~ April Fool's is quickly approaching ~

My least favorite day, well only for the past 5 years.  :) 

Here is what we did to a fellow coworker 5 years ago.  And when I say WE, that's what I mean.  Although he seems to think it was just my doing.  You think I'd blow up all those balloons by myself and PAY for all that "popcorn".  Ummmm... NO!  I had help! 

Needless to say, I've been waiting for revenge.  It has yet to happen.  Every year I want to call in sick or take a vacation day.  This year, I will be prepared if revenge does happen.  I will fight back. :) 

Need a good April Fool's idea :

  • Gift wrap everything in their office
  • Pull off all the keys to their keyboard and put them in jello (obviously put it in the fridge to harden).  You can also do the mouse, but with the electrical components, I'd suggest not to, you'd probably have to buy a new one.
  • Put a blow horn taped to the wall where when they open the door the knob will hit the horn.
  • Put a blow horn under their desk chair, so when they sit down it blows.  
  • Instead of caramel apples.... make it caramel onions....
  • Wrap their desk phones in rubber bands... some going horizontal.. some going vertical.
  • Tape a piece of paper under their mouse.
Of course, there are more out there that probably take a little more time (post noting their car, removing everything in the office and making it cardboard, etc).

If you have any good ideas, please post them, I would love more ideas! 

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