~ Mesh Wreath Tutorial ~

These seemed to be a HUGE hit around Christmas time.  Believe me, I did my share!  :)
Alot people think it is a hard project, but really it's simple.  It not something that has to be measured to the exact centimeter.
I've noticed Hobby Lobby has gotten tons of colors in, which is great!  Another place I suggest you look at is Mardi Gras Outlet.  Normally you want the 21' mesh rolls to do these wreaths.
I also suggest, from personal experience, to use a "dull" color and then one with some shimmer to it.  For some reason it just seems to look better.
Here is what you'll need
  • 2 different rolls of mesh (21' width)
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaner, cut in 1/2 (color will be which ever hides better in your wreath)
  • Wire wreath (floral section of Hobby Lobby)
  • If desired, some decor (preferably light in weight)

You'll want the raised part of the wire wreath to be the front.
You'll want to start from the inside and use the 2 inner most circles.
Bring some mesh together in your hand, bunch it up. Then place the pipe cleaner around it and secure it to the wire wreath.  Another personal suggestion is to start at a part of the wreath that has the little wire holding the wreath together, from here on out I'm going to call that piece the connector so it's not confusing.  Then when you wrap the pipe cleaner around it secure it to each side of the little piece, so it can't slide.  I hope that makes sense. :)

This is looking at the back side of the wreath

Do not cut during this process until you made the full inner circle.
Bunch up some more mesh and put a little extra slack or "fluff" in there, depending how big your wreath is and how big you want your loop looking things. :)
You'll attach this section in between the 2 connectors. These middle ones usually don't slide if you twist the pipe cleaner tight. 

Again, this is the back side

Continue around until you meet up with the beginning part (this one obviously won't be secured by the connector piece). You'll want to cut the piece to match the height of the loops so it's not outta place.

Then I usually start, for my outer layer, at the opposite place I started the inner.  Just so those ends and beginnings aren't in 1 spot.

Now, I think, the hardest part is attaching your decor.  If it's wood, then usually you can place a small staple in the back, secure it to the wreath with some fishing wire or thread.. something like that.
This time I used metal.  I actually used garden decor and had by husband cut the part that went into the ground off so I could just have the butterfly.

Overall, pretty simple I think.

Here are a few more that I've done.  The Halloween one was my very first!  The other one was the massive one I made for my mother then I made 4 smaller ones to go on her windows.

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