~ DIY Valentines Wreath ~

Time for another DIY Wreath!

I found the idea of Pinterest, which I tried looking at the tutorial, but I was being redirected and the site would never load. So, here I am, with the tutorial!

You'll need:
Hot Glue Gun
Yarn (any color you'd prefer)
Red and Pink Felt
Styrofoam wreath (I preferred the one I used on the July 4th wreath, but they don't make them bigger, if you find them, PLEASE email me!)

As expected you'll need to wrap the wreath, I usually did this while watching TV.  This roll of yarn actually did 2 of these wreaths.  When you wrap, try to be as tight and straight as possible on 3 sides, the back really does not matter.

To secure the end of the yarn you'll need to hot glue it.  I like to use alot of hot glue (don't let the picture fool you, I added more) to make sure it holds. I DO NOT cut it yet.  I hot glue it, then while the hot glue is drying I (let's see if I can make this make sense) keep the yarn tight by holding it down with something (book, box, etc). This way there is not slack in the wreath from the when the hot glue was drying.  Then when it's dry you can cut the end or you can leave it there because you'll still need it.

Now, I have a cricut for the hearts, all it did was make an outline for my heart, I had to manually cut them out, which is no biggie.  With the 2nd one, my mom used a cookie cutter heart and cut them. Worked out fine!

Lay them out on our wreath to where you want them then hot glue them on (not too much hot glue). 

If you've cut your yarn, you'll need to hot glue it again (on the back side) at the place you want to start your "X" on the hearts.  If you didn't cut it then try to start your hearts around that spot.  You'll make a cross across the heart then to get to the next heart you'll have to wrap a few times on the wreath form to get there.  Same concept with the hot glue when you end your "X's".

And there you have it!

I'd like to get in 1 more Valentine's tutorial before the big day, but I'm not 100% I'll be able to finish it. Which means I'll need to actually buy something for the hubs for Valentines! :)

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  1. I have so much yarn left from a crochet project that I neglected a LONG time ago. This would be a cute idea for the white and pink yarn I have. Your wreath turned out great!

  2. What a fun idea! I love how your wreath turned out :D
    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog: ♥


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