~ Things I {don't} love Thursday! ~

Today is my Friday.  Well I go in for an hour or 2 tomorrow, but I'm not counting that. :)

Today is also Thursday. I'm linking up with Melissa over at Lulu and Sweet Pea for Things I {don't} love Thursday!

Door to Door Sales #1, they are just the most inconvenient people ever.  When I'm home, I don't wanna be bothered with you coming to the door to sell me stuff. #2, I'm usually good at not buying anything.  That was until last week when the Kirby guy came.  "Oh, it'll be just a minute".  Bull!  3 hours later....we have a Kirby.  I do have to admit, it picks up stuff really well.  What sold me was what it picked up off the hardwood floor (in the cracks).  He even shampooed our carpet (high traffic area) which still smells great!

Gym in FULL makeup Pretty self explanatory here.  People that come to the gym in full make up, hair done, everything.  There is a locker room to change and take your makeup off and pull your hair up.  That's like going to the pool in full makeup.... seriously?!?!

Treadmills Not treadmills in general.  Gym treadmills that are programmed to shut off after an hour.  Just because it's been 55 minutes you wanna "cool me down"... well I'm not done.  Happened to me just last night.  Was running my first ever 8 miles... got to 5.60 and it slows down, I'm like WHA......... So it kinda got me outta my groove because I had to stop the treadmill, start over... those last 2.40 were extremely hard! 

Enjoy your Thursday!  Easter is Sunday, you see the Easter mailbox surprise? April Fools is Monday, you see the prank that I done 5 years ago?


  1. Agreed on the gym thing. I understand going after being at work and stuff, but I know people who get ready just to go to the gym. Weird!

    My husband use to sell door to door so he loves when people come by. He gives them pointers on how to sell and talks forever, then when they think they sold us, he say no thanks and shut the door.

    1. I literally LOL'ed about your comment about your husband!! That is seriously funny!!!!!

  2. I had a saleswoman come by for Kirby and she stayed for 6 hours. It was obnoxious. I about had a heart attack.


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