kate, I blog over at Diary of an Urban Housewife! I am visiting y'all today because we signed up for the Chaotic Goddess Guest Post Swap! Turns out we have quite a bit in common and we post similar topics on our blogs!

I am fairly new to blogging, I started my blog in March but didn't get real serious about it until around May. I am still trying to find my blogging niche, but it is coming along. I live in the city centre of a major city in Canada, this is my second big city I've lived in the middle of and love it. I love sharing our city experiences and hopefully inspire others in my city or those who want to visit to see some of the amazing things our city has to offer! When I am not out and about in the city I am a fitness fanatic, I love doing DIY projects & organizing my little apartment. Feel free to pop over to my About Me page and learn a little more!

Now, on to the fun stuff! Originally I was going to do a deco mesh wreath tutorial, but that will have to come another day because we have had super poor lighting due to storms coming through the area, so I decided to write up a post I took the pictures for a while back that I had been planning on doing and just had never gotten to it!

This project is a great one because it is versatile. It can be done for a Christmas Tree, or if you buy a hook like this could be done for a decoration for a little girl's room or a dorm room!

Glitter Christmas Ornament

I am sure you have seen these all over the internet, however, the ones I have found use some sort of mop solution. As you can see from my DIY page I love doing things with a more natural flair. So, I found this awesome glue and decided to make these ornaments's how:


-Elmer's Clear Glue
-Glitter in color of choice
-Empty ornament
-Piece of paper folded in half
-Sharpie (optional)


First, pour a little of the clear glue into the ornament. Don't be shy with it, swirl it around quite a bit to coat the inside of the entire ornament with glue. Next...

Drain the extra out of the ornament. I found the best way to do this was just to prop the ornament into the top of the glue and let it drain back in to the bottle. I let it sit there for a while, maybe 5-10 minutes...don't worry it won't all drain out, I promise! After letting it drain to get the excess out...

Pour the glitter in and swirl it around to cover the whole ornament in glitter.

Shake out any excess glitter onto the folded sheet of paper for use later on.

Then, turn the ornament upside down to let some of the excess glue/glitter drain out. I have found the lid that that ornaments come in are really good for this. They prop up the ornament & let it drain, then you can toss it! Otherwise, if you just bought a single ornament you can prop it up into a small cup or a disposable cup for easy clean up!

There will be some glitter "holes" once the above step is done so the leftover glitter that you dumped out on to the paper, just sprinkle that back in and move it around and drain again. Repeat until the ornament is covered in sparkles to your liking! Let it dry for a few hours before putting the lid on. As it dried I did move it around some to avoid "settling" of the glue. But, since you drain so much of the glue out, if you forget to move it, it really is not a big deal.

This is the finished product....

I used a sharpie to freehand the initial of the recipient on the front...

Then on the back I wrote her full name and the date.

If you have cricut machine you can cut vinyl to stick on there. That would give you more versatility to cut a shape or something.

I made six of these in one weekend. I managed to finish all six in under 2 hours and they were dry and ready to go the next day! 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! If you want more like it come and follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

~ Instagram Recap ~

It's Sunday!!

It's kinda stormy and VERY windy here. Possible tornado weather, which sucks. Thank God all I planned to do today was craft and blog!

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Instagram Recap
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11-13-13 Maggie in her grandma sweater! I need to get her and Sarah matching sweaters for Christmas pictures. And P.S. Maggie is doing much better for those of you that knew about her back problems.

11-15-13 I downloaded this app a few months ago and deleted it. It was intimidating. But I feel as if this will get me off my A$$ and workout. I'm a penny pincher and so I don't lose $5, I WILL WORKOUT!!  I just sent an email off to Katie who has been using it for 9 months with a million questions!

11-16-13 2014 calendar in the making! I told myself months ago to start this, and it's November 16th and I'm just starting this homemade calendar for my sister. Wish me luck I finish it in time! :)

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~ Things I Don't Love Thursday ~

Super excited Melissa has started this link up again!  Sadly I had a nice list but thanks to the IOS 7 update it got rid of ALL my notes on my phone (blog post ideas, oil change mileage, wish list for the house, etc).

Builders that go MIA.  
We bought our house September 2012, with a year contract with the builder.  Given we are nice people, we didn't wanna call him with every little thing, so we wanted to wait and compile a big list (realtor suggested too). Well, he went MIA in July. Can't be found. Luckily, our realtor had the minor problems we needed fixed done for free. And to add to that we now have a wonderful number of a good handyman. Thankfully nothing MAJOR needed to be done!

My OCD.  

What I imagine my brain looks like
  Don't get me wrong, it can be a good thing. But it really can drain a person. I'm OCD from things being shut off/unplugged, the "steps" I go through in the morning, stuff I can't leave undone before I go to work, LISTS of things I need to do EACH day. 

Impatient people.
The worst is in the morning. You have that guy on the interstate that is front of you in the left lane. Then you have that 1 semi that passes another semi before ya'll get there. Which leaves you to slow down.  Then the guy in front of you doesn't even allow the semi that was passing enough time to get back over before he wants to pass on the left hand side. Patience people, patience! 

