~ Update....... ~

First, thanks to all the amazing comments from some wonderful blogger friends on my previous posts. I loved reading all of them and the fact ya'll understand my craziness made it even better!!  :)

It's been 2 weeks since the explanation of everything so I'm here just to give an update on everything.

Maggie came home on the 26th and no fights!  Yay!  They sometimes walk past each other slowly, but normally a "Knock it off" will snap them outta that stink eye they are giving each other.  Those first few days I have to admit I was a total wreck... a ball of nerves!  The fear of a fight is what was making it so bad. But I had to tell myself, look, if they fight... we are here to separate them.  Wednesday I finally got enough nerve to sit on the couch with BOTH of them next to me and watched some TV, same thing on Thursday. I didn't want my tension to make them nervous, that's why it took a few days to do this.  Tuesday they slept in the bed with us, both of them. Which again... I was up every move they made.

It's silly... I know.... don't judge.  I'm a peaceful gal, don't like to see the ones (human or animal) I love not get along.  

We brought Sarah's cage back out, she used to be in it when we were gone because in the rental house she tore up $50 blinds probably 4 times, separation issues.  Since we moved, she hasn't had any problems, therefore the cage was broke down and put away.  Sarah loves her cage, it's her home. She feels secure in it. She didn't do that before, not sure why the change.  We leave the door open and she voluntarily just lays in there.  No dragging her in there either when it's time for us to leave. 

February 5th is my blogaversary. Is that what they call it? I'm sure I spelt it wrong.  I tossed the idea around of getting some fellow bloggers together for a giveaway, but decided against it.  I'll have my own little party for keeping a "new years resolution" going.

Meanwhile, I've had tons of ideas running through my head.  Tutorials galore! I've had time to do some pinterest things I've been thinking about. Probably will do a giveaway on my facebook page of a Spring wreath, that I need to get working on!

I also wish Bloglovin would let you comment on blogs through their app.  I try to "log in" to comment and it never works. Anyone else have that issue or is it just me? Help! I've read so many blogs, but can't never respond unless I'm on the PC.  That being said, I've been neglecting on commenting and I missed all those amazing giveaways I've came across because I haven't been on the PC in awhile!  I did manage to get a few entries in on 1 giveaway, and I won! Woot!

I also need to start my training for my half marathon. It's been crazy cold here, which my body hates so it likes to hibernate. Thankfully it should start warming up soon and I can get going on that! Then of course there is Tough Mudder in June (along with the CMA fest that same weekend). Can't wait!

Ya'll been watching the Bachelor? Who is your favorite? If you've been following me since Feb 2013 you know I'm a fanatic and I also know who "supposedly" wins because of Reality Steve.  And of course, can't forget Sean and Catherine's wedding!  They are truly perfect for each other and I loved their vows they wrote, totally them!

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~ Where Have I Been?! ~

I've been a little MIA everywhere here lately, sometimes in my head. :(

I try to find some spare time to catch up on social media or read some blogs, but lately there hasn't been time.

Last week our pups fought 3 times, which is very unusual for them. Not getting into the details because it just upsets me and I'd rather not relive it. We've had them both together for about 3 years and every once in awhile they have a little tiff, but then they are done. Well not this time. I'm sure my anxiety around them doesn't help, but it scares me. Not sure what else is setting them off.  I've called trainers (pricey for sure) and everything. I couldn't sleep at night because I was sleeping with 1 eye open at all times. 

Last weekend we took Maggie to my moms so they could spend some time apart from each other.  During one of their fights Maggie got injured so she also needed some time to heal.  So, in between working my 2 jobs I've been at my moms every chance I get to see Maggie.  She is enjoying her time as you see here. 

The vet suggested shock collars for them when they start to give each other the stink eye, kinda of like a retraining he called it. #1 they are very pricey and #2 I'm not sure that would help. I'm afraid it'll scare them into fighting, Weird, I know.

The vet also suggested medication, so we went that route, try to mellow them out I guess.  Make them not so edgy.

