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Welcome back!  And Happy Early 4th of July!  I'm super hyped about it this year, maybe because I made this wreath?  And bought some toenail polish to TRY to decorate my toes. Doubt it'll go well. But we will try!

This week I'm rounding up True Blood, Dexter, and Bachelorette!

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True Blood - aired 6/30/13 - You're No Good
So we start off where Eric has the Govenors daughter (Willa Burrell) and he threatens to kill her, but she knows secrets about his experiment. Therefore Eric doesn't kill her.  I believe something romantic will happen between these two, she just seems smitten with vampires.

There seems to be a camp where they study vampires and it looks like Rev. Newlin is there.  Funny part when his ex-wife visits him, she is still as snobby as ever!!!  Not sure what kind of studies they will do, we will see though. Looks like Newlin is going to tell them about Eric, but we all know he will probably get killed after they are done with him.

Seems Warlow is around Sookie's house (although the 2nd time it was Nora).

The VUS (Vampire Unity Society) took a wrong chance when they went to talk to the werewolves, and with cameras?!?! Seriously people!  All but 1 get away and Bill tries to help her when he goes in and gets Emma.  Guess something good came out of the VUS distracting the werewolves.

Bill learns he can't go in the sun, but he also learns that he can go into houses uninvited.  Here he tries to get Sookie to come with him, but she refuses.  He says that she is dead to him, is that Lilith talking? Surely it's not Bill!!

Later on in the episode, Bill learns Andy has fairie children, we can only assume he will use them to synthesize their blood.

And the big question of this episode is what is wrong with Jason.  I knew from the beginning he wasn't just exhausted, something else was happening, but I'm not quite sure what.  Like all his energy is gone.

Dexter - aired 6/30/13 - A Beautiful Day
6 months have past since Deb killed Maria.
Dexter hasn't talked to Deb in 1 month (seen in 2).

When we first see Deb I was mortified that she was doing the drugs, but it was part of her job, since she left her other one.  I kinda think she enjoyed living the free life.

Quinn and Jaime! Seriously! They can't hide that from Angel long!

After all that Dexter has put Deb through, he sits there and kills Briggs, but he was defending himself, so that "situation" was as little better given the previous ones.
After Deb calls in the homicide and leaves, El Sapo sees her.  Will Dexter save Deb from him? I'm going with yes. Deb has Briggs keys, only assuming she will somehow find out where the jewelry is hid (given by the phone call to Elway).

And then the big elephant in the room that I haven't mentioned, Dr. Vogel!  She was eye balling him pretty hard when they were first introduced, I thought it was just something he was just imagining. Then the conversation in the morgue, very odd conversation between two people, who at the time, have no connection.  
We find out at the end of the episode she knows about his father, his code........ wonderful way to end the 1st episode of the last season! Did you jaw drop like mine?!?!

I'm not sure how this season will end. Part of me thinks Dexter will die, seems the only way to get out of this sticky mess. But why would they kill the main character? Your thoughts?

Bachelorette - aired 7/1/13
More drama!  All about James!  Probably 60% of the episode that I would have rather not like to see, lots of repeat repeat repeat!

We start in Barcelona, Drew gets the 1 on 1. They seem to be kissing ALOT, way more than normal, and he pulls an Arie scene.  Way to go! But I'm sure alot of people called you out on copying him. Drew opens up to Des about his father.  So sad that he is a recovering alcoholic helping others only to find out that he has cancer, but from what I got from that, he is still living his life to the fullest! Drew does tell Des about James, only AFTER he gets the rose, good choice there buddy! She seems genuinely happy that he told her.

The group date is at a soccer field, girls against the guys. Obviously the girls win, come on?!?!  Who didn't call that! Not that they were girls, but it was Des's team! Brook said Des was in workout lingerie, best line of the episode!  And what's up with James being a pansy? Block the ball dude!
I had to laugh at the bed talk with Des and Chris about him being athletic and he can do anything. LOL! IF you watched, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Then here comes the first of the James drama... someone please tell me why Michael is always in the middle of it?  At one point Michael says it ISN'T hearsay, umm.. yes it is. You didn't hear it directly, you heard it from someone else... isn't that hearsay?  I wanted to scream at the TV!  I do believe that James was caught off guard during that conversation and was just a little tongue tied the whole time trying to get his story straight. Long story short, she doesn't send James home at the end of the group date like expected.
Another thing that James kept saying is that he didn't bring up the conversation, who cares, you still took part in it and gave your thoughts.  Who cares if you didn't bring it up!?!

Like I've said before, Zak is growing on me. 1st episode I couldn't stand him... I really like him now! Such a sweetheart! The most important thing is that he can make her laugh, which is GREAT!!  And did they blur out is crotch at 1 point when he took his robe off?  Like the side of it?!

Back at the hotel, James and Drew get into it.  Drew doesn't look like the type that can get heated, but he CAN!

Des talks again with James with every thought of sending him home (what's up with the long sleeves, sandals, and the boob sweat?). But as Drew says, he is like a salesman. Which is correct, he sold himself to Des. He didn't go home like she had planned.

More boy drama when James comes back, blah blah blah!

Rose ceremony (no cocktail party) and 3 go home. I was a little surprised by this for some reason! Thought it might have been 2, but not 3. In the long run, James does go home. Glad she made that decision.  You can bet all that stuff will be brought back up at the Men Tell All!

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  1. OK. Dexter was INSANE on Sunday!
    My thoughts: Deb is going in a downward spiral of doing drugs and drinking, might possibly be killed off.
    Dr. Vogel is a Dr. Dexter saw as a child after what happened to his mom and Harry thought there may be homicidal tendencies. She and Harry came up with "the code", how else would she know about it?
    Also, I do think Dexter will die. I also think Angel might come across evidence of Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher that La Guerta has in the boxes.


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