Feeling like a blogger failure.
Yeah, that's me. I'm sure everyone gets in that rut at some point.  Sometimes I feel like a failure because I don't have much to post (sometimes I only post once a week). Some of the problem is because I tend to have a lot on my plate. Then sometimes I feel like a blogger failure because I try sooo hard to get people to participate in stuff and yet it doesn't work. I know, it takes time to gain a permanent audience but it can still be a downer.

I desperately want to craft! There are tons of things on Pinterest I want to do for the holiday season. Yet, I seem to never have the time. Whether it be because I have to clean, meet something, paint, grocery shop, etc. I get a little done here and there, but not want I want. 
That's my rant for the day.  Be sure to link up with Melissa for Things I Don't Love Thursday. Believe me, it feels good to talk about it!  What don't you LOVE today?

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~ Instagram Recap ~

Welcome back!

If you missed last weeks news I've decided to have another host join me.  Please welcome Neri with Sparkling With Sneakers!

If you're new here, the title speaks for itself.  Just recap your favorite Instagram photos for the week.  Don't forget to tell everyone your Instagram name so they can follow you.
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Instagram Recap
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Don't forget, there are still openings for the DIY Ornament Swap!

I was a little MIA for Instagram this week, so I don't have many photos to share. :( I know... I'm slapping myself on the wrist as we speak.

11-4-13 Left over Halloween candy and it's on MY desk at work. It could get bad!!!

11-7-13 I had a date with my niece Friday night. We intended to do these, which we did do the snowman and the reindeer, but also added the penguin. Let me tell you... it's harder than it looks!  But we both had fun! 

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~ Let me introduce you to...... ~

......... Chaotic Goddess Swaps.

I came across this lovely blog because of Angie at My So Called Chaos.

The one I'm participating in is the Guest Post Swap. What lovely way to meet other bloggers out there! Can't wait to see who will be gracing my blog in the near future!

Want to participate in a swap? This is the place to go.  Swaps galore!! There is constantly one happening, so be sure to go check them out!

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~ Scavenger Hunt ~

Yes, I know it's Monday, but I had a linkup of my own on Sunday, so I decided to linkup a day late. :)

This is my very first time joining on this link up! When I read about it last week I thought it was an AMAZING idea! So all week I was all about "finding" these items!

1.  Dress up
This is my neice Kaylee dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween.  Funny thing is, I had the same "adult" costume.
2.  Candy 

You always want to come to my house for Halloween, I get the good stuff!! 
3.  Pumpkin

My first year carving a pumpkin. Well I've carved one before, the typical triangle eyes one, but this year I bought the little kit with the stencils and everything.  I enjoyed it and was thoroughly proud of myself!
4.  Spooky

This little zombie actually scared me at one point when he popped out from behind a wall when I least expected it!
5.  Orange

The leaves are changing quite rapidly these days!  I was able to find a tree that was orange, most I found were more of a  yellow or red.

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~Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Welcome back again!
Last week I was unsure what the status of this linkup was.
In in effort to try to save it, I've decided to have a cohost, one of my dear blogger friends over at Sparkling With Sneakers
So next week we will have a new button up and POSSIBLY new name!  I hope ya'll join us and give Neri a warm welcome!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the DIY Ornament Swap

If you'd like to join in on the link up, it's simple:

Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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10-27-13 Making some lasagna!  This little one has to be UNDER my feet the whole time I'm cooking. Sometimes she gets lucky!

10-28-13 Poor Mags still isn't feeling well. She can't play with her toys so she just carries them in her bed and lays with them!

10-31-13 Our 4 year anniversary!

11-1-13 Thanks to the detergent "finish" for the free samples.  We got a kick out of the container they came in!

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~ Linkup Your Linkup ~

Welcome! Welcome! 

It's November! Which brings more colors from the leaves, cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and BLACK FRIDAY!

Yes, I'm one of those people. I've never really shopped for a BIG item, it's just fun! It's not as bad as people think it is, you just need to have patience.

My Three Bittles is joining me again for another month of Linkup Your Linkup!

When I first thought of this idea I thought it would GET alot of traffic, but maybe I was just a little too excited, which is VERY typical of me!

We are gonna see how well this month goes before we make any decisions on what we ultimately decide.

Oh, and by the way. I have a DIY Ornament swap happening. You can learn more about it here. I would love to see you!

Same rules apply. First you will follow My Three Bittles and Tawny's Tid Bits. It can be bloglovin or GFC, whichever you prefer! Feel free to grab a button and showcase it on your side bar if you link up. Next, if you are currently a host or co host of a link up (or know of a good one), add it to the inlinkz options below sorted by day.  Please make sure the URL goes directly to the link up and not your home page of your blog. Also, please make sure it is a legit link up, we will be checking them. After the week is up, the link up will close and from there we will add your button here where everyone can see.

Link Up Your Link UP
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