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Just my little recap of what I posted this week:

4-15-13 These shoes came in white or pink.  I would have rather liked the white, but we all know how white can get?!?

4-16-13 Given the recent events from the Boston Marathon on 4/15 I figured it only appropriate to wear a running shirt the next day.

4-16-13 Just enjoying the nice TN weather before it got cold again.

4-20-13 And back to cold weather.  I told my husband once the AC comes on, it stays on.  I shoved my foot in my mouth, because I woke up to this Saturday morning!  I caved in and turned on the heat!  I figured it was ok since it was going to be 37 that night.

4-20-13 I am NOT a photographer.  If I'm good at photographing anything, it's landscapes, not people. So when I took pictures for a friend on Saturday, I totally impressed myself! 97 pictures, I had 10 that I loved!

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  1. Those sandals are adorable! Sounds like y'all are having bipolar weather too - we had snow yesterday :/

    Love that last pic!


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