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True Blood - aired 7/14/13 - F.... The Pain Away
First thing first, did you see Sookie's abs?!?!?  Girl just had twins this year (I think). How in the world?! I was jealous the whole hour!  I would have done a screen shot, but her clothing was a little to none, figured it wouldn't be appropriate.
Jess kisses Bill because she is high from faerie blood. Eh, technically that is your father. Come on Jess!
Poor Andy sees all his daughters dead, but is able to save 1 which tells him who killed all her sisters. Not sure how Andy will take action. I seriously hope they don't kill him off! 
Bill commands Ben... WTF? Then of course we found out it's because Lilth is in Bill, of course, it always goes back to her.
Eric and Tera turn themselves in to save Pam.
Lovely Sarah calls the cops on Jess when she goes to visit Jason, which Jason will eventually save her!  I think deep down he loves her.
Pam and therapy, I love her!  She lets her guard down when they ask of Eric, the therapist can tell. She is smart not to mention his name, at least I don't think she did.
But the lovely Rev. Newlin spills the beans and we see (the beginning) Pam and Eric basically fight to the death.  If you stuck around to see next weeks episode, looks like somehow that glass isn't as safe as they thought it was.  We see Eric isn't dead, doubt they will kill Pam off.
Poor Terry wants to die... what in the world!  I understand his crazy Terry reasoning, but that's not a good reason.  He needs professional help!
Sookie also gets Lafayette's help with talking to her parents in which her father takes over Lafayette's body and basically is gonna finish what he started... kill her. Obviously someone will save her, but who?

Dexter - aired 7/14/13 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan
We begin with Deb getting (or we think getting) a DUI. She calls Quinn and he leaves Jaime! Boy, when will you learn!!!
Last episode we see Sussman hung, but in between the time Dexter seen him to when the cops come, someone totally messes with the crime scene. This time a gun to the head, brains all over the wall.
Vogel gets 2 boxes, his and hers (can you guess what's in it?). One goes to Dexter. So whomever this is knows he is involved.
Dexter starts "visiting" Vogels patients one by one.
He breaks in to Galuzzos places place to find out he eats organs. I'm a little lost here. In the end we see him killing Galuzzo because he is a cannibal (though we don't actually see the kill like usual,why?), but then we see Dexter still visiting Vogels patients. So, did he kill Galuzzo because he is a cannibal and not because he is stalking him and Vogel?
Deb confesses to Quinn. He thinks it's the alcohol. Dexter comes, drugs her, takes her to her place. Vogel stays for when she wakes to talk to her. I can just imagine how that will end. Will Vogel kill her to keep her quite?
We see Vogel also taking Debs written confession when they leave Miami Metro. In the preview for the next episode, Dexter accuses Vogel of being a research subject for her. Did she take it because she is gonna use it for her book? Is this a scam? If it is... will she just use the research, change the names, never turn him in? So many questions!

Bachelorette - aired 7/15/13
Bullet points are the best to describe hometowns, but first.....

Letting it all out there in the beginning:
#1 I know who wins, but Zak shouldn't have went home.
#2 Zak will be the next Bachelor, mark my word!
#3 Men Tell all next week? Isn't that usually AFTER the overnight dates?
#4 I tweeted more than normal in this episode.

  • Zak - Dallas hometown
    • His family has a snow cone business? Super cute
    • He seriously loves his mom, I love mamma boys
    • His sister asked "Is he past the friend zone?" Is that a serious question, he is in the final 4 ya know?
    • He has given up on love? NO!
    • The previews made the singing like terrible, but it was really good and heartwarming, not only did it make Des cry but it made me cry!
    • Zak gives her a "promise ring". Again... made me cry
  • Drew - Scottsdale hometown
    • She meets his mom, step dad, and dad in same household.  WOW!
    • Super sweet when she meets his sister, he loves her, you can tell that!
    • Love his dad...seriously... when he talks about Melissa being an angel! 
    • Drew says he loves her like 4 times... no stuttering,hesitation, or anything!
  • Chris - Oregon hometown
    • Gives her some cute flowers
    • Mini baseball game and the putting on of the little black things under the eyes reminds me of Tough Mudder (I know total outta the blue!)
    • Turned their hats side ways to kiss! ♥
    • She seriously was worried about his family loving her... like serious!
    • Dad gives her an adjustment, isn't bad, but when he gives Chris a nose adjustment (seems like an every day thing) that was kinda weird. And his booger shot! Ewww...
    • His mom makes a good point about them not being in the "real world".
    • Chris states he just doesn't see these feelings expressed with anyone else... well dude... are you on the hometown dates? Because I see it!
  • Brooks - Salt Lake City hometown
    • Why does he seem like his eyes are blood shot the whole time this episode?
    • She skips to him, he runs to her (super childish, but super cute)
    • Love the list of moments she wrapped in a rose, he needed the reassurance for sure!
    • He says "For once he's in the drivers seat". So true!  
    • Did you see the small like 1 second view of their house, I bet it has a great view! If not... DVR that crap and look at it!
    • Name tags...score!! Now you don't feel awkward when you don't remember a name!
    • I know that LOTS of people say Brooks sounds gay... but his whole family has that same feminine voice.... stop hating on Brooks! Seriously......
    • Did you see that kiss? Full of love!
Ok... now that's over.
She hasn't seen her brother since Sean's season? Really?
Who else thought it was a little creepy/funny that he was watching them as they walked in?
Poor Zak!!! Ugh..I hated this for him. But they know it's gotta be someone, ya know?
He throws the ring he gives her out the window.
Mark my word (I hope), he will be next Bachelor!!

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