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4-24-13 I received this in the mail from Melissa!  I actually plan to do my nails tonight while catching up on some TV.

4-25-13 Never in my life have I found a 4 leaf clover!  Of course, I wasn't searching every day. Today I found one!  I was hoping it would bring my luck for the 1/2 marathon. I guess you can say in a way it did... I finished it. :)
4-26-13 This was an attempt to make a Mother's Day bowl with my niece (for her mom).  It didn't turn out how I wanted, so I will try again.  The original post that I got the idea from can be found here.

4-27-13 This was before the start of my very first 1/2 marathon!  It didn't go as planned... but I did finish it! Be on the lookout for a post about it. 

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  1. The 4 leaf clover is awesome! I remember finding a bunch one time when I was at a park as a kid. I tried finding one recently with my kids and didn't have any luck!

    Hope the nails turned out


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