~ When life give you links.... follow them... Friday Blog Hop ~

Friday morning?!?! How many of ya'll have to work today? Sadly, I do! Let's hope it'll go by fast and I'll get my weekend started! Still have 2 more July 4th events to attend! :)

This morning I'm joining Nykki over at Nykki Talks Beauty for MY first every blog hop!  I'm super excited! I hope you'll join me and get your BLOG HOP ON! :)  photo BlogHop_zpsb946974b.jpg

Join {us} in this awesome && fun Blog Hop {that has an incredibly long name}... When life gives you links... Follow Them. Friday Blog Hop. For short; let's call it - the Follow Them. Blog Hop or #Followthembh - We are keeping this one short and simple. 1. Subscribe to the host of this blog hop {first link in the linky} 2. Subscribe to the two co-hosts of this blog hop {second two links in the linky} 3. Check out at least {3} of the links before you && come back next week to start again.

 Interested in Co-Hosting in the future? Click Here! 

If you'd like for the host && co-hosts to stop by your blog as well, make sure to say hi! :) Feel free to grab the button && share this blog hop with your friends.

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