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Hello Everyone!!  Hope you got some TV watching in (along with outside stuff) this past week!
Being on vacation this past week was a great time to be, I didn't miss 10+ shows like I do in the fall/winter!

True Blood is back on! Woot!  And, I believe, this coming Sunday is Dexter premiere and their last season! I won't tell you what I think until I start writing my roundup on it!

I hope you enjoy my roundup on True Blood and Bachelorette!

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True Blood-aired 6/23/13 - The Sun
This season will be all about Warlow, I have a feeling.  We see him coming through a portal at the beginning of this episode. So, we know he is on Bon Temps.  I think he is Ben, the fairie that Sookie meets. Not sure what Warlow can do, if he can change his apperance or anything.  But either Ben is Warlow trying to get close to Sookie, or her new love interest. We will see! Oh, and thanks to the captions I now have on the TV, it's not fairy, it's fairie.
We meet Jason's fairie Godfather, Neille.  I was skeptical at first, but I quickly changed my mind.  He mentions doing 1 single thing that can save Sookie from Warlow, but after that her light is gone.  I hope that's not the case, I'd hate for her to lose that.
We also see in this episode that the humans are really going against the vampires, from the silver bullet that emits light to the contacts that won't let them be glamoured. I think the S*it will hit the fan!
Bill is also a prophet of Lilith and I think he is "changed" to help the vampires, oddly, I think this will be a good thing.  Bill also see's the future, which will help in this situation.  And when Bill kills Veronica from Human Edibles (kudos HBO for that name), was that not CRAZY! Obviously it was altered, but HBO did a good job at that!
Emma is also taken from Sam, I'm not sure how that will pan out.  I don't think Emma wants to be a werewolf at all.  I do believe the "group" recording the fight will eventually talk Sam into coming out about him being a shifter.
When Bill sees the future at the end with all the vampires in a white room with the ceiling parting... that's the "camp" that the Govenor mentioned, just another thing that the humans are doing to kill the vamps off.
And Eric with the Governors daughter.... she seemed kinda irritated at her father, I think she will go on the vampire side just to make her dad mad. You feeling those vibes too?  

Bachelorette - aired 6/24/13
This episode was man drama! Geez!  But, let's first start from the beginning.
Chris got his 1 on 1, he says he doesn't know German, but he sure did read the date card quite well. Funny thing was he thought the meat was from the city cow.. not the meat, literally. Quite funny!  Bryden interrupts their date to tell him the wants to go home. He should have done that last rose ceremony when he wasn't feeling it instead of taking the rose.  Have to give Chris kudos for being nice when Bryden stole her away, but I think he knew what was gonna happen too. :)  I liked Chris even more when he mentioned that they needed to talk about it because communication was the best part of the relationship.  Chris is gaining some brownie points with me.  And what's up with all the artists this season? There is usually 1 big one... we've had like 4 so far this season. 

What was up with Michaels hair? Doesn't look real.  Comb your hair before the cameras are on you! :)

Group date was at the highest peak in Germany, sledding down this huge mountain. I have to admit, it looked like sooo much fun.  They also yodeled.  Juan Pablo saying yodeler was quite funny, guess it's too early to find the clip, I tried. :(
The igloo hotel reminded me of Catherine and Sean's date, wasn't it similar?
I love how Des just grabs Brooks like mid sentence and kisses him.... gave me chills.
Brooks later spies on James, I thought to butt in, but then realizes that they have a true connection.  I think this made him sad and realize the reality that she does have connections with others, not sure why it was such a surprise to him.
He looked like he wasn't wearing anything under his jacket in a few shots. This was the best I could get.
James assumes he will get the rose, his head is getting a little too big. But whatcha know, it's Brooks! Woot!

Ah, the lovely 2 on 1. You can just tell the hate between them in the vehicle.  Kudos to Ben for not getting mad in front of Des. There for a moment I thought he was gonna get the rose, but he didn't. Michael did. Personally, both should have went home. Why would you want someone that childish?  Michael was way outta line and thought he was being big and bad. Have you not watched other episodes where you call others out, it usually doesn't end well.  
Rewinding here (sorry, was heated about the end of the 2 on 1, had to put my 2 cents in there first), was that hot tug the coolest thing EVER!  They did look a little crazy out there in swimsuits though!
OH, and what happened to Michaels thumb? Did I miss something?
When Ben doesn't get the rose... limo ride reminded me of Wes's limo ride with Jillian when he confirmed what the true intentions where.  Well kinda... Ben basically said... Hi Hollywood. Then said he was gonna party on his last night. What's that say about him???
No rose ceremony.
Brooks kisses are more sentimental. Zak is more physical (duh!).
Des hair and makeup looked great, better than I've seen this season!
I love how she always speaks to Juan Pablo in Spanish, I'm sure it means alot to him.
The guys wanted to call James out but didn't get the chance. I wish one would have spoken up so Mikey didn't go home.  Why they didn't, don't know!?
Looks like another drama filled episode next week.  Ready for the rollercoaster?!?!  Who are your front runners? Remember I know the winner, so I can't say. :) If you wanna know.. check out Reality Steve.

See ya'll next week!  Plans are to recap True Blood, Dexter, and Bachelorette.  I hope I can fit all those in! :)


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  1. Ah, I am so giddy about the new season of True Blood, but I will have to wait a little longer before it is available here in Germany. I recently just got hooked on the show and have yet to see season 5 - I ordered it and it's already on its way here...yay!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your awesome comment!
    Hugs xxx


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