~ Please excuse me while I organize my thoughts ~

I am busy!
But I do it to myself!
I like to be busy!
Summer and warmer weather is also creeping up....which makes me even busier (if you consider busy by laying by the water).

Sometimes just writing stuff down really helps me sort things out... so I'm going to ramble on about what I've got going on the next couple of months!  Months, yes!

This week I should be getting my swap box from Kim at The KO Story. Super excited to see what I receive and I hope she likes what she got! ♥

I have a wedding to attend this Friday, the 19th. So far for the month of April, I've had 2 on Friday's.  Isn't that pure craziness!  The last one was my dear friend Karen that renewed her vows because they didn't have a wedding when they originally got married!

Isn't she beautiful!
That weekend we will be celebrating my stepfather's birthday!  Probably a little cooking out! Plan on bringing the pups out to my moms to have a reunion with their dog cousin (Bubba).  It's been awhile since they've seen each other! Let's hope the reunion goes well!

The 27th is my very FIRST 1/2 marathon!  I'm hoping this TN weather won't bring on the humidity! Humidity here is horrible!  My training isn't going as well as expected, but I'll finish it!

Then on May 4th is The Original Mud Run in Franklin, TN. I love mud runs!  They are just super fun and usually are for a great cause.  This one benefits The Special Olympics.  We usually do Tough Mudders (our 3rd is in September), which benefits The Wounded Warrior Project. Then from there we go to a KY Derby party! Here is a picture from last years KY Derby party, no we didn't dress up. :(

Sometime after May 4th I want to go spelunking. What is that you ask? Spelunking is a person that explores caves.  Is cave exploring for me?  Not sure, but it's worth a shot.  I'm going to do the Intro to Caving first, then if I like that I will do the Wild Cave Tour.  I'm super excited about that.

Memorial Day is also in May, which is kinda the opening of pool/water season. A good friend of mine is opening her pool for the first time, so Memorial Day is soaking up some of those rays! 

Also, in May I will be meeting up with Amber from My Three Bittles!  She is coming to TN for her sisters graduation, we plan on having some coffee or maybe hit up Panera Bread!  I'm hoping she will do the spelunking with us too! :)

Also in May be on the lookout for a new linkup (regarding TV show recaps) that Angela over at  Adventures To Remember and I will be hosting.  We are looking for another co-host, so if your interested in it, please email me!

So, there is May!  On to June:

June is the best month of all!!!  If your from around here or are a country music fan you've heard of the CMA Fest!  I've been 3 years in a row, but this year I decided to skip out.  Do I regret it? Yes!  Do I want to go now? Yes!  We had a lovely group of 7 girls last year go!

Saturday night was by far the best night of the concerts, only because Luke Bryan was playing!  

 I seriously wish I would have renewed tickets and if I didn't or couldn't go, believe me, I could have sold them! This makes me want to do a CMA Fest 2012 recap... so I guess if your interested, be on the lookout! However, I do plan on going to the free stuff downtown this year. I am also in the process of trying to buy some tickets from a couple that we met the 1st year that isn't able to go this year (they are smart and renew their's every year).

June is also our vacation month, we will be going to Orlando with Steven's family.  The day we leave Orlando to come home is actually the day some friends of ours are getting married in Pensacola. So we are going to look into doing some switch-a-roos with our plane tickets to see if we can make their beach wedding.

So does this post make your head spin? Haha!  It does me, but I feel a little better about putting it all out there! :) I'm a very organized person, maybe that explains it?

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