~ Do you remember this amazing link up? ~

Back at the end of May, My Three Bittles and I did the AMAZING link up?!?

Do you remember it?

We had the link up open for about a week and half and it allowed people to link up any link ups they know of or their own. I'm sure you fellow bloggers have brain farts every once in awhile and it's hard to find link ups. Or you can't find that "one" you found a few weeks ago.

We had a pretty good turn out!  I was super stoked!

Well guess what?!? We've decided that we are going to do this once a month!! Like I said, we had such a good turn out it would be crazy not to continue it.

So on the 1st of every month we will have a link up that will be open for a week. Once links have been added I will add them to my nifty tab up at the top of my page called "Link Ups". That way readers will have a permanent place to find link ups when they have the oh so wonderful brain fart.

So... August 1st... be on the look out!

On a side note... our coffee pot decided to die this morning. Poured water in the top.... I spilled a little (a little tired), then all the sudden all this water is gushing to the floor. I knew I hadn't spilled that much because the reservoir that holds the water shows I filled it up to 10. So... the water was coming out the bottom. Maybe the reservoir got too hot, melted and now all the water was coming out the bottom? Oh well... guess it's a Starbucks kinda day and a Walmart trip after work to pick up a coffee pot! 

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png

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  1. I need in with this link-up! I'll set an alarm! You know I'm terrible remembering things these days! Lol rip coffee pot. Lol I got a new Keurig from my husband's old boss this weekend. I'm over the moon excited!


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