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I also watched Game of Thrones, but didn't take notes. Yes, I take notes for each show I write about, or else I'd forget. 
Army Wives season finale I missed, but will watch. No write up though since it's not concurrent with the "rules" of the linkup. :) 
Sad news is, lots of shows are ending, and a few are beginning.  Like Pretty Little Liars and True Blood!!! 
I decided this time to add a few pictures! Everyone loves pictures!

Bachelorette - aired 6/10/13
So the group date is first, which is Dodge Ball. At first I thought Brandon had a Tough Mudder sweat band on and I got excited for a second, but I was wrong! :(  Michael C needed to touch up his chest, sadly he wasn't the only one I noticed throughout the episode. I hate stubble!  I do have to say his hair was looking good though! 

Blue wins, but she brings everyone along! Which I personally only think because red didn't win, which that was the team Brooks was on.
 I noticed a little snipet where Brandon flat out says to her he wants the rose, epic fail dude!  Don't say it... we know it... EVERYONE wants a rose!  And when Chris said he found an awesome spot... seriously... who else knows the producers did that?!  You actually think he went walking around finding a spot? No, didn't think so!
Who else liked Brooks and Des, I missed you part?!?! LOVE IT!  Although he did seem a little doped up! I am glad she didn't give the rose to Brooks for the simple reason that everyone would have started hating him, I don't want that to happen, he seems like a good guy.

During the commerical, right here, looks like Sean and Catherine will be on GMA. Do you think they will announce their wedding date? I sure hope so!

Then here comes the BIG scene they have previewed over and over and over and over again.... so you basically know what happens... Brian goes home. Was he lieing? I believe so.  Although I think the girlfriend got some good air time, too much probably.

The next 1 on 1 was with Kasey, they went dancing on the side of the building.  Afterwards it just went down hill.  He seems like a good guy and I'm glad Des knew that the thing with Brian and the weather didn't mean that he wasn't a good one. She still gave him a rose. She still has hope!

Next was the group date. Love Zak's southern mocking accent, he did quite well.  Funniest part was Dan's pants splitting.

Juan Pablo speaking Spanish was great!  I think that actually helped him. At times he seems a little odd, but oh well!  Bryden and Des shared another kiss, although she had to lead, I hope he picks up speed with leading, because I don't think she'll do it forever.  Her and Zak's talking/laughing was simply too cute, he called it love drunk.  Zak is growing on me... seriously....
Not saying anything wrong with what James said (dad being home, he is worried about him), but he played his cards rights.  He got a rose, just so he was reassured.  Not sure if that was what he was gaming for, he seems to have a good heart, so I'm sure it wasn't.

No cocktail party, pool party instead.  Only one thing to say... look at all these dudes in the hot tub. Once Des leaves, they QUICKLY scatter. :)

Then quickly to the rose ceremony. I love her dress... the blue is great... and the jewels!!!

Wasn't surprised Ben got the last rose.  But I actually thought Brandon would stay.  But maybe it was because he was falling in love so early and it scared her.  Not quite sure.  But she did make the right decision. 

Nice chatting with y'all on the virtual couch. Hope you come back next week.  Sadly I probably won't be doing the Bachelorette next week since I'll be in FL, I'll have to write about something airing on a weekday, possibly Pretty Little Liars?!?! I am going to try to watch True Blood, wish me luck that I can watch it!

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  1. This cracks me up! I already decided which guy I do and don't like. So, guess what I did? I took the plunge and visited Reality Steve. Seems like she chooses the same guy I did. lol


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