~ One of THOSE days! ~

Have you ever had one of these days!?!?!
One of those days that everything just makes you in a worse mood than you were already in?
One of those days.......
  • .... where someone driving slow makes you mad.
  • .... when you balance your checkbook and it makes you mad.
  • ..... when you're busy weekend makes you mad.
  • ..... when thinking about why you are always the one to call someone makes you mad (odd one, I know).
  • ..... when your clothes don't fit and it makes you mad. 
  • ..... when the economy sucks and your loved one can't find a decent job.
  • ..... when your alarm goes off and it makes you mad.
  • ..... when you get mad at your husband for no reason...and it makes you mad you got mad at him (did you understand that?).
  • .... when you simply can't type correctly makes you mad.
  • ..... when there is just 1 dirty dish in the sink and it makes you mad.
  • .... when the word KIRBY makes you mad.
  • ..... when you're hungry at work and you have NOTHING to snack on and it makes you mad.
  • ..... when you go to the bathroom and BAM.. no TP and it makes you mad.
  • ..... when you're so mad that you FORGET why your mad.
Maybe it's PMS?! Maybe it's not?!  It's just been one of THOSE days! :)
So happy it's the weekend which means pool, Belmont stakes (triple crown), and the last day of CMA fest with my husband and my lovely friends! 

P.S. Thanks for the vent everyone!
P.S.S. Not all these things have made me mad today, had to throw a few extras in there. :)

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  1. I absolutely hate those kind of days.

  2. I'm mad that I have a lot of those days. It's my own fault for being a perfectionist! Ugh! Lol. I hope you're not mad today and hope you have loads of fun!!

  3. I hate days like that! And the word "kirby" makes me mad for you!!


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