~ Weekend in Review ~

My weekend was actually quite eventful (I cleaned this weekend too, unlike last!).

FYI!  I hate time change!!  Went to bed at 10 last night, which is extremely late for me!  I'm going to feel it today, I hope I can stay up for 3 hours of the bachelor!

On Friday, my friend Stacey and I were an extra on the show Nashville.  It was volunteer work.  They do have paid work. If you wanna keep a look out for stuff with them I suggest following their facebook page.  Anyway, we were in a concert scene.  Can't really say much about it since I don't wanna be black listed from doing any other work.  I know if you are paid you can't talk about it, not sure about volunteer work.  Better safe than sorry, right?  When it airs, if I see myself, you can bet I will post about it! Anyway, it as fun to see the behind the scenes stuff!

Saturday......the dogs had their shots, nails trimmed, and anal glands done.  March is rabies month, so expecting to get their shots done for that... we didn't have to. Guess that they usually give the shots that last 3 years, but legally you have to get them every year.  The just lifted that "ban". So, yay for not having to get them done for 3 years!
We went to my moms later that day (after a lovely 2 hour nap).  My lovely niece and I played around some and she helped me top some potato skins with bacon..... she thought the little potatoes were so cute! She actually ate those bite size ones for dinner! :)

Sunday.... I went to the gym and actually ran 5.17 miles (without stopping)!  The without stopping part is actually kinda big for me!  I usually do 1 mile or less and have to walk some to catch my breathe!  I wanted to do 8 miles, but didn't.  I did 59 minutes at 5.2-5.3 mph.... then the last minute I did 7.2.  Needless to say, I was very proud of myself!  Later Sunday we picked up Lenny and Larry and made Lobster Bisque.  A very expensive meal to make (ugh!), but GOOD!  :) Check it out!

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