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It's Sunday!!

It's kinda stormy and VERY windy here. Possible tornado weather, which sucks. Thank God all I planned to do today was craft and blog!

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Instagram Recap
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11-13-13 Maggie in her grandma sweater! I need to get her and Sarah matching sweaters for Christmas pictures. And P.S. Maggie is doing much better for those of you that knew about her back problems.

11-15-13 I downloaded this app a few months ago and deleted it. It was intimidating. But I feel as if this will get me off my A$$ and workout. I'm a penny pincher and so I don't lose $5, I WILL WORKOUT!!  I just sent an email off to Katie who has been using it for 9 months with a million questions!

11-16-13 2014 calendar in the making! I told myself months ago to start this, and it's November 16th and I'm just starting this homemade calendar for my sister. Wish me luck I finish it in time! :)

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  1. Love the colors of the sweater! I'm guilty for dressing our dog up during the winter. I could write a whole "what I'm wearing" post on behalf of the dog! My fiance thinks I'm nuts, especially since the dog is a boy! I hope you post pictures of t he calender! My mom makes me a calender for my birthday (which is in January) every year. Pictures on each page that go with the month they were taken in.

    Love your blog and am your newest follower!


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