~ What am I pinning lately? ~

New year... new pins!  I've been all over Pinterest lately and I actually need to make more boards from boards (more organization). :) Do you follow me? You should! Check me out here!

One major thing I wanna do is learn to crochet! Maybe this year with the help of fellow pinners!

Now that Christmas is over and the whole ornament making this is outta my system, there are NEW things to craft!  If you like the pin, just simple click on the picture, it'll bring you directly there!
I've actually made this, with no tutorial.  This isn't mine, but be prepared for mine SOON (with tutorial)!
This I will be doing for Easter!  But MAYBE without the flowers, just add little Easter eggs
I've got tons of rolls of ribbon, what a perfect idea!!
What a super cute idea.  Not sure when I'd hand them out (besides Christmas). Plus there are MORE DIY's on this pin.
Shh... perfect Valentine's gift!

Are you feeling crafty? Been pinning alot?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Those are all great crafts! I wish I were more crafty :D

  2. I have a couple of these pins on my boards! I've been pinning a little bit of everything lately. Mostly home decor, DIYs, fashion and recipes.


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