~ Where Have I Been?! ~

I've been a little MIA everywhere here lately, sometimes in my head. :(

I try to find some spare time to catch up on social media or read some blogs, but lately there hasn't been time.

Last week our pups fought 3 times, which is very unusual for them. Not getting into the details because it just upsets me and I'd rather not relive it. We've had them both together for about 3 years and every once in awhile they have a little tiff, but then they are done. Well not this time. I'm sure my anxiety around them doesn't help, but it scares me. Not sure what else is setting them off.  I've called trainers (pricey for sure) and everything. I couldn't sleep at night because I was sleeping with 1 eye open at all times. 

Last weekend we took Maggie to my moms so they could spend some time apart from each other.  During one of their fights Maggie got injured so she also needed some time to heal.  So, in between working my 2 jobs I've been at my moms every chance I get to see Maggie.  She is enjoying her time as you see here. 

The vet suggested shock collars for them when they start to give each other the stink eye, kinda of like a retraining he called it. #1 they are very pricey and #2 I'm not sure that would help. I'm afraid it'll scare them into fighting, Weird, I know.

The vet also suggested medication, so we went that route, try to mellow them out I guess.  Make them not so edgy.

Currently Maggie is still at my moms, I'm not 100% when we will bring them back together. Probably next week sometime, we have to wait to see my husbands work schedule to see when is the best day to bring them together and when he will have a few days off to stay home with them while they learn to cope again.  The thought of it stresses me.  I've gotta get over my fear because they can sense that.

The plan of action is to introduce them again on leashes out front, then maybe go for a walk together.  Bedtime situation, not sure.  I'm hoping they will be back to normal once they sniff each other out, please pray they do!  If they continue to fight, we've come to conclusion they will still live in the house together just not together. We can't bare the thought to get rid of either of them, it'll be hard, but it can be done. 

Some of you might think I'm crazy for freaking out, they are just dogs.
A handful of you will understand if you have pups yourself that you think of as your "furkids".  These are our kids.  Some people don't understand. We love kids, we each have neices and nephews. Do we want kids, yes. When? Year or two, we hope.  Sadly, I've lost contact with a few close friends (not all) simply because they have kids and we don't. I've tried to stay in contact, but there comes a point when you stop trying because it's a waste of time when it's not reciproated.

Give me another week or 2 to get back on track and I'll be back. During my travels to work and to my moms and back home (when I wasn't worrying about the dogs), I had time to think about future blog posts, so be prepared for DIY's galore. 

And while your at it, please say a little prayer for Maggie, Sarah, Steven, and I that things get back to normal quickly.

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  1. I hope your puppies start loving each other again! I can only imagine that would be really stressful!!!

  2. I don't blame you for freaking out a bit, I would! Dogs can be so vicious when they fight and can really injure each other. Vet bills aren't cheap. We have two big dogs and I couldn't imagine seeing them get into it. I hope that you guys are able to figure something out soon!! (I actually just saw an episode on The Dog Whisperer show with Cesar Millan that was about two pugs who were fighting and how he was able to get them to stop. Maybe check out his website?

  3. I don't have dogs but I Would probably still be reacting the same way if i did! I hope everything turns out alright!

  4. It's possible for them to live together but not "together." :) They will come around! big hugs!

  5. I can feel your anxiety through this post! I can understand why you'd freak out. You want the best for your pups! I hope it all works out.


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