~ Sip, Read, and Swap ~

Back in March I signed up for my 2nd swap!
Swapping with people you don't know and getting to know that person is just so much fun!

I was linked up with Kim at The K.O. Story!  It's pretty ironic that I was linked up with her.  She is a wedding planner, for those of you that don't know me that's always been my dream to do that.  I did start up a business, but unaware of what the future was to hold, my partner and I decided not to renew our license.  I still help out whenever I can if someone needs it. What we both liked reading was on total different ends of the spectrum, but it was super fun to rack my brain for something to get her.  When you have a second, hop on over to her page, check her out! ♥

I received my package on Monday.  My husband actually opened it, we were supposed to get a long awaited package from Kirby (super long story)! He opens the package and pulls out the card.  Starts to read it and was like "Whoa, this isn't for me".  So he calls me and asked who Kim was... then realized that it was my swap partner that I've been talking about.
I couldn't wait to get home!  The box was rather big, but come on, shipping a book and a coffee cup can be quite the search when it comes to boxes!

I had sent her a few options of what to get and explained to her that I couldn't EVER find anything with a Y on it.  She looked and looked, couldn't find anything.  In her words, she was a bit "stubborn" and insisted that I get a Y mug. I literally laughed out loud when I read that in her sweet card she included.  So, what do you do when you can't find something you're looking for? HAND MAKE IT!!! And that's exactly what she done!

I mean, come on!!! Isn't that cute!!!! And not to mention this cup is huge!!! There are gold dots all over and on the side of the cup there is the all mighty Y! :)  I've drank out of it the past 2 mornings and will continue to do so! :)

Now for the books, which by the way she found on SALE! Can't beat that, right?!? :)  I started reading Nora Roberts recently (Bride Quartet and Boonsboro Inn) so she got a book that sounded good, The Search.  Being she found that one on sale, she was able to get a 2nd one!  The 2nd was is one of her favorites, which she mentioned I might like because of Nora Roberts.  This was is called No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark. I actually think I've heard of this author before. I can't wait to read these! 

I was in a bad rut with books...but since my other swap and now this one... I'm set for awhile! :)

If you come across a swap, it's a great idea to get included in on it.  And don't forget, go check Kim's blog out! 


  1. When I saw that mug, I just had to get it. It was absurdly large and perfect haha. I hope you enjoy the books! The Nora Roberts one looked really interesting :)

  2. LOVE that mug!!! So sweet that she made it for you :) I love BIG mugs.

    Did Amber tell you about the next swap we're doing? We're announcing it & posting the sign up sheet on Monday- hope you'll join us again!


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