~ That one time at band camp... wait.. I mean Florida! ~

Sorry.. had to do the whole American Pie thing.  Every time I say "That one time... " I just have to add "at band camp" behind it. 

Back in June we went on a family vacation with my in-laws (wedding afterwards in Pensacola)!  Yeah, I know, it's July and I'm just getting around to it.  While gone I had the lovely Amber and Neri guest post for me. Thank God for good friends and them gladly taking over my blog! :)

We had family all fly into Orlando, Florida (from Hawaii, Pennsylvania, California, and Tennessee).

We stayed at the amazing Animal Kingdom Resort. I'm a little kid at heart. So going to Disney was super exciting, but then staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort just topped it off. We had animals literally right out side our balcony.  It was foggy in the morning, so it was hard to see them then, but at night they had lights on and you could just see them laying down and sleeping. LOVED IT!  When they'd come close I'd get my Canon out and half the time miss them because my lens fogged. I know, sad. Anyone else know a quick solution when this happens?

Baggage claim in Orlando sucked. We were there for like an hour, at the least.  We met up with my husbands brother and girlfriend who flew in from Hawaii.

Can you tell how excited I was? Super cheesy grin!

Once we got to the hotel we met up with my husbands other brother and his family.  It was the first time meeting their little ones.  Olivia simply stole my heart!

The parents arrived a little later on and we ate at the buffet at the hotel. Word of advice... get a rental and go to McD's or Red Lobster like we did more than once. Alot cheaper! :)

Coloring with the kids while we were waiting for our table, which took literally 2 minutes when they said it would be 25.

I did not try this soup... but had to snap a picture! :)

The first day we got up super early (wait, every day we did) and went to Magic Kingdom until about 1 p.m., sadly we were a little wore out.  We did a lot of walking and looking.  It rained for a little bit, cleared up, then rained for like 45 minutes. At that time we knew it was time to leave. :) Some came back and took a nap, some went to the pool.  That night some of us wanted to go to Magic hours at Hollywood Studios.  We did a lot of 3D stuff, Tower of Terror, and Fantasmic. The 1 thing I looked forward to was Tower of Terror... and you'll see the 2nd later.

Magic Kingdom

The girls waiting in line for Tower of Terror.

Xtina Christina's first time on this ride, she LOVED IT!

The next day we went back to Magic Kingdom so Olivia could go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. I have to say, it was quite amazing. The way the cast treated these little ones was great, it is truly a talent!

Look at that smirk!

Loved my ears!  Should have wore them more while there. Guess I can wear them while grocery shopping!

That night we went to Epcot.  We wanted to watch the fireworks/water show and EAT!  We walked for a little bit around the World Showcase then found a place to eat some Mexican. It was super yummy!!!

The next day was Animal Kingdom! Magic hours were early that morning.  I didn't know what to expect here so I didn't bring my Canon, big NO NO!  My Iphone did okay with getting pictures, but the Canon would have been much better. Part of me wanted to go back and take the Safari tour again and take more pictures.   We seen many more animals, but these were the best ones I got.
Outside of the Safari ride where monkeys I could have literally sat and watched all day. One had a baby and I could have gotten some GOOD shots of it if I would have had my camera. :(

Can't remember what these things were called, but look at their HORNS! Love them!
The next day was back to Hollywood Studios for those of us that missed going that 1 night.  We rode Tower of Terror probably 3 times this day.  And of course Rock N' Roller Coaster.  My head could only take 1 time of that ride.  We also watched a little play of Beauty and the Beast.

And the last day... of Orlando... was the men going to do the Richard Petty Driving Experience and some of us doing the Sky Coaster (2nd thing I was looking forward to).

The weather was kinda iffy but we took the chance and went.  We wanted to do it again, but they actually shut it down due to thunder and lightening.  Super happy we were able to get ours in.

Back when I was 21 I did this with my brother (the little park has developed alot since then).  It's a 300 foot high fall, worlds tallest. Yes, worlds tallest! :)  Sadly I haven't figured out how to upload video to my blog without putting it on YouTube.  So if you have ANY words of advice, please relay them!

Here are some other shots I got of the animals while at the resort.

Family vacation was GREAT and needs to happen more often!

After leaving Orlando, it was off to Pensacola for a wedding!  I've never been so busy yet so relaxed while on vacation!  :)

Never have I been to a beach wedding, so happy that we were able to make to this one.  And FYI, only the 2nd wedding I cried at. I mean, when the groom cries... how can YOU NOT?!?!

During the ceremony we each had a rock. We made a wish and threw them all into the water.

While they took their traditional wedding photos... we had a little fun of our own (and some serious poses).

So, I'm hoping you enjoyed our little vacation and it makes you wanna go to the beach.  But please... make sure you leave room in your suitcase for me! Because I'm coming with! :)

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  1. This looks like the MOST EPIC vacation everrr. Serious. Weddings, and African animals, and tiny cute princesses are all three in my top 5 list of favorite things ever!

  2. LOVE this post! The title was rather awesome if you ask me! ;-) Olivia is absolutely precious!! The Sky Coaster.... um.... I'll pass! ha ha ha I love a good thrill, but I'm not trying to kill myself. ha ha ha The wedding was beautiful and dang y'all can jump high!! lol
    I want to go back and stay there! We stayed at a resort that was MUCH cheaper. We did the safari too! It poured after we started. So bad that it looked like we jumped in a pool with all our clothes on. Then again, I think it rained over there for 5-6 days straight! lol It was still the best vaca of my life!


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