~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Welcome back for yet another week of my Instagram RECAP!!!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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7-10-13 We heard The Potato Bowl was closing on 7/13, so we decided to eat there one night because that place is simply amazing!  Looks like they are gonna stay open an extra week!!!  Do w go again? :)

7-11-13 I got a tattoo on 7/6 of this pretty little thing. It's healing and it looks so ugly.  As of today it's just dry, all the scabs came off. What is this tattoo of?  It's the MuttNation Foundation logo. Check them out!!!!

7-12-13 Meet Charolotte!  My inlaws got new little chicks and she is my favorite!

7-12-13 I love Dane Cook!  Super excited to see him. Thanks to Ticketmaster for sending out those daily emails about when tickets go on sale. Now I'm patiently waiting for Luke Bryan's to go on sale. :)

7-14-13 Jazz on the lawn last night was a great success!!!  Friends, family, and great times!!  Can't wait to do it again!

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  1. That cheese covered stuff looks absolutely amazing. I can't remember the last time I had something that looked remotely like that, but oh my. I am terrible and just realized you got your tattoo. It's so cute! I love charlotte! She is so cute!! I on the other hand... failed yesterday. We had a showing, I went to church, hung out at a friends, went to a funeral and came home to mope. blah


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