~ Introducing Viggle ~

A few months ago Neri at Sparkling with Sneakers introduced me to Viggle!  Kinda like Shopkick. Viggle deals with TV, Shopkick deals with shopping.

The concept is checking into TV shows that you are watching whether it be recorded or not.  And not necessarily TV shows in general, it could be movies.  On specific days when you are watching live TV they will have bonus points for checking in and sometimes trivia while watching live TV for even more points.

You get a point for every minute you are watching a show.

What do these points add up to? Giftcards, coupons, Viggle products, etc.

And... it's free!

So, let me introduce you to Viggle!

1. Check in. Simple. This is where you check in. Turn on your TV, go to your show (not commercial), and tap that little big button in the middle. It'll listen to what you're watching, ask you if it's correct, then you confirm.  Viggle has been having some problems checking in, but I THINK it's been cleared up.

2.  What's on.

This is where Viggle tells you when you can get more points for checking in to live TV. So for instance if you checked in for this episode of the Kardashians, you get an extra +500 points and then you see at the top right you can get an EXTRA 1650 points for playing some trivia. Pretty sweet deal. And all that is on top of the points for watching the show. I watch the Kardashians like once in a blue moon, is it 1 hour? So 60 points.

3.  Rewards.

This is where you can see what kind of sweet deals you can get.  I'm SOOO close to getting a Starbucks gift card!  But I'm tempting to save my points up for BIGGER stuff.

4.  My Chat.  You can link your Facebook up to Viggle to see who else uses it. I don't have this linked so I'm not 100% what this does.  My genius guess is chatting. :)  I'm so smart!

Next, if you click on the top right (your profile) you can see multiple things from points history, rewards history, friends, notifications, and your shows.  One thing that Viggle hasn't done yet was have friends. You can invite friends, but you can't have friends. Ya know?

So here is my points history.  I got 109 points for watching the show, 50 extra for checking in (live TV), then all those +10 points are for answering the questions correctly.  Let me tell you.  During this episode I was answering questions, tweeting, AND writing my recap for a link up I do every Tuesday with Adventures to Remember.  It was a VERY busy 2 hours for me!

Download Viggle, watch TV, and get free stuff.  What could be better?

** This post was not sponsored.  This post is only my opinion and was in no way compensated by Viggle. **

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