~ Things I {don't} love Thursday ~

Ah, yes, it's that time again!  Things I don't love Thursday!!!  I've been MIA for a few weeks, but it's time to link up again!

Broken Promises I bought a Kirby 3/20 and was supposed to get a years worth of supplies for it, should have been at my house within 4 days.  I got it like 2 weeks ago and I had to fight for it, I won't even get into that.  They said they were gonna ship 1 last piece out a week or so later.  I didn't get it. So I called 4/26, they said it was being mailed out that day... today is 5/2, still no sign of it!  Needless to say, I'm not happy with Kirby right now. 

Chipped nail polish I usually never wear nail polish, but since the Lucky Leprechaun Swap I have been!  Melissa (the host of the linkup) sent me some nail polish last week, which I was able to put on, but should have waited.  After cleaning the house, mowing, and weedeating... my nails aren't looking too good.  I mean, they look okay... but not how I want them to. :(

I hate to even post this picture! :(

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png


  1. Get some gels girl!!! Seriously...I'm loving my chip free nails that last almost TWO WEEKS. I happen to know someone with a good tutorial.... ;)

    And where the heck is the Kirby? They better hurry up because I'm sure you spent a small fortune on it!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. You seriously still haven't gotten that Kirby stuff?? What the what?!

  3. I usually don't do my nails either but have since the swap too. Only mine look way worse, but here's to trying though!


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