This is how I g-l-a-m !!!

Every female loves to GLAM!! Well almost!  I only like to about 50/50!

I've gotten 3 boxes from Influenster within the past month and love it! Do you know what Influenster is?  Go check it out and sign up with this referral link!

First we have the Venus razor WITH the Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel.  I'm a Venus gal to begin with so I loved getting this!!! I also have a standup shower, so working with this shave gel was amazing, soap just slides right off. The print on the handle of the razor was super cute, I don't like plain jane things!!!  The shave gel smelt good, but was a little dry.  Honestly, every shave gel I've used was dry feeling. Maybe it's just me?

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I hate remove nail polish, especially with a cotton ball and the liquid.  I've always been a fan of the nail remover pads so when I got the Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads I fell in love. These pads were quick to remove the nail polish and didn't have that strong odor that you'd normally see with nail polish remover.

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Being we are on the subject of nails, don't you hate the imperfections when you do your own nails?  I hate it. Usually I'm quick to get my nails done and always don't "paint between the lines", so I've got these little spots on skin that need to be fixed.  This is where my Q-tip Precision Tips come in, dip those puppies in the nail polish remover and get to fixing.  Super simple and quick, just about as quick as it was to paint my nails!

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Lately with my fitbit I've been going to the gym or walking around outside alot lately so what better way to freshen up with Not Your Mothers dry shampoo.  I'm going to be honest here, I have yet to try it.  When I leave the gym I usually don't have anything to do so no need to freshen up my hair.  I know.... I'm bad. BUT... the good thing is this bad boy will be used soon and I can't wait. This might change my life as we know it. :)

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I'm not one to have much a beauty routine, although since I'm getting up there in age I probably need to start. I'm usually a remove make up every night gal and moisturize in the morning.  When I opened my glam box I ripped these right open, even before I could snap a photo, if you can't tell I was excited! Remembering to use my Shea Moisture as given in the instructions was a little hard to do.  I left the facial wash and scrub in the shower and the moisturizer and facial mask on the sink.  The smell of these 3 products were identical, all amazing! And the reason I should start a better beauty routine is that my face felt magnificent afterwards!!!

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How do you glam?  Try these products and let me know what you think!!  I'd love to hear the tips on the dry shampoo!

* I received this products free from Influenster for testing purposes and all opinions are my own.*

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