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July! It's H-O-T! And I can bet you've been sunburnt at least once this summer! I personally have been more than once!  Sadly I protect myself with SPF but time gets away from me, the SPF wears off, and then you have me... red... burnt... and hurting.

A few weeks ago Yahoo! had a link of bad sunburn photos on Ellen DeGeneres website!  I know that they hurt, but some of them are quite laughable! Check the link out here.

That being said let me introduce you to Michelle P, she is the spa manager at Skana Spa in upstate New York. She is going to be guest posting on my blog today and giving you some summer skin tips and a lovely DIY Moisturizing Apple Pear Mint Cleanser.

Take it away Michelle!!!!

Maintaining the health of your skin throughout the summer guarantees you will keep a glowing complexion while allowing your skin to stay moisturized, smooth and healthy. When you want to keep your skin as healthy as possible during the summer, creating your own DIY cleansers and masks at home is highly recommended. Following a few tips, tricks and recipes you can ensure your skin is surely ready for the hot summer months of sunshine and outdoor activities.

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Remove Your Makeup

Allow you skin to breathe properly by removing all of the makeup you are wearing when you are outdoors and exposing it to the sun. Removing your makeup will also prevent you from breaking out due to the chemicals within the makeup interacting with the sun and heat.

Dress Appropriately

Wear clothing that protects your skin as much as possible while still allowing you to feel comfortable in the hot weather. Choose light fabrics and colors to reflect the sun. You can also shop for clothes that specifically provide a UV safety rating to ensure your skin is not overexposed to the sun. Wear hats and outdoor accessories to keep your head from getting too much sun. Always be sure to wear sunglasses when outdoors and implement a proper skincare routine each day.

Avoid Traditional Scents

Any time you plan to spend hours in the sun, avoid spraying scent on your skin. Spraying a scent on your skin when it is exposed to the sun can cause your skin to become permanently stained depending on the type of perfume or cologne you are using. Citrus perfumes are notorious for staining the skin permanently after being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

Avoid Tanning

Keep your skin as healthy and smooth as possible by avoiding tanning in a local tanning booth or even outdoors. Avoid the potential of skin cancer or skin damage by wearing the proper amount of sunscreen when outdoors. Sunbathing causes wrinkles and up to 20 years to the skin. It is also highly recommended to avoid fake tanning, as this can include plenty of potential harmful chemicals.

Rinse Your Skin After Swimming

Rinse your skin after swimming to rid chlorine and other chemicals that are often found within pools. Ridding chemicals after swimming helps to prevent your skin from drying out.


Eat Healthier Foods

Eat healthier to keep your skin smooth, soft and healthy. Avoid trans fats and instead stick with natural ingredients, greens, grains, nuts and additional vegetables.

Stay Hydrated

Keep hydrated by drinking enough water each day to ensure your skin stays as moisturized as possible.

One recipe from Skana Spa of New York State Resort, Turning Stone, to help keep your skin moisturized in the summertime is the moisturizing apple pear mint cleanser. Creating your own apple pear mint cleanser is possible with a few homemade ingredients. The cleanser will help to soothe the skin and is ideal for normal or dry skin.

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¼ cup Greek yogurt

5 thin pear slices

5 thin slices of cucumber

1 teaspoon dried mint

Dash of Honey


Mix all of the ingredients together using a blender until the concoction is thin and smooth. Rinse your face with warm water, helping to open your pores. Apply the mixture on your entire face. Rinse the mixture with warm water and close your pores using cold water. Pat your skin dry.

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