~ Insta-Recap of My Instagram ~

Wow! What a busy week! 
First and foremost, Instagram got up with the times and added video to the app, which was pure genius, because I'm not a fan of Vine. :(
This week my Instagram was FULL of vacation stuff!  Only a few will be on here, but if you'd like to see more, be sure to follow me on Instagram, here. Believe me, you'll wanna look, so be sure to add me!

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Insta-Recap of My Instagram
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6-17-13 Having coffee with the Zebras. This coffee was mid day, I needed a pick me upper!  We were on the 2nd floor and there were so many animals to look at. I should have took the little flyer with me so when I do a vacation recap I'd know what I took a picture of! LOL! On my Instagram you'll see the giraffes! :)

6-18-13 Our niece got spoiled at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom.  These "cast members" were very good and worked well the the kids.  It was an experience to watch!  :)  Here she was picking out her nail polish!

6-21-13 My poor feet were aching so bad!  Walked around in sandals most of the time, only because I hate shoes.  I have to BEG Steven to massage my feet, but here he did it all on his own!

6-21-13 The Sky Coaster! Worlds Tallest at 300ft. This was the 2nd time I done this one, and I hate it EVERY time we go up.  I'm scared to death. But of course, I wanna do it again. And we would have, if it wouldn't have been for the thunder/lightening that was happening!

6-22-13 After the family vacation we took a quick trip to Pensacola and watched a dear friend get married! I love beach weddings, never actually been to 1 until now.  And I have to say, this was the 2nd wedding I've cried at!  When the groom gets choked up, you can't help but shed a tear!

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