~ Lobster Bisque ~

First thing first... I will never make this again... well maybe (it was very good).  I knew lobster was expensive, but not $26 PER lobster! Yeah... I'll probably go with the fake stuff next time!
This recipe actually came from Red Lobster!  Did you know they put recipes online?  Well yes!
I won't repeat it on here since you can look right here and get it.  I'll post the pictures!  :) I personally would like pictures along with every recipe that I found, I like to see if mine looks the same!

The recipe calls for 4, but I'd say 5 is pretty safe (with bread to fill ya up some!)

Meet Lenny and Larry!  This was the hardest part of the whole process, it called for LIVE lobsters (obviously)!  :(

Here are some ingredients, I left out celery since I didn't like it.  If I would have read the recipe before hand I would have realized that we pureed everything so it would have been okay! :)  The fish stock I did not find at Walmart, it was at Publix with the all the broth stuff.  We about over looked it!

Here is getting the meat outta the lobster, and step 6 and 9 in the recipe!

Here is a little picture of ourselves cooking!  :)

I was flipping out when the broth spilled over (boiling the lobsters).  We recently purchased our house, so the glass stove top is new.  So when it spilled over, it was burning, I was flipping out!  So here is a picture of the bisque and Steven cleaning the other "top". FYI, it did come clean! :)

Final product!! WAS SOOOOO GOOD!  It wasn't too rich, which is good!  It helped me eat ALL of what I put in my bowl!  I have some left over tomorrow for lunch! Can't wait! 

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