~ Weekend Shenanigans ~

The weekend has past, sad day! :(  But today is Monday and also April 1 aka April Fool's Day!  I have yet made it to work this morning and I had a 1/2 day Friday, so it gave a coworker ample time to get what he needed to get done to get back at me for this 5 years ago.

Today is my first time to link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans and I look forward to doing it more often:

First, let me get to my amazing week:
  • It snowed Monday and Tuesday, although the previous Saturday it was quite warm. The crazy weather here in TN!

Took this to prove to my brother we had more here in TN than at where we work in KY.
  • Sarah stayed out of her cage all week.  She has stayed in her cage (when we were gone) for the 2 years we've had her because she had separation issues. 
  • Tuesday I signed up for bloglovin and hootsuite, although I haven't had a chance to learn how to use hootsuite yet!
  • Wednesday I emailed Sarah over at Fortune Favors The Brave to help me with my blog design.  
  • Wednesday I also finally ran my 8 miles in preparation for my 1/2 marathon April 27th! 
  • Thursday was spent working, nothing interesting.
  • Friday I actually accompanied my friend for surgery (went to work while she was in surgery, 2 blocks away).  It was a fun time!  I love it when people wake up outta anesthesia.  She actually was technically "under", but named the song that was playing (Tom Petty), they were amazed by that.  That hour and 1/2 of her "coming to" was quite interesting to say the least!

And finally the WEEKEND:
  • First let me say I was a trooper this weekend taking care of my friend... lots of funny things happened... but when she is around.... the crap that comes outta her mouth is worth starting a blog about in itself (I'd call it the S*&# Candice says).  EXCEPT when she decided to vomit... being the nice person I am, I held her hair.. meanwhile turning my head because I was about to vomit myself! IF you were there, you probably would have been rolling! Also... Sarah fell off the back of the couch (bad dream) while we were napping in the recliners... not funny at first.. but then after she was ok, we laughed... poor Sarah.  Skipping a little forward here... I took her grocery shopping on Sunday (did a little myself) because she couldn't lift anything heavy.  I desperately wanted some sparkling grape juice... top shelf... all the way back.  I stood on the buggy... and on the 2nd shelf... couldn't reach it.  So... she held one end while I climbed in the buggy and got my goods!  Can you imagine seeing two 28 year old's doing this?  Wouldn't that be something on the people of walmart website?  
Ok sorry, a little carried away... here is the rest of my weekend:
  • Saturday I went over to my mothers to celebrate Easter.  We had a little too much fun with the kids toys they got in their basket, oops!  And those masks were definitely made for kids, because as you see our eyes are VERY squinty because they were so tight! 

  • Saturday, I actually caught up on ALL my shows throughout the week!  Only to have 6, yes 6, more recording for Sunday which will throw me behind again! One of which is Game of Thrones that, thank God, came on at 8, 9, and 10. I already have my max shows recording at 8 and 9. 
  • Saturday/Sunday Amber at My Three Bittles and I tested out the "reply" button through the comments section.  If you reply directly on the comment, that person doesn't see that unless they go check the comment they made.  BUT if you reply to the email you received about the comment, that's when they get it directly in their inbox.  SUCCESS!
  • Sunday I made a little breakfast (my house still smells like maple syrup from the maple bacon) and I also used a Pinterest trick I found.  The first time I done it, it took forever to "dry" so this time I made my "bowl" a little bigger. This was a time lapse of about 3-4 hours.  

  •  Sunday, my husband also came home from going to Kansas for work.  Having him gone for 3 years working overseas, then back for 2 months, then gone for a week.  I have to say I've missed him for sure!!!
Hope your weekend went well and this week goes even better!  

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