Currently Maggie is still at my moms, I'm not 100% when we will bring them back together. Probably next week sometime, we have to wait to see my husbands work schedule to see when is the best day to bring them together and when he will have a few days off to stay home with them while they learn to cope again.  The thought of it stresses me.  I've gotta get over my fear because they can sense that.

The plan of action is to introduce them again on leashes out front, then maybe go for a walk together.  Bedtime situation, not sure.  I'm hoping they will be back to normal once they sniff each other out, please pray they do!  If they continue to fight, we've come to conclusion they will still live in the house together just not together. We can't bare the thought to get rid of either of them, it'll be hard, but it can be done. 

Some of you might think I'm crazy for freaking out, they are just dogs.
A handful of you will understand if you have pups yourself that you think of as your "furkids".  These are our kids.  Some people don't understand. We love kids, we each have neices and nephews. Do we want kids, yes. When? Year or two, we hope.  Sadly, I've lost contact with a few close friends (not all) simply because they have kids and we don't. I've tried to stay in contact, but there comes a point when you stop trying because it's a waste of time when it's not reciproated.

Give me another week or 2 to get back on track and I'll be back. During my travels to work and to my moms and back home (when I wasn't worrying about the dogs), I had time to think about future blog posts, so be prepared for DIY's galore. 

And while your at it, please say a little prayer for Maggie, Sarah, Steven, and I that things get back to normal quickly.

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~ What am I pinning lately? ~

New year... new pins!  I've been all over Pinterest lately and I actually need to make more boards from boards (more organization). :) Do you follow me? You should! Check me out here!

One major thing I wanna do is learn to crochet! Maybe this year with the help of fellow pinners!

Now that Christmas is over and the whole ornament making this is outta my system, there are NEW things to craft!  If you like the pin, just simple click on the picture, it'll bring you directly there!
I've actually made this, with no tutorial.  This isn't mine, but be prepared for mine SOON (with tutorial)!
This I will be doing for Easter!  But MAYBE without the flowers, just add little Easter eggs
I've got tons of rolls of ribbon, what a perfect idea!!
What a super cute idea.  Not sure when I'd hand them out (besides Christmas). Plus there are MORE DIY's on this pin.
Shh... perfect Valentine's gift!

Are you feeling crafty? Been pinning alot?  I'd love to hear about it!

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~ Stuffed Jalapeno ~

This is a fan favorite around here.
My mom gave me the recipe and we both use it religiously.

You'll need jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and REAL bacon bits. Quantities are totally up to you.

Funny thing is, I don't like cream cheese. But I like this. Don't ask. 

You'll need to cut the jalapenos in half and get all the insides out.

Mix all your ingredients.

The good thing is, if you have extra you can put it back in the fridge and use again, it doesn't have to be all used at once.

Stuff your jalapenos.

I baked at 375 for 25 minutes, you can boost your temp up just watch them. You don't want it to brown too much or boil over.


And yum!  I was lucky and only got probably 2 super hot ones in the bunch.  Sometimes I can handle it sometimes I can't. 

Do you have another stuffed jalapeno recipe to share? I'd love to know! 

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~ Instagram Recap ~

It's Sunday!
Calling for some killer weather tonight and tomorrow, but sadly no snow, just negative temps!
I WISH it would dump loads of snow, but doubt it. They keep changing the amount we are going to get from 2-4 inches to just a dusting. Sad, right?
Bad news for ya'll, we are going to retire this link up. People just aren't linking up or interested. I really really wish it would have worked out, but you win some and you lose some, it's ok. :)
So, if you've been meaning to link up, now is the time! Show us your Instagram favorites from the past week!

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Instagram Recap
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tawny's Tid Bits"><img src="" alt="Tawny's Tid Bits" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

12-29-13 The whole couch and they love on me. :)

1-1-14 While everyone else was having their black eyed peas, we were having tortilla soup.

1-1-14 One day I'll not put knives in the dish water.  This time the Ninja got me!

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