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First, thanks to all the amazing comments from some wonderful blogger friends on my previous posts. I loved reading all of them and the fact ya'll understand my craziness made it even better!!  :)

It's been 2 weeks since the explanation of everything so I'm here just to give an update on everything.

Maggie came home on the 26th and no fights!  Yay!  They sometimes walk past each other slowly, but normally a "Knock it off" will snap them outta that stink eye they are giving each other.  Those first few days I have to admit I was a total wreck... a ball of nerves!  The fear of a fight is what was making it so bad. But I had to tell myself, look, if they fight... we are here to separate them.  Wednesday I finally got enough nerve to sit on the couch with BOTH of them next to me and watched some TV, same thing on Thursday. I didn't want my tension to make them nervous, that's why it took a few days to do this.  Tuesday they slept in the bed with us, both of them. Which again... I was up every move they made.

It's silly... I know.... don't judge.  I'm a peaceful gal, don't like to see the ones (human or animal) I love not get along.  

We brought Sarah's cage back out, she used to be in it when we were gone because in the rental house she tore up $50 blinds probably 4 times, separation issues.  Since we moved, she hasn't had any problems, therefore the cage was broke down and put away.  Sarah loves her cage, it's her home. She feels secure in it. She didn't do that before, not sure why the change.  We leave the door open and she voluntarily just lays in there.  No dragging her in there either when it's time for us to leave. 

February 5th is my blogaversary. Is that what they call it? I'm sure I spelt it wrong.  I tossed the idea around of getting some fellow bloggers together for a giveaway, but decided against it.  I'll have my own little party for keeping a "new years resolution" going.

Meanwhile, I've had tons of ideas running through my head.  Tutorials galore! I've had time to do some pinterest things I've been thinking about. Probably will do a giveaway on my facebook page of a Spring wreath, that I need to get working on!

I also wish Bloglovin would let you comment on blogs through their app.  I try to "log in" to comment and it never works. Anyone else have that issue or is it just me? Help! I've read so many blogs, but can't never respond unless I'm on the PC.  That being said, I've been neglecting on commenting and I missed all those amazing giveaways I've came across because I haven't been on the PC in awhile!  I did manage to get a few entries in on 1 giveaway, and I won! Woot!

I also need to start my training for my half marathon. It's been crazy cold here, which my body hates so it likes to hibernate. Thankfully it should start warming up soon and I can get going on that! Then of course there is Tough Mudder in June (along with the CMA fest that same weekend). Can't wait!

Ya'll been watching the Bachelor? Who is your favorite? If you've been following me since Feb 2013 you know I'm a fanatic and I also know who "supposedly" wins because of Reality Steve.  And of course, can't forget Sean and Catherine's wedding!  They are truly perfect for each other and I loved their vows they wrote, totally them!

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  1. I'm so glad the dogs are behaving! I hope they keep doing that. I can't imagine the stress!

  2. I'm so glad to hear things are going better with your dogs. I'm sure that helps you feel a bit more relieved and less tense at home.

    I can't wait to see what tutorials you have to share! :)